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21Through the Ghost

AMAZING SONG, amazing lyrics, great tunes and as usual an amazing voice. this should really appear in the top 10.

This is a relatively new song. But seriously it deserves a top 3 status.Just listen to this song once and decide for yourself.

It deserves top three status. Just awesome song. It's relatively new song but soon it will get it's status.

One of the best shinedown songs should of been in the top three

22Shed Some Light
23Burning Bright

How is this not in the top ten definitely one of my favorites from the shinedown rocks

What This song can't possibly be this low. Top 5 song from shinedown.

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24Sin With a Grin

The PERFECT anger song. I'm a generally angry person, so I adore this song more than most.

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25Breaking Inside

What the hell! This song is so damn awesome! You guys should listen to this epic song this song totally describes my life. Just listen to this song this song has the most unique lyrics I just so love the lyrics! Listen to this once and you'll love it! :D I'm breaking inside cause this song isn't on top 10 I'm really breaking inside

Underrated song. My favorite, but when it comes to shinedown take a swing at any song, you can't miss.

This song deserves to be in the top 5. You will love this song, especially if you had a rough past. The lyrics will make you shed a tear. Top 5

Should be in the top five! Simply Superb!

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Oh my gosh! How is this not in the top 10!? This song is amazing, and my favorite. Us and Them is so underrated...

This song is awesome the intro the main riff the bass the guitar solo it's the best song on us and them after save me

Best song off their second album.

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27I Own You

I love to sing it

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28Don't Question My Heart
29Begin Again
30Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide

I cannot believe this song is not in the top ten. How is this possible

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31Lost In the Crowd
32Stranger Inside

Favourite Shinedown song and the first song I heard from Shinedown

This is song is pure rock! These guys are amazing!
This is the best song by them!


This in my opinion is the best song off of threat to survival.

34Left OutV1 Comment
36Nowhere Kids

Cool sound has hardcore guitar in it.

Lyrics are so awesome!

37Asking for It

Come on it was the eighth it's an amazing

Really catchy song, great lyrics and a kick-ass chorus you will be singing for weeks!

I love this song. Shinedown is amazing but this is one of there best songs. I showed it to my boyfriend, and now it is our song. It is amazing, and explains our whole relationship. The song has to do with miracles, and he said I am his miracle. <3 so every time I hear this song I smile for a couple of reasons, Shinedown is my favorite band, and I love him to death.

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39Cry for Help

Such a good song, it's so powerful you feel like screaming the chorus at the top of your lungs

40AdrenalineV1 Comment
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