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Best show on MTV ever! It was better before but it is still good.


The only good show on what should be MUSIC (I know jackass isn't music but its good) TV, now its just... TV. - fireinside96

the best show ever and im not just saying it all of New Englen

That's a qood show... And hiLLarious =)) - rebeLLious

I love this programme x

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3Beavis and Butthead

How is this show NOT number one? The plot is hilarious, the quotes are catchy, and the parodies are original.

Love this show! Really it's the only even remotely good thing about MTV nowadays! Even if it has been off the air for quite some time, it still the best thing MTV has ever had to offer!

While I know its been off the air for a while it is still the only watchable show in mtv history

How is this not number 1? I find this show hilarious and totally relatable to me. It's even better than Family Guy and South Park.

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4Dance Floor Chart

MTV should be a channel for music not boring TV-shows! And Dance Floor Chart IS music at its best!

5DariaDaria is an American animated television series created by Glenn Eichler and Susie Lewis Lynn for MTV.

Complete humorous sarcasm from an ati-social girl who hates people. It's amazing

Better than Beavis and Butthead in everything.

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6Teen Wolf

Hands down one of the best MTV shows. Not only does each season top the previous for the most part, each season is different and amazing! This show is so awesome and it should last for a long time.. some people might have doubted it when the first season commercials began, but after watching it, it grows on you and you can't get enough. Jeff Davis is an awesome producer and the plot and effects in the show are top notch for being a T.V. series..

I absolutely love this show its amazing and its original in its own way! I think this is the best scripted television show on mtv. In my opinion it should be number one to this list.

All the other MTV shows a fake a cheesy compare to Teen wolf which is pack full of Action, comedy, drama and supernatural, with amazing actors. I think it's one of the best series out there. I hope it never ends and it should be #1 on the list

I love this show absolutely the best mtv show the action comedy and drama in it is ridiculously amazing it's the best show on the list

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7Rob and Big

DO WORK SON! Best show on MTV in my opinion. I hope they make more episodes

What more can I say Rob and Big is the the diggity - ballaboi17

we neeeeeed more new shows of this

8Pimp My Ride

XZIBIT you are the best:)I love you. When you come in Macedonia in citi Bitola bye

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9Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory

Fabulous follow up to rob and big. very funny and entertaining. and, rob is a good role model

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Awesome show. It's nothing new, it is an other typical mtv teen comedy but we haven't seen these in a long time since mtv new show wave. It's really is funny and the plot will keep you coming back for more.

This is a fantastic show! It is sweet and heartfelt, addicting, and has super hot boys! The plot intrigued me, the characters made me laugh, and the dialogue had a lot of thought put into it. Definitely check this show out!

This is so awesome! My friends told me to watch it and after I watched one episode I just couldn't stop watching it!

Not satisfied with awkward not being number 1?!?!?!?

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11RidiculousnessV2 Comments
12Nitro Circus

One of the best shows I've ever seen Travis it amazing Thus should be in the top ten.

13Silent Library
14America's Best Dance Crew
15Viva La Bam

How is Jersey Shore ahead of this come on people wake up Jersey Shore sucked Viva La Bam should be in the top 2

Hello, People? Wake Up! What is so interesting and excitin about some Dance Floor Charts Show? The only time I have something like that on is when I go to sleep or whatever.

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16The Challenge

Best reality T.V. show ever

17The Hills
19The City
20Celebrity Deathmatch

Childhood memories. Very funny show - Jonerman

That's my favourite T.V. show on MTV! I love it, because it's awesome how celebrites fight each other and it's too interesting it looks like WWE! - AlexandraMoonDust

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