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Amazing song with beautiful lyrics sung beautifully based on reality gives meaning to your life. amazing song really good

Such a meaningful song and video. It deserves this years grammy.

My ultimate favorite with Elastic Heart.

Her best song and music video. I adore it!

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2Breath Me

Breathe me is sia best song hands down and it's the song that made her famous

It's such a powerful song. We can all relate to it in a way or another.

Powerful song! I must thank "Six Feet Under" for introducing me to this song.

What a sweet song! Love sia

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Titanium is sia best song hands down and it's the song that made her famous

No.3? Oh come on Its not enough, the combination with David guetta's dj make this song so excellent

4Elastic Heart

This song is so beautiful and the video clip is a powerful work of art. Putting gender aside we see 'two Sias' battle it out as they try desperately to escape the cage. There is mirror movement yet such contrast in their dance. In the end only the young innocent Sia can break free leaving the savage, angry Sia within. Music these days no longer seems to capture me emotionally, but there is something about this song, something that is so heart wrenching, listening has become an addiction. Once you experience it you will crave this song and video clip the way you crave the air you breathe.

Beautiful lyrics, beautiful video. This list gives me a good idea of what other songs by Sia to check out! - keycha1n

I think that elastic heart has a lot of emotion and meaning I just love the music video too

AMAZING SONG once you hear it you will get addicted

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5Fire Meet Gasoline

Should be #1. The lyrics and the rhythm are just awesome

One of the best song of 2015

It's the best song from her. Every words every sentences and every rhytms are the beautiful emotional. This song make me wanna cry I Love you sia

Love it best song

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6I'm In Here

It's a very emotional song and I really like it

I can relate to it so much... story of my life

This song moves me and gives me goosebumps everytrime I listen to it.

7Clap Your Hands

My little sister loves that song

8Soon We'll Be Found

This is my favorite of all her songs. Once I start listening its always on repeat. Love her Pisces😘

One of her best songs!

9She Wolf

I feel like this is such a powerful song... I LOVE IT!

Great song should be first or right behind Titanium

The most incredible song of Sia
It should be in the 1st position

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10Burn the Pages

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One of the slower songs on Sia's new album "1000 Forms of Fear," but a very vocally driven song that thrives with the symphony of Sia's emotions through her vocals. If one listens closely, there are barely any instruments playing.

?You Have Been Loved

One of the most beautiful songs where Sia performs soft, sincere lyrics, and brings in her natural cracking, but yet stunning vocals into a positive perception.

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11Guts Over Fear

Why this isn't a huge hit? It's better than these ones with rihanna


And also the Wikipedia described her wearinga a condom in the video

13My Love

Most underrated song in her amazing catalog.

14Wild Ones
15Blow It All Away
16You've Changed
17Beautiful Pain

This song is so inspirational and just helps me when I'm feeling down. so beautiful

18The Girl You Lost to Cocaine
19Never Gonna Leave Me
20Taken for Granted
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1. Guts Over Fear
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