Best Sia Furler Songs


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Such a meaningful song and video. It deserves this years grammy.
My ultimate favorite with Elastic Heart.
Hands down AMAZING... also great video
[Newest]This song is musical love. They harmonies are perfect, Sia's voice is perfect.

2Breath Me
Breathe me is sia best song hands down and it's the song that made her famous
It's such a powerful song. We can all relate to it in a way or another.
What a sweet song! Love sia

Titanium is sia best song hands down and it's the song that made her famous

4Clap Your Hands
My little sister loves that song

5I'm In Here
It's a very emotional song and I really like it
I can relate to it so much... story of my life
This song moves me and gives me goosebumps everytrime I listen to it.

6Soon We'll Be Found
This is my favorite of all her songs. Once I start listening its always on repeat. Love her Pisces😘
One of her best songs!


8Elastic Heart
This song is so beautiful and the video clip is a powerful work of art. Putting gender aside we see 'two Sias' battle it out as they try desperately to escape the cage. There is mirror movement yet such contrast in their dance. In the end only the young innocent Sia can break free leaving the savage, angry Sia within. Music these days no longer seems to capture me emotionally, but there is something about this song, something that is so heart wrenching, listening has become an addiction. Once you experience it you will crave this song and video clip the way you crave the air you breathe.
AMAZING SONG once you hear it you will get addicted

9She Wolf
Great song should be first or right behind Titanium
I feel like this is such a powerful song... I LOVE IT!
The most incredible song of Sia
It should be in the 1st position

10You've Changed

The Contenders

11Burn the Pages

12Beautiful Pain
This song is so inspirational and just helps me when I'm feeling down. so beautiful

13My Love

14Wild Ones

15Guts Over Fear
Why this isn't a huge hit? It's better than these ones with rihanna

16Eye of the Needle
Sweet song. Pure Sia ballad
Best song of 1000 forms of fear

17Never Gonna Leave Me

18The Girl You Lost to Cocaine

19Big Girls Cry

20Fire Meet Gasoline


22The Fight

23Straight for the Knife

24Free the Animal
Groovy and bouncy song!

25Fair Game

26Kill and Run
A great song for a great movie (the great gatsby). I just love everything about this song!

27Day Too Soon
Makes me so happy listen and watching this... Best song sia

28Big Girl Little Girl


30The Bully


32I Go to Sleep
The best version of the song!

33Bring Night

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