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Such a meaningful song and video. It deserves this years grammy.

Amazing song with beautiful lyrics sung beautifully based on reality gives meaning to your life. amazing song really good

My ultimate favorite with Elastic Heart.

It's almost year since I'm listening to this... but I really really didn't get tired of listening to this masterpiece! I can say this one of the best songs of 2010's

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2Elastic Heart

This song is so beautiful and the video clip is a powerful work of art. Putting gender aside we see 'two Sias' battle it out as they try desperately to escape the cage. There is mirror movement yet such contrast in their dance. In the end only the young innocent Sia can break free leaving the savage, angry Sia within. Music these days no longer seems to capture me emotionally, but there is something about this song, something that is so heart wrenching, listening has become an addiction. Once you experience it you will crave this song and video clip the way you crave the air you breathe.

Sia is my favorite artist of all time and this is my favorite song that she has made so far I think it should be number 1, plus I love the hunger games

Beautiful lyrics, beautiful video. This list gives me a good idea of what other songs by Sia to check out! - keycha1n

This is my one favorite song - lovingicecreams

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3Breath Me

Breathe me is sia best song hands down and it's the song that made her famous

It's such a powerful song. We can all relate to it in a way or another.

This is Sia's best song and it has extremely meaningful lyrics. I absolutely love this excellent song

By far best sia song ever

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4Cheap Thrills

Yeah it should be at top of the list

I don't need no money... as long as I can feel the beat. It's just awesome

This one should be in the top 3 soon

Awesome great

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Titanium is sia best song hands down and it's the song that made her famous

Two great artists singing together making a very powerful song

I love this song I always sing it

THIS SONG makes My Self Confidence STRONGER. Thank you.

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6She Wolf

I feel like this is such a powerful song... I LOVE IT!

Such a lively song. Makes me wanna stop what I'm doing and starting jumping. Should be higher on the list

Great song should be first or right behind Titanium

The beat is breathtaking. - Ark-M

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Anyone who has been through depression after someone you loved betrayed can relate to this song. You feel you won't ever feel happy again but one day you look back and realise that as Sia sings that person took it all but you are still breathing, you're alive. And you have a life to live and fight for.

Vocals and the meaning of the song. Despite everything that you have been through, you're still're ALIVE.

Alien this, a true alien. Sia's voice is made outta steel! - Ark-M

Amazing song!

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8Fire Meet Gasoline

When I listen the song I just miss my partner whom I never seen

Should be #1. The lyrics and the rhythm are just awesome

It's the best song from her. Every words every sentences and every rhytms are the beautiful emotional. This song make me wanna cry I Love you sia

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9Bird Set Free

Breath-taking ballad. Very personal piece of art.

It's the one of her best music ever, it is very down-rated to be ranked no 9

Beautiful melody, powerful lyrics what else is required. A under rated song, loved it

So meaningful made me BAWL

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10Guts Over Fear

Why this isn't a huge hit? It's better than these ones with rihanna

Sia is so good on this track and slim slays it

The chorus is phenomenal and speaks volumes

Beautiful song with a powerful message

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Strange and fun song saw it live a while ago.

And also the Wikipedia described her wearinga a condom in the video

12Soon We'll Be Found

This should have been on top 5. It's so different and so good.

Emotional lyrics, reconciliation love song

"Let's not fight, I'm tired can't' we just sleep..." SO deep. Her masterpiece

Definitely her best one- Before her poppy phase, which is also great, but differently.

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13Burn the Pages

This is beautiful but also super upbeat.

14Clap Your Hands

My little sister loves that song

15Eye of the Needle

Why isn't it in the top ten? Are you people crazy? Move it up to the top ten

Seriously needs more votes. How is "Burn the Pages" better than this?

One of her best songs! How is it not in the top ten?!

This song does not deserve any number above 10

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I listen to this like 50 times a day

Very emotional. When you're. Singing. Along to it

17My Love

Almost like a ballad. This song takes me to beautiful, ancient China when I listen to it, and never fails to lift my mood. Thank you Sia, for this exquisite work of art.

Very emotional and beautiful song. Always give me goosebumps when I'm listening to it

Most underrated song in her amazing catalog.

Best song ever!

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18I'm In Here

It's a very emotional song and I really like it

Very emotional song that I can relate to in many ways, also one of Sia's best song

I can relate to it so much... story of my life

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To all those who are just scrolling down the songs... Do this.. Listen to this song... And then think about any other song sia had made... Believe me. This is the best song of sia

This song is so awesome. It has been on repeat since I discovered it. I love Sia

This song is way more awesome than the rest on the list... The hell!... How come it is so below on the list?!

This does not deserve to be this low. Brilliant song!

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20Stop Trying
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