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21Don't Walk Away

The song is asking someone to not leave them and that they are sorry for their mistakes and the two should resolve their differences. The song is about regret and most people can relate.

What! This should definitely be in at least top 5... Really emotional and the lyrics are just too touching

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22In It for Life

An amazing song with just the right balance of style, not sure how this isn't higher

Very good song. at least top 15 worthy

23Too Many Words

Shim is telling about a break-up with someone and that it hurts but at the same time it's a relief. Anyone who has ever had a tough break-up will relate.

24Master of the Universe

So underrated! How can this NOT be a single? In my opinion it is one of sick puppies' best songs from Tri-Polar besides you're going down and riptide and maybe

Listen, everyone who is reading this. You need to listen to this to know the awesome catchiness of this song! Number one song by them according to me and highly suggested

One of the best songs by Sick Puppies. I thought it would be in 'Top10'

25Die to Save You
26Healing Now
28The Bottom

Every so often I like to just kick back and listen to this song, because it's just so awesome! I like to believe that this was put at the end of their first album, because they saved the best for last. While, all their songs are amazing, I'm still waiting for one to top this masterpiece.


This song is my favorite song ever! Its basically telling you that the weak and/or senseless don't win fights. They just look stupid trying to fight.

Love this song!

30White Balloons

This song is pure beauty. In my opinion it's about friendship that can never fly away.

32Last Act
33Stick to Your GunsV1 Comment

Such a great song love it certainly in my top 15

35The Trick the Devil Did
36Under a Very Black Sky

The Voice of emma is so amazing! They must do more with her voice

37Walking Away

The best song from Connect!

38No Mercy

A great song from the deluxe edition of Connect. Shim's voice is very different here and the song is reminiscent of Smashing Pumpkins. It's about how a perfect relationship is no fun and the man wants the woman to hurt him and make it interesting but she's too innocent to do so.

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