Best Silversun Pickups Songs

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Lazy Eye
This song is great on many levels. I love a song that catches me with every instrument, plus vocals, plus lyrics and is catchy. This song has it all, and the video even adds to the song. One of my top 10 favorite songs of all time. I learned it on all instruments I loved I so much.
Insane... Specially the acoustic one...

2Panic Switch
Awesome sad song ever

3The Royal We

4Kissing Families

5Well Thought Out Twinkles
How is this song not at least in the top 2-3? This was one of the songs that originally put this band on the map. It is raw, angsty, and epic. #1 in my book.

6Growing Old is Getting Old

7There's No Secrets This Year


9Sort Of


The Contenders

11Catch And Release
Great riffs, this song should be top ten! Saw them at a free concert in Raleigh and this song rocked.


13Checkered Floor

14Future Foe Scenarios

15It's Nice to Know You Work Alone


17Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)
This is a great song.
Simply outstanding! C;

18Surrounded (Or Spiraling)

19Skin Graphs

20The Pit
Why is this song so low? It's amazing! People should really listen to Q101.1 alternative station on the radio!

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