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Welcome to My Life
I first heard this song in winning eleven ps2 game and it became an instant hit... The lyrics is simply awesome, simple plan rocks...
This song has such deep and meaningful lyrics, and I haven't ever heard a song thats this truthful before. I love this song so much.
This songs awesome...
Maybe this songs is the best realist song
I love, crazy about this lyrics. Thi s is my favorute SP songs
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I've been listening to Simple Plan longer then any other band. I always loved Welcome To My Life and I'd Do Anything, but I have to admit, when I first heard this song, I was blown away. Such a beautiful song, clever and relatable lyrics and a catchy chorus. Simple Plan forever.
For Me, I Think it should be at least in the top 5! This Song is Too Good!... It's One of their best song that's for Sure!... This Song Is One Of My Favorite. To All Of Those people who haven't heard this song, I Suggest them to Listen To It. I'm Sure you guys will love it!
Super-awesome song.. Great Lyrics.. Perfect Music..
Everything is just Fabulous..
It is certainly the best songs of this band...
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3Jet Lag
This song is the song that got me hooked on simple plan in the first place, this song is amazing, its totally underrated its a crime that its only 15!

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I love this song it's my favorite songs of simple plan. It has a really catchy tune. It is always on the radio. I absolutely love this song right next to paradise by Coldplay
First I didn't even know this song exist then my vocal teacher ask me to sing this song in a concert then I tried to learn this song and this songs rocks. I love it.
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Very beautiful song. It reminds me a lot of things
Nice song reminds peoples of families, especially dads! I love th
The very first Song I heard.
"Perfect" is the fourth and final single taken from Simple Plan's debut album No Pads, No Helmets... Just Balls.

The acoustic version of the song was featured on the soundtrack of the 2004 comedy film Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen which stars Lindsay Lohan. The album version was featured in the game Karaoke Revolution Volume 2.
In the music video of the single, the band are playing on the roof of a house. Throughout the video, it shows how teens are trying to escape such pressure by letting everything out, and finally realizing that they can't keep their pain in any longer.

In an acoustic version of the song, the band are seen talking before they play. Desrosiers (the bassist) says 'This is about me' before the band starts to play.

The music video was directed by Liz Friedlander.
"Perfect" became Simple Plan's biggest hit on the US Billboard Hot 100 peaking at the #24 position on 9 December 2003. It was also another top 10 hit in Australia peaking at number 6. The song also topped the American Top 40. It was #1 in Brazil in 2006, when it's live version was released. The song was also used in an episode of Girlfriends.
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5Your Love Is a Lie
I fall asleep by the telephone
It's 2 O'clock and I'm waiting up alone
Tell me where have you been?
I found a note with another name
You blow a kiss, but it just don't feel the same
Cause I can feel that you're gone

I mean... Lyrics are just so awesome!
Gr8 song. one of the best SP song ever!
this is Simple Plan's best song! EPIC!
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6When I'm Gone
Makes you feel powerful. Just love it.
When I'm gone is an absolutely incredible song. If you disagree with me, give it a listen, and I'm sure you'll change your mind. I <3 Simple Plan!
I enjoy the songs One, Jump, Astronaut, and Crazy. However, When I'm Gone makes me feel powerful, as somebody else had said. I don't know how to explain it, but every time I listen to this song, I get this feeling of... Satisfaction, maybe? Power? An odd mixture of emotions. Anger, confusion, happiness, sadness, understanding... Every single one of Simple Plan's songs are amazing in their own way. But if I had to pick one, and I couldn't listen to the others ever again (please, please, please, never happen! ), I would have to choose 'When I'm Gone'. Great work on the amazing song. Simple Plan!
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7Summer Paradise
Amazing song. I heard it ONCE. Just ONCE. And that was nearly a year back. For some reason, I dug out that song today because I could still remember the amazingly haunting melody. Awesome stuff.
This song is simply fantastic!

It makes us remember those summer days where you are free and everything goes perfect.

How can it be just in 16?
This is not my favourite song of Simple Plan, I like more Astronaut and Welcome to my life. But I vote for this because it's very underrated. Just 3%, really. The first time I heard Summer Paradise in the radio I couldn't believe it's in the 12 place. Vote for this.
It's such a happy calm light breezy song. Puts me right on the beaches. Make me happy even on my worst days.
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8Save You
Something special about this song... I just love it, it should be on the top of the list! I should be number 1
This is one of their best songs.
The list is missing (I'm just a kid and No love.)
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9Shut Up
THIS song got me hooked on simple plan for life! I highly recommend this song! Great lyrics, amazing guitar, an just something everyone can relate to. Who couldn't?
I remember hearing this song on the radio back in 2005 and hooked me so much, it's so catchy, that 5 years later I could still remember the chorus!


I can relate to this so much. I have been bullied a lot and this song always makes me feel better. This song could relate to so much people that have been bullied or hurt by other people. Also, this song has a catchy beat with amazing lyrics. I don't see why it's not at the top five at least.
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10I Can Wait Forever
nice song! the lyrics remind me about my life
Great lyrics and very beautiful music. Love it...
Remains at my second favorite.
Best song ever.. I wonder how is this 13th on the list.. Should be at least in the top 5!
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The Contenders

11Untitled (How Could This Happen to Me)
there is a combination of awesome lyrics and a wonderful music... its the best! try it, you will love it
Great song. Great lyrics and great vocals. Love this song. Why is crazy and I'm just a kid not in the list? I think they should be.
Sad and kool! Song... As he sings along I like him very much awesome guy good voice!
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12This Song Saved My Life
Such an awesome song! Need I say any more? You can really think about the lyrics, and Simple Plan have such great talent, they can actually sing good live as well as recorded!
This song is amazing! It truly saved my life!
This is one of the best songs of SP. The lyrics, the music and the vocals just make this song sound awesome!
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13I'm Just a Kid
Oh this is just brilliant! This is the song that good me Simple P-crazzay.. I can relate to this song so much!
This should be in the Top 10, it is such a relatable, unconventional, beautiful (In an obscure way), song..
This is the first simple plan song that I heard, well the only one that I knew was simple plan, this is the song that got me hooked on simple plan.
Maybe this isn't their #1 song but at least give it #10.
I love this song and the lyrics are very meaningful to me like many of simple plan's songs.
Maybe not their best song but at least deserve to be in the top 10... :(
The song's clip is one of my favorites...
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Why 9? Its not fair. I like this song and I don't know what to say anymore but just vote for this. I think the lyrics is cool and very expressive though not too cheesy. Vote please
Great song, was thinking of a tune the other day trying to remember it. Then I realised what the tune was, and have been listening to / singing it since. Got my bro playing it on the guitar and may do a youtube cover of it soon.
This is The first song I've ever heard when the talk is about Simple plan. Why is it on Number 8 only? Boost this up guys! It should be on the Upper 5! VOTE!
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15Can't Keep My Hands Off You
I can't keep my ears off this song, it's so catchy and awesome Rivers is on this! How is this not in the top 5!?
I think this song should be on top 10 because this song is so AMAZING.!


This should be on the TOP 5! Why only on TOP 10?! Not fair
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16I'd Do Anything
I really love this song! <3 I think is one of their greatest songs... Mark Hoppus was there too it was cool... It deserves to be on top 10 -ZL
This song made me believe that there was nothing that could stop two people from being with each other. This is the song that represents Simple Plan. I can say that this is definitely in my top 3 simple plan songs
This song really represents Simple Plan. Not astronaut
This is the real Simple Plan, not does pop songs...
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17You Suck at Love
Guess what; another game over.
I got burnt but you're the real loser.
When my girlfriend made a stupid move and said "Choose between me and your best friend" I said screw you and now me and my friend are working on a cover of this song... I'm better off without her.
This song is more than awesome! Its super cool and awesome! The way they sang it is amazing! I'm very much proud of this song! Sometime I feel wish I could sing this song alone with a very awesome gigatic mammoth band.. Its one of my last wishes! Simple plan is a band which is very cute!
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Is everybody going crazy?
Is anybody gonna save me?
Can anybody tell me what's going on?
Tell me what's going on?
If you open your eyes
You'll see that something is wrong
Enough SAID.
I guess I'm a little older as I used to be a Reset fan. This song gives me goosebumps. The lyrics are moving and the melody sticks in your head. I wonder why it wasn't a bigger success.
This song is so sad but so true. Through middle school this song really opened my eyes to the world, and it made me take action in community involvement throughout my entire high school career. Let's make the world a better place.
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This should at least be in the top 10, its one of those songs you can really relate to, and the music is awesome
Come on this should be at least in top ten. The music and the tempo are just awesome.
No. 1 all the way kidz
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20Me Against the World
Awesome lyrics.. terrific guitar... Why is the song at number 10! It should be atleast in the top 2!
Awesome song...! Heard it when I was going through a real bad time... So good... Its just bursting with inspiration! Should be in the top 10!
Awesome song
Awesome guitar
Awesome lyrics just cannot get enough of this song, it's so true and so catchy as well love it!
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Simple plan are really amazing and all their songs are awesome but this is my favourite song by them :)
Saw a video of pierre bouvier singing it acoustic in concert. Next time they are coming to germany I want him to sing that song! Just wanna hear that song live one day :P
In One Word-AMAZING! Simple, yet beautiful lyrics... How the hell is this song 31st? A must listen if you like Simple plan!
It's so romantic, should be in top 10!
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22Loser of the Year
The Catchiest Song Ever!
I love when he says "what's the point in being on top, all the money in the world if I can't blow it all on you! "
Very catchy! I've listened to this once and became one the best songs of SP.
Very good song. It's my favourite (SP) song for over half a year, no song did better. I keep listening to it, because of the awesome lyrics and the best guitare in the world, good work Jeff!

Vote for this song!
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23Perfect World
Awesome song... literally melts my heart... the beat is so great


Oh no! What? It's 18.. I cannot believe this... This should be in the top 5. The song's beat is really really awesome... Come on! Please listen and vote this
proper punk and a catchy chorus
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24Take My Hand
It should be top 10 at least. Take my hand tonight, let's not think about tomorrow and listen to this awesome song!
HEY HEY! Best song in the world! Catchiest beat, melody and tune ever! Such an explosive chorus
It's so catchy, and it's awesome! It's got gorgeous lyrics, and it's one of the only songs in the world that just makes me wanna sing and not care, because it's just so good.
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Most Underrated Simple Plan song by far
Listen to sample

I listened to simple plan so much in my childhood that I can't take them anymore, but I can still listen to this song, that solo gives you chills every time you listen to it


Listen to sample

27Happy Together Listen to sample

28Gone Too Soon
This should be in the top five at least!
This is one of the best simple plan songs. Thumbs up Simple Plan. Keep making so good songs always. Simple plan rocks!
Like a shooting star, Flying across the room, So fast so far < You're gone too soon
Everyone should listen to this song... It's just, PERFECT!... It's awesome to the point that it brings me to tears every time I hear this... It reminds me of everything I'vs missed out on life, everything that's gone forever, and things will never be the same... Simple Plan, you rock!
Teir best song ever! Should be number 1 definitely.
"In the blink of an eye... I never got to say goodbye"
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29Don't Wanna Think About You
It's my FAVORITE SONG BY SIMPLE PLAN. A lot of people think about people think someone they care and love about. I'm one of them. We try to listen to songs to help forget that someone. I used to listen to this song all the time. It didn't help, because you can never forget someone to love and care about. It's a great song. I still listen to it because it's catchy. Love This Song!
I have heard all the songs of simple plan but it is one of the best song I've ever heard in my life for me it is number 1 believe in me it is an epic song. No words to express this epic song
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30Grow Up
I first heard this song in scooby doo the movie. Awesome song. Very awesome. Yup.
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31Thank You
Thank you! So relatable and such a awesome fast punk rock feel to it! Love it
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32Last One Standing
Love This Song One Of the awesome Rock songs that Simple Plan has on their new album
Best song on the new album by FAR! How is Jet Lag at number 3! This is FAR better, Jet Lag is a pop song. Vote this song please, top 10!
It's the best song I love this its best rock song
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33Meet You There Listen to sample

34No Love
The best ever it should so be higher on this awesome list simple plan ROCKS! They shall allaways be the best ever!
40th? What? This should be on the top ten! This is probably the most dramatic Simple Plan song. It totally made me cry, seriously. It's just... Ugh. Just listen to its lyrics!
Awesome song! It should be higher up on the list.
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35Lucky One
I love simple plan and I guess this song is one reason I keep holding on. it's uplifting to think that one day you'll be perfectly fine and everything falls in place. that's what I hope for.
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36Time to Say Goodbye
Best one by far - I've listened to pretty much every single simple plan song and this is catchiest
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37What If
'What if' is my favorite SP song ever! When ever I'm hopeless or like to be emo inside my dark room this song makes me feel... well... refreshed!

It's a long song and deserve to be on the top!

"What if I change the world, would you still remember me? "
One of my all time favorite songs! Loved it the first time I heard it! If you haven't listened to it then you sure are missing an awesome song! My Opinion:-Listen to it please! And please vote for this song!
It should be under the top ten! I love this song!
I mean:
What if I change the world
If I lead the way?
What if I be the one who takes the blame?
What if I can't go on without you?
What if I graduate?
What if I don't?
What if I don't?
These are questions everybody had asked, and Simple Plan just sing what I feel.
It's their best song ever.
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38Anywhere Else But Here
Are you people insane? This is such a cool laid back song that's just so chill.
How is it not even on the list?! This should be AT LEAST top 25
Why is it not in the top ten?
I know it's added late, but it deserve higher
Just listen to it first
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39The Rest of Us
The Chorus and the melody is awesome


Listen to sample

40You Don't Mean Anything Listen to sample

41The End
Dude this should be way higher! Amazing song! Cool Intro Great chorus! At least top 5.


I agree. Why doesn't it go higher? It is my favorite Simple Plan song... The words, music, everything is perfect.. <3 this song..
You look at me like I've become a stranger on the street / a skeleton that's hiding in your closet / I see you next to me but still you fells so far away / where did we go wrong?
Lyric is just... Wow, perfect.
I wonder why it is only 41, it should be in the top ten!
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This song was on New York Minute! This is what made me fall in love with Simple Plan. This song is going to be played at my wedding! I don't give a freak what anyone or my fiance has to say about it. If this song isn't played, we are getting a divorce the minute the wedding ends.
This is the best song of Simple Plan
The lyrics are amazing.
And ths should really be higher... It was my first simple plan song uf you didn't listen to it I would have never liked them.
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43One Day Listen to sample

44Ordinary Life
Really Good song off the Second Coming!


Listen to sample

45Freaking Me Out
Awesome song. Great verses, perfect for both peirres and and all time low singer alex! Listen to it!
Amazing! Verses are great! Perfect for peire and All Time Low singer alex!
Listen to sample

46My Christmas List
This song really makes me want feel happy

47I Won't Be There Listen to sample

48What's New, Scooby-Doo?
Think, it's the best song

49Running Out of Time
I love this song not their best but deserves better than 46 this isn't my favorite but it made me sad seeing it at 46 so I decided to vote for it I hope others vote for this too

50Generation Listen to sample

51Holding On
This song is just so pretty and amazing! The music and the lyrics in this song are both great! Surprised that it's number 47 on the list though! Should be in the top 10!
Listen to sample

52God Must Hate Me Listen to sample

53When I'm With You
Listen to this. I'm sure that this will go somewhat higher. But maybe because it's just an "extra" song, I, guess this song will always and forever be stuck at the bottom of the list.. But I'll still be rooting for this song forever and always.
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54Just Around the Corner
Pierre shows once again his talent. In the first verse, the emotion grows little but little and suddently, when the chorus starts, all the emotions is liberated, it's an awesome feeling! And at the end of the chorus, we think it's over, but noway! The guitar comes again! And the 2nd verse can start in order to make the emotion grow again! And then Chorus again, emotion, emotion, emotion! Just perfect. The bridge is very really awesome and we can hear very well the piano, it makes it even more beautiful.
This song is just perfect.

55My Alien
This song is so CUTE! Beautiful lyrics and music, you must LISTEN it!
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56Never Should Have Let You Go Listen to sample

This song reminds me of how I feel about my friends, partner, parents, basically everyone in my life. I've never really been one to know what to do or to be the best at keeping secrets and being loyal to a person because I just don't know how. This song makes me want to try for them and make them see what I actually can be.
How is this song not in the top 10 a least. This is their best song on Get Your Heart On
I wish I had this song earlier! It really helps, and it makes me honestly want to try. Try for myself
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58One by One

59Famous for Nothing

60The Worst Day Ever Listen to sample

61Surrender Listen to sample

62Fire In My Heart

Very good song, shouldn't be at 63!
Listen to sample

64How Could This Happen to Me Listen to sample

65I Miss You

66Crash and Burn

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