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Late Night
The best expansion pack ever! I defiantly recommend getting this. You can be a vampire! There are also new ways to die, too. Get this, The Sims 3 (Obviously), The Sims 3- Ambitions, and The SIms 3 World Adventures. Those expansion packs are must haves!
Definitely the best game of all the expansions. The developers really captured the a real artistic element of the city while allowing simmers to get fully involved in a variety of new activities. This expansion however like all the others lacks in something and in this one it is other life stages. Pretty much nothing is added for the toddlers and children although teens have a bit more to explore since they are treated as adults kinda. Apart from that it definitely gives a brilliant city style life along with many features as mentioned before such as vampires and celebrities, but also the amazing new features such as hot tubs and clothes. This and generations if you only can afford 2 are the must haves for game play.
Its awesome because it adds some much amazing things to your game. It lets you be a vampire and go to dance clubs. It also gives you the ability to become a celebrity.
[Newest]I love the city setting! And the modern vampires of course.. GLOWING EYES! ♥ ♥ ♥
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I think that this game is very fun because it's your own life story that you can tell. And you can go to prom, maybe be prom king or Queen, play back memories, send kids to boarding schools, have imaginary friends. Ya it is fun
Generations is definitely my fave expansion pack, (I've got ambitions, world adventures and late night). I like to focus more on the family life in sims 3 rather than the career or going out. So generations expands on family life, I love the fact that parents can scold children, put them in time out. Before children had nothing to do in the game, now there are more interactions, they can pretend to be kings/queens, play costume dress up, afterschool activities, have imaginary friends. Also sims now have a reputation for relationships which before would go unnotice, so I think that makes the game more interesting. Finally, they have brought back wedding parties from sims 2, but what's even better is that you can throw bachelor parties, spray nectar bottles, so much fun! This is a must have if you want to expand the family life element of the game!
I love seeing my child sims playing pretend, I love how my teens have so much more to do like learning how to drive (which I am currently doing myself), going to the prom, sneaking out late, throwing parties, pulling off pranks, and getting punished if caught.

Last but not least I love how my adults have mid life crises and my elders walk around with canes and show their friends their grandchildren. I love playing with large families so this expansion really "expanded" my game play in ways that I always wanted. The absolute BEST EXPANSION PACK!
[Newest]Best game ever you will not regret
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BEST. EP. YET. The seasons EP from TS2 was my favorite, and in my opinion the TS3 Seasons is almost as good! We finally get weather after such a long wait! Also, the game boasts seasonal festivals, the return of body temperatures and illness, seasonal holidays, and-drumroll please-ALIENS!

The downside of the pack is the fact that it doesn't come with a new town, but with all this EP has to offer covers that. Seasons is a must-have!
This game is the best I have all the expansion packs except for late night and supernatural but this one is amazing the festivals are really fun and the aliiens can make meteors come anytime anywhere! Which is pretty epic. My favorite season is spring because I like the sound of the rain it sooths me. But all the seasons have something special about them. You could have a feast party or gift giving party which is my favorite also bring festive cheer with holiday lights. YOU SHOULD GET THIS ONE
New Expansion and is the best yet. Snow! But the thunder scares me
[Newest]I really want seasons so badly! You can have holidays, season festivals, and your sims can become ill from winter. (which I think is a realistic feature). Plus if you have University Life you can get a spring break! And your sim can die by getting struck by lighting, freeze to death, and I think you can get heatstroke but I'm not sure. Plus there is new objects, two new traits, and new clothes!
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4Island Paradise
I know it's new, but it actually offers so many new gameplay features! Not only is it set on a beautiful, colouful island, but the houses are stunning! You can scuba dive, find treasure, discover uncharted islands, own a resort (customize it however you like), water ski, become a mermaid! And so much more. You also don't need a bunch of different expansions to make this enjoyable, it's like a whole new game all on its own. I absolutely suggest this game to any players who want a fun, tropical environment with loads to do :D
The Island Paradise EP is one of the most graphically impressive expansion pack's of them all. My favourite addition would have to be the Scuba Diving, and the impressive detail the designers put into it. The sharks add an element of danger, and a new way to die! Another aspect of the Sims 3 Island Paradise I love is owning the resorts. It is amazing, and really actually gives you something to design to your heart's content. The only part of the Island Paradise I dislike is how slow the houseboats are- always buy an additional boat to get around!
The Sims 3: Island Paradise is the tenth expansion pack for The Sims 3 announced on a live broadcast for the series from Electronic Arts and to be released on June 25, 2013. According to the broadcast, it will allow sims to travel to islands using a boat, run a resort, and explore under the sea. The offical Creature for the expansion pack is merpeople
[Newest]Its great game I have life 5 families on there its just a great set and I'm really excited to see Sims 4
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This is a very fun game because you don't need to buy all of these dumb expansion packs just for one thing you want. You can get this and say you want to be a vampire, you can still be a vampire and if you change your mind, you can be a werewolf, fairy, ghost, zombie, whitch the only sucky thimg about it is that it lists genie but you have to have a certain expansion pack for it. And if you like zombies, well lets just say they pop up every where. They pop up in your front yard, back yard, and even out in the town and at neighbor's houses. Don't freak out if you see one of your sim friends are zombies because sometimes they just use random people for zombies. If you want to be a zombie, then I would suggest to stay outside and stay near zombies. If it says zombie attack on your to-do list than you may become a zombie. I don't know because every time it says that for me I usual delete it and run into my house. If you live on the beach in moonlight falls then you will get a ton and I mean a ton of zombies around your house. I started a new family because it was so bad. So if you like zombies live on the beach. One of my favorite features to this game is instead of hiring a nanny that can't do her job and have to pay him or her every day, pay $3500 for the amazing Bonehilda. She is a skeleton woman that you pay only once that fixes and cleans. This game sould be #1 on this list.
Seriously? You can be a Witch, a Werewolf, a FAIRY, or a ghost, or a Vampire (if you don't have that one other game) and a Genie (if you do have that one other game)

As a Witch, you can have spell casting duels and turn people into toads or cast a love charm!

Werewolves can make you a small fortune with their hunting abilities, and I admit, I love to watch them scratch the furniture!

Fairies can shrink down! And they have their own houses! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR AWESOME! They can have house parties and normal sized humans who can't shrink down to show up? Well, they can just dance outside!

This game offers a lot of new options, why wouldn't you choose this game?
This is a great game full of imagination and lots of fun new things. You can know be a vampire, werewolf, fairy, or an amazing witch. You can also be a genie or a zombie, I give this game a 10/10 the graphic are amazing and there are new activitys for your magical sim family. This game should be number 1.
[Newest]I love the fact that it gives you multiple life states in only one game
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6University Life
LOVVE SIMS 3 University LifE, you can have a real life experience, with this expanshion pack. You can go to University (and choose your major: Science & Medicine, Comunications, Business, P. E and Technology), You have social groups (Nerd, Jock and Rebel), the campus is beautiful, it has diferent colleges, you have the graduation night, It's so much fun. I lOVE IT!
So much fun! I just bought it and I think it is great. I like it so much I play it a lot. I can't wait to get another expansion pack and find out how much fun that one will be! I really do recommend this one though, because I really and truly do enjoy it. It was a good purchase, worth the money.
It is so cool I got it it
[Newest]I really want this because I only have Late Night and it's getting boring to me. So I need this because when I get in college I can know what it will be like.
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It has horses! The first Sims game to actually give us horses and the ability to have "farms! " 'enough said!
When this does come out in October, I am definitely going to buy it because having pets definitely makes life more fun, so if you implement it into The Sims 3, you're going to get mass amounts of fun.


I just love having pets in my game it's so much fun I love it. I already have it and I just love everything about it. Buy it! There is so much things you can do with pets it really cool!
[Newest]This is number one. This has a lot of cool things and you have pets. I have about three dogs and a cat. I love this expansion pack. I should not be number seven
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You'll get over being a celebrity or a vampire. Late night is good for a couple of days but ambitions. Ambitions is totally worth every penny. It has indefinite replay value and it reminds me of the sims livin large.


I would say ambitions is the best add on. It adds the most gameplay and items to the game. If Late night wouldn't be totally bug ridden, slow and broken I would vote for that. Since EA didn't fix any of Late Nights major bugs yet.
For the first time you can play your sim on the job! Tons of new stuff and professions. I love the interior design path.
In this EP, you get the opprotunity to control your sim at work. You can be a fasion designer, a firefighter, a ghost hunter, (oh yeah! ) and more! It is really cool when you collect service awards, and for once, you don't have to work in a rabbit hole!
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Its great because you can follow your sims as they rise to fame! I really recommend the town, Starlight Shores. It has HUGE villas for stars and small bungalows for beginners.
This expansion pack is by no means the best, simply the one that doesn't get boring easily. Tired of your 'normal' job? Become a singer. Tired of being a singer? Become a magician. Tired of being a magician? Who cares, there are tons of things to do, even if you don't have any other expansion packs.
It's simple and fun how you can have your sim easily start a family while having a job-- simple and a lot easier than the base game jobs!
The Sims 3: Showtime is the sixth expansion pack for The Sims 3 on OS X and Windows. It was released on March 6, 2012. A limited collector's edition includes exclusive in-game content such as a stage and two costumes along with a poster based on American pop singer Katy Perry
This game so should be no. 1

10World Adventures
The expansion pack focuses on travelling to various areas in a manner similar to previous expansions The Sims: Vacation and The Sims 2: Bon Voyage. Sims are able to travel to simplified versions of France, China, and Egypt. At these locations, sims are able to participate in adventures to earn rewards and benefits. Sims are also able to level up in new skills: photography, martial arts, and nectar making. In addition, the expansion pack provides new objects, socials, wishes, and opportunities
I. Love. This. Sure it takes up far too much space, but the uniqueness of it is just amazing. So far from the expansion packs I've noticed, a lot of the so-called new features are really just rabbit holes. On one hand I like them 'cause it means that slower computers can handle them, but on the other I don't because it's a lot of money wasted on very little. But World Adventures is actually about you doing things that you can see and control. It's awesome!
Best expansion pack because it practically expands the game the most.
[Newest]World adventures is great. I love cameras. The locations are great
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11Master Suite Stuff
This include really cool outfits and housing items

12Into the Future
Into the future adds Plumbots! Plumbots can look after kids, earn money, entertain you, and help out with the house chores by cleaning, cooking and fixing. Personally, the:-) this is great when you don't feel like doing those chores. The new food symphenizer, is great when you just need some instant food.

You can fly too! The transportation only bumps up the quality. Imagine you were on a flying train!
It is so cool, I mean where else can you go to the FUTURE? It comes with the so many new items and clothes, and you can even alter the future. What beats that?
You get to go into the future but then you can come back and change the future! The new furniture and clothes etc.. are really cool and you can play a brand new instrument (laser rythmicon (sorry of I spelt that wrong) the best thing is now you can build plum bots who you control and get trait chips for. You can also discover a crashed ship and fly in a jet pack. It is awesome! Excuse me I'm off into the future!
I just like Sims 3 Into the Future because I think Emit Relevart the time traveler is adorable.

13High End Lot Stuff
I rgret I even bought this.

14Sunlit Tides

15Dragon Valley

1670's, 80's and 90's Stuff
We need this in Sims 4

17Monte Vista
Adds a great new world with new venues and plenty of new foods to try!

18Movie Stuff


20Outdoor Living
Adds lots of wonderful content that is useful for CAS or Building. A must-have stuff pack.
Great game I recommend it :D

21Roaring Heights
I think this is the best store world
Out of all the store worlds, this is my absolute favorite. First off, it takes after a 20s-30s type aesthetic, which I love. I've been hoping for a midcentury themed world/stuffpack for a while, so I was pretty excited when it got announced. It comes with some really wonderful pincurled hairstyles, and I really love the clothes. It's also got items that offer additional gameplay -- such as a vintage car that you actually build yourself. It's also got animations for when your sim gets into the car. ((This, however, is exclusive to the Classically Cool Fixer-Upper car, and RH doesn't add the feature to other cars. It also comes with a roller coaster, which is pretty fantastic. You even get actual parts so you can build one yourself. The city also comes with a bunch of different skyscrapers and metropolis-type buildings, so it's cool they made another a city world besides Bridgeport.

22Aurora Skies

23Town Life Stuff

24Lucky Palms
Its awesome because its so beautiful and in genarations it doesn't have a town so you could use this town
I love Lucky Palms
Lifesimmer useed it = I need it

25Barnacle Bay

26Lunar Lakes

27Hidden Springs
How is this not higher up on the list? Yes, it's only a town, but it a beautiful map with waterfalls and emerald green grass, all of the npcs have interesting backstories and best of all, it comes with The Fountain Of Youth! This is super good because if you (Like me) want the other sims in the town to age while your sims don't, you can! Just take a drink, and eternal youth is all yours! And yes, if you have Supernatural you can just buy the potion but not everyone is into that kind of expansion.
I have it but can't play it I'm so mad cause I can't get the game to start I need help
It reminded me of the movie secret graden

28Fast Lane Stuff

29Katy Perry's Sweet Treats
This stuff pack is so good and the furniture is amazing for decorating children's rooms or for party's. this stuff pack has more items included than any other and I think people only say its bad because it is quite a girly pack and you can't use some of the things as everyday use.
I just like some outfits for women. I think has really good dresses for women but for the men naah
Great game the best
[Newest]The Clothes are Amazing

30Diesel Stuff
Why is this here! I think this stuff pack is the best one I love thre clothes in it
Awesome clothes and accessesories!
I Think It's good For The Beginner Haha just complain

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