Top Ten Best Singer/Songwriters


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The Top Ten

Josh Groban
That's bull crap! He shouldn't even be on the list
... Don't be silly! Josh Groban? Hey I'm glad you found an artist that inspires you BUT let's KEEP IT REAL! 1. Paul McCartney, 2. John Lennon, 3. Bob Dylan... EVERYONE ELSE is next! These guys ARE the reason for the rest! Thank god for Paul Simon, George Harrison, Carol King, Brian Wilson, James Taylor and Bruce Springsteen too! Also the IMPORTANT pioneers like: Woody Guthrie, Chuck Berry, Pete Seager and Little Richard AND BUDDY HOLLY!


Josh Groban isn't a singer-songwriter!
[Newest]It's absurd to place Josh Groban, or probably anyone else, above Paul McCartney

2Bob Dylan
Should clearly be first. Josh Groban the greatest singer-songwriter of ALL time? You are all patently complete morons.
Is obviously the greatest singer/"songwriter" of all time. Bob Dylan actually wrote his songs, and didn't rely on other people to create them. I honestly have no idea how Josh Groban is even on this list!
Nice to know Bob Dylan is seen as an intellectual preference and is not counted among the lot chosen through popular vote. Josh Groban and Michael Jackson just write songs... Rhyme and mean something. Bob Dylan is a thinker, intellectual, and the most creative songwriter on Earth.
[Newest]Seriously what is this? Josh Groban -_- Bob Dylan is the best songwriter


3John Lennon
I often wonder people's knowledge on songwriting and what do they base their songwriting on. John Lennon is the greatest songwriter ever and wins by a country mile, no one comes close to him not even Dylan. He made the Beatles in to prophets and took them foreward. Maccartney's greatness shined through only when he was led. Every other songwriter were limited and predictable. Lennon was much more diverse and had more in his locker. I get so fed up hearing about Dylan being a songwriter, he was not, he used music to convey his poetry. He basically was a protest writer and became an icon with that movement. I don't understand why the music industry is obsessed with him. What else did he have... Nothing... He was envious of Lennon's Intellect and pulling power. Some of Dylan's songs lacked chorus and bridge. Hie version of Norwegian wood was a joke and his Christmas album was embarrassing. In the 80's he produced nothing. Lennon was more prolific and consistent with lyrics and melody. So when someone thinks of the Beatles it was Lennon's vision and leadership that made the Beatles Great. Please don't come back with petty stuff, like it was Dylan that did this and that, cause it won't wash with me and anyway I will counteract anything you say.
Hey dude dd369 you don't know anything about song writing and a Lennon hater. What is the question, song writer. One song that kills Dylan... Imagine, It is sung all around the world. Dylan a genius don't make me laugh, it shows you are limited, you can't even spell genius. Song writing is not just lyrics. If Lennon wanted he could easy write like Dylan but he was to advanced and much more diverse. Dylan's songs didn't exactly touch people's inner self like Lennon's did. What did he do in the 80's, nothing, he is a joke, didn't know what faith to follow and kept chaining. Musically, lyrics, singing Lennon wins easy. Dylan's word play was predictable, Lennon's word play was much more clever. Dylan had to write a whole verse to make a point, Lennon could do this with few words, Lennon was a superior human being. You can back to me with anything you like and I promise you I will counteract it.
Oh and Lennon never changed? There is a good case for placing Lennon ahead of Dylan as a songwriter but your argument is way off base on many points. Furthermore, Dylan wrote many more songs, and I'd venture to say Lennon may have given him the crown. The Beatles adored him. Also, since John was killed in 1980, Dylan was much more prolific in that decade.


I tell you that; if you however have chance to ask Bob Dylan(one of the most genious when it comes to write masterpieces) that logically who's the best songwriter ever?.. The answer my friend is (blowin' in the wind :-p :-)) ; there's no problem with me but I think John Lennon is 1 or 2 bottom better than me... :_)


[Newest]Only Paul can beat him

4Michael Jackson
Someone said "Michael just writes, but Dylan is an intellectual thinker and is the most creative songwriter on earth". ARE YOU INSAANE! You OBVIOUSLY DON'T have intelligence if you think THAT! Listen, Michael wrote songs that touched the MASSES AND CHANGED OUR POINT OF VIEW OF THIS WHOLE WORLD FOR BETTER OR WORST! I mean we're talking Billie Jean, Wanna be starting something, Dirty Diana, Heal the World, Keep the Faith, Tabloid Junkie, D.S. , Is it Scary, Earth Song, Little Susie. And he's written some of the BEST and MOST BEAUTIFUL AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL music I have EVER HEARD such as Childhood, Stranger in Moscow, and Scared of the Moon. And the EMOTION HE BRINGS to those songs when he sings them is out of this UNIVERSE! I mean don't get me wrong I think Bob Dylan IS a TREMENDOUS songwriter undoubtably one of the GREATEST EVER But I say Michael is either tied or over him!
There's no other option except putting this genius of a guy into the top 3. Michael Jackson is was and will be the greatest pop artist, and not only that, he was just an epic and full of quality songwriter. Listen to Earth Song, Heal the world, man in the mirror, billie jean. Such devil masterpieces.
Michael created a depth to his songs like no other. He sang with true emotion and feelings providing the listener with a connection to him personally. He meant what he sang and I love him for that. He was believable with the songs that he wrote and as a singer. love him xo mj


[Newest]He is simply perfection

5Paul McCartney
Yesterday is the most covered song of all time.

He was part of the biggest band of all time.

That band is among the biggest overall musical acts of all time.

Had the most successful solo career of all the

Half of the greatest songwriting partnerships.

Why is he all the way down here?
The most successful singer/songwriter of all time! it's in the Guinness book of world records! and of course he was the other half of the famous songwriting duo Lennon/McCartney, he should be here it's so obvious
Paul is considered to be in the greatest writing duet of all time (Lennon-McCartney). He was also part of the biggest band of all time and he is the world's most successful artist. Why is Paul all the way down here? HOW DOES JOSH GROBAN EVEN BEAT PAUL?!
[Newest]Best of all time, period

6Paul Simon
The quality of work produced by Simon has been outstanding for over 50 years, many of his songs having become timeless standards. His body of work now stands comparison with any of the world's great composers or poets throughout history. His lyrics are exceptional, poetic, moving and profound, and his melodies have shaped the development of popular music in the post 1960 world. His work consistently has something interesting to say about the human condition, and has at its heart a love for mankind.
VERY, VERY, VERY WELL PUT! Love Paul Simon's VERY IMPORTANT body of work! Beautiful marriages of melody and lyric! Poignant subject matter throughout his wonderful carrier!
However he still needs to be ranked behind McCartney, Lennon and Dylan... I know it SUCKS... But the completion was fierce! Just look at these composers (including Simon)... AND they were ALL from the same ERA! What a magical period in popular song!


Simon is genius. His lyrics are pure poetry, he writes with a sensibility most of people will never get! His melodies are incredibly perfect for the lyrics, and the chorus are always so rousing! His harmonies are deep and beautiful. And he had a lot of musical identities along his career and always sounded authentic. A man who really loves music!
For me, Paul Simon is the best, besides to the beatle John Lennon, obviously.

7Bruce Springsteen
Springsteen has released 17 studio albums, and 2 compilations of songs that were unreleased. That is a hell of a lot more of what some of these singers ahead of him have done. Bruce's songs have meaning in them, just listen to "Atlantic City" "The River" "Born To Run". Not everyone has heard of him he is very underrated in this generation, that's probably why he's so far down the list
I've gone through dozens of list of this nature and this guy is in the top 10 on all of them. Seriously just read the words to any of his stiff from the 70's and 80's. Deep songs about normal everyday problems. Other than Bob Dylan I don't know who would be a better contender for best singer songwriter in the history of modern music
Bruce is best! He's written so many of my favourite songs, and is also one of the greatest performers. I've never heard of Josh Groban before.

8Elton John
Paid someone to help write his songs
Should be Bernie Taupin here but together they should be #1
The greatest songwriter in my opinion. His melodies and character are unmatched!

9Kurt Cobain
He is simply one of the creates songwriters of all time, he established a genre and became the voice of an entire generation. He voiced all the angst that covered teenagers he accomplished many things in his life. Kurt Cobain is amazing.
Kurt doesn't deserve 17th. He was one of the most original songwriters ever. Every single one of Nirvanas songs as proof


Nobody can write a song like Kurt! RIP. Find me one songwriter better than Kurt Cobain (Kurdt Kobain). What did he ask to be rememberd as?
What he was best at! Writing songs! Vote for him! Or else...
[Newest]Kurt cobain's lyrics are incredible; funny, serious, and never really meaning much at all, but still they are remembered 2 decades down the line...

10Freddie Mercury
He is good song writer and singer, he should be in the top 10 list.. I didn't like the singer in number 1 list.. Maybe some people who vote to him maybe a teenager or young and he's famous at this time that is why he is in the no. 1 in the list.. For me I will vote for the vocalist and song writer of 60s 70s 80s and 90s because the song that they write are beautiful and meaningful than the songs the are come famous for now.. I'm 24 years old but I like the song from the past than now.. Philippines
Freddie Mercury is an amazing singer, and a superb songwriter. His songs are all original, and he can write all kinds of genres from hard rock to ballads to opera. He wrote Bohemain Rhapsody, one of the greatest songs ever; We Are The Champions, one of the greatest anthems ever, etc. Not to mention how he wrote Crazy Little Thing Called Love in about 10 minutes in a bathtub with a guitar, because he couldn't play the guitar well and is limited to a few chords. Such talents are rare in this world. Freddie Mercury should one of the greatest - if not THE greatest - singer/songwriter ever.
most talented musician to ever live. singing, songwriting- unrivalled.


[Newest]How isn't he at least top 2. That is all

The Contenders

11Bon Jovi
a great musician with a great talent to create wonderful and meaningful songs in the world.


Love his music, it's so much more than just words.
bon jovi has a song to every topic in my life


[Newest]Jon and write don't write songs but poems and great masterpieces...

12Roger Waters
Pink Floyd became the biggest rock band of all time because
1. The inspiration of Syd Barrett
2. The guitar work of David Gilmour
And 3. The brilliant songwriting of Roger Waters
Amazing songwriter and great poet!
Very surprised, he was not (yet) on the list...
The 'brains' from Pink Floyd...

13Ann Wilson
Ann is The Queen of Rock. No voice and live performance compares to hers. And what songs she's written. "Barracuda", "Crazy On You"... etc. She has "wowed" us for more than 30 years and still getting better.
It's true Ann Wilson is amazing; when you think about the fact she has only written one top ten hit "Magic Man" in her whole career and she ranks as number 1 on this list when others have written many number 1 hits. It proves how awesome Ann Wilson is.
Is there a better songwriter than Ann Wilson. She is simply amazing.


14Billy Joel
Billy Joel is great! My favorite songs that he made are Piano Man, Angry Young Man, The Entertainer, Say Goodbye to Hollywood, We didn't Start the Fire, Honesty, My Life, Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway.
I don't know what you posters ages are but Billy Joel wrote and performed some of the greatest songs ever. He also wrote many songs for other singers.
He's amazing! Harmonica, piano, and singing! He has made so Many amazing songs that have lasted through time. He is the piano man.

15George Harrison
I believe that George's songwriting ability was often unappreciated during the time of the Beatles! Don't forget that it was George who wrote Here Comes The Sun, Something, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Taxman, I Need You, etc.
George Harrison was a song writing master. Since I was twelve years of age I have loved his lyrics, guitar playing and soulfull voice and learned more about spirituality from his words than any religious organisation could ever teach me. I am fifty now and still listening to his albums. one of my favourite songs is this guitar can't keep from crying amongst so many others. Thumbs up to top tens. Colm
Very underrated, he wrote many of the beatles' best songs including Something, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Here Comes The Sun, If I needed someone, Taxman... he was a really talented man.
Hard to believe some people vote thumbs down on comments like this - then again it's not so hard, the world's full of people who don't understand brilliance


[Newest]One of the top ten for sure... Maybe No. 2.. But then that is just my opine as is all other comments made by you yahoos. Stick that in your smoke and pipe it...

16James Taylor
This man is very understated.
Not only does he play beautiful guitar but he writes lyrics that are loved and sung by everybody.


The best singer songwriter of all - nobody matches his lyrics and melodies

17Van Morrison
This guy has been turning out awesome music since he was a teenager in Them. He is as fresh and relevant now as he was almost 50 years ago. Nobody sounds like him and nobody writes like him-Brown Eyed Girl, Jackie Wilson Said, Queen of the Slipstream, Have I Told You Lately, etc. Check out the number of films that have used his music.
Listen to the multitude of music this man has produced it's pure poetry about everyday life.
Easily in the top 3 (with Dylan and Lennon-McCartney.

18Gordon Lightfoot
Yes! Thanks to whoever added him to this list. Very underappreciated artist


19Neil Young
Neil Young is the closest to Bob Dylan anyone will ever come. He's still light years behind but he definitely deserves a higher spot
He should be at least second to Bob Dylan and defiantly ahead of kurt Cobain; no offense but even he said his lyrics where throwaways
I get the "list" here and have no issue. You are correct, this man is right there with Dylan.

20Carole King
My sister turns 50 and can sing all her songs

21Pete Townshend
Why isn't he in the Top 10? Just listen to his songwriting on albums like Tommy, Who's Next, Quadrophenia, and The Who Sell Out. This list is an insult!
He's one of many very good writers but there are dozens that are/were much better


22Tamer Hosny
A highly talented singer, he writes his own lyrics and he writes lyrics for other singers too! He is the best singer too, without doubt.


Honestly, I love this guy, I love his songs too! Best singer/songwriter alive today! Tamer Hosny! KING OF GENERATION!


23Tom Petty

He #1 with me he should at least be top 50 On this list hard to believe

Running Down a Dream, American Girl, Breakdown, Free Fallin, Last Dance with Mary Jane
Almost 60 & got a NEW 2disc CD out-it's great-did you guys forget him just cause he's softspoken?

Sadly Tom Petty is overlooked all the time.

24John Denver

25James Hetfield
Hear songs like one, Fade To Black, Enter Sandman, UnForgiven, The Day That Never Comes, Master Of Puppets. And you will know that he is the best lyrics writer with deep meanings inside his mind


Yep, so true, his songwriting skills are sublime, (Roamer? One? The unforgiven trilogy? , I don't know where to start :S )


No no no, james should be in the top 10 he's a kick ass singer and a great songwriter you people should know better than to put james at 11
[Newest]Please just lesson to one and nothing else matters and you will understand james hetfield should be in top 3

26Chester Bennington
Chester Bennington is a singer with a powerfull voice... It is unique and the live quality of his voice is just good as his studio voice. For me he is the #1 from the modern, living rock artists! I know we can't say that he is better than MJ or someone else, but he have an unique voice like the legends.
Amazing lyrics and vocals, definitely number one.


27Jarvis Cocker

28Jackson Browne
One of the best by far and overwhelmingly overlooked. With a body of work that easily matches McCartney, Lennon, Dylan, & James Taylor.
Not quite a match to the others you mention though you're right that he's often overlooked and underappreciated


Jackson is the best by far, forget about the commercial stuff as a pure poet no one can touch him case close!
WE love Jackson... BUT BETTER than... Lennon, McCartney and Dylan? Nah! McCartney's been relevant for over 50 years... Jackson's been "Running On Empty" for a while now... JUST caught Jackson in Atlantic City, N.J. Show was AWESOME... BEAUTIFULLY PURE VOICE! Unfortunately, rumor has it that, he likes to smack his women around a bit... What "man" in his right mind would smack (allegedly) Daryl Hannah around? Before Jackson started preaching "no nukes" he should have dis-armed HIMSELF! No? Hey... We only know what we hear... Perhaps it was all B.S... The stories kinda seemed credible. No?


29Leonard Cohen
The greatest living poet and singer songwriter of the last 50 years and still performing to vast worldwide audiences
The more I listen the more it grows on my - the perfect lyrics and the harmonies.
When it comes to lyrics Cohen is the best hands down

30Micheal Jackson
Micheal has written some of the most beautiful songs the world has ever had the pleasure to hear... We are the world... classic... he should be on this list too... RIP MJ xoxo
Why is he listed twice?

31Jim Morrison
How is Jim Morrison not in the top 10? Like I don't get it. He should totally be up there with Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan, and John Lennon. His lyrics were absolutely incredible and The Doors were one of the best bands of all time!
What is Jim doing way down here? He deserves to be in the top 5!
Please fix the bug in the website and put him back to #1

32Ed Sheeran
Most amazing songs ever written
He deserves to be first, his lyrics are beautiful
His songs are very good

33Mike Shinoda
He writes and sang for linkin park and fort minor (a separate band he made) including remember the name, Where'd you go and just an all round great song writer vocalist rapper guitarist piano he has the total package guys vote up was surprised he was not on the list.

34Joni Mitchell
Once again you idiots know nothing! Joni is one of the five greatest songwriters of all time! To have her way back here behind Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Swift, Shakira, whore Madonna, and Bryan Adams, are you on crack! Taylor dreams that she's Joni at night! Go ask Prince, Herbie Hancock, Morrissey, Tori Amos, Alanis, James Taylor, Crosby Stills Nash Young, Robert Plant, and many others from that era who the best female songwriter and guitarist ever was. They'll tell you its Joni, period. Most of the artists I just named have written songs about her. Zep's "Going to California" is an ode to Joni. But she's an artist's artist so she gets overlooked for pop crap.

35Elliott Smith
How dare you place Elliott Smith between Shakira and Bryan Adams and for that matter how Josh Groban came to be number 1 is beyond me this is the slow crumble of taste and purity that will be gone within the next few years. Start building these factories because I think the world is ready for manufactured people now.
Easily in the top ten.. Not that it would matter, this list is bogus.
Elliott for number 1!

36Jared Leto
He is from thirty seconds to mars. My favorite songs feom him are
Closer to the edge
The kill
Kings and kings

37Barry Gibb
In objective terms, based on hits and record sales, Barry Gibb should be #2 behind McCartney/Lennon. Gibb's song were more intricate than the Beatles songs. He also wrote numerous hits for other people in diverse styles. He tends to be dismissed as "disco" but he had great success both before and after that period.
The right order of this list should be like this: lennon/mccartney, barry gibb, george harrison, freddie mercury then whatever...
He should be higher in the list!
He and his brothers made music history!
And if you don't believe me, just listen to some songs.
I bet you know at least 1of them!
That populair is what they still are today!
[Newest]The stats don't lie.

Should be on top 10 come on vote guys!
Oh man! I wanna die! Eminem should be in the top 5 for sure! Come on pussies! Vote this guy up! He is the best!
Eminem is the best songwriter if all time


39Rod Stewart

40Paul Stanley

41Bryan Adams

42Ryan Tedder
Ryan Tedder is an extremely talented, well-rounded, inspirational, amazing and epic singer/songwriter! He helped write songs for all of these artists: Adele, Ashley Tisdale, Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, B.O. B, Kelly Clarkson, K'naan, Far East Movement, Carrie Underwood, Adam Lambert, Jordin Sparks, Leona Lewis, Gavin DeGraw, David Cook, Demi Lovato, Sebastian Ingrosso, Maroon 5, Gym Class Heroes, T-Pain, The Wanted, Zedd, Paul Oakenfold and Delta Goodrem ans so many more! He is the lead singer n his band OneRepublic (the best band EVER, which actually makes meaningful music about real life things and not just random and bland pop music) and is a multi-instrumentalist who learned piano via the Suzuki method when he was only ' 3 years old! He knows how to use vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano, keyboards, synthesizers, organ, hammond organ, tambourine, glockenspiel, djembe, vibraphone, flute and the clarinet. But he is so underrated that I just can't't bear it! He should be in the top ten at least...
Ryan Tedder is so awesome, kind and epic. He is the lead singer of the best band ever also known as OneRepublic, who creates meaningful music and not cheesy, dumb and meaningless pop. He is not full of himself AT ALL (and he has plenty of reasons to be) and is really funny, epic, nice. His voice is so amazing and beautiful! Just listen to OneRepublic's songs "Apologize" and "All the Right Moves" and try telling me that you've never heard them before, because I bet you did. Their new music form their latest album "Native" is also just as wonderful. Tedder doesn't draw any attention to himself and is still amazing and great. Team Tedder forever! :D
Ryan Tedder is an amazingly talented person... I love all of his songs so much. His voice is beautiful and his songs are just so meaningful and touching. He definitely has to be in the top ten, not 71.

43Phil Collins
He's Phil Collins! No need to say more, a genius.

44Paul Heaton


46Billie Joe Armstrong
His songs have passion and feeling. The lyrics reach out to people the world over and let them know that someone else is feeling like they do.
Because He Is Period. "do you know what worth fighting for but not worth dieing for " that is one of many examples why.
He's an amazing composer of music. I can't think of one song that can't be likable written by him! He tells stories, expresses feelings, relates to today's people and puts it all in Green Days music! Plus he's supeer sexy!

47Taylor Swift
Honestly, I agree that Taylor is no good vocalist, but when it comes to songwriting, she blows everyone else in her generation out of the water. She is arguably the finest songwriter in the new millennium, and yes I think she is a galaxy ahead in terms of songwriting. Yes, she does write about love, but that's where her strength relies. Jon Bon Jovi and Kelly Clarkson approve of her songwriting talent, as does Neil Young.

Her songs "All Too Well", "Back to December" and "Clean" are lyrical MASTERPIECES. Lines like "Hey, you called me up again just to break me like a promise, so casually cruel in the name of being honest" and "You made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughter" are lines that every singer/songwriter should wish to achieve. This is coming from a guy who likes alt bands such as Green Day.

Hate her all you want, but you can't say she's a horrible songwriter. Icons have praised her, music critics call her a songwriting supreme. Deny it all you want, but Taylor Swift is damn close to reaching the top of the world in terms of songwriting.

Guys, without our bias towards legends, Taylor's definitely one of the best songwriters of all time.
Taylor is so SWEET... She "writes her age" beautifully! She's off to a great start... Lets see where she takes it! She has a bit of work to do to be mentioned with Lennon, McCartney, Dylan, Carol King, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder, Brian Wilson, George Harrison, Smokey Robinson, Hank Williams, Loretta Lynn and Johnny Cash... Don'tcha think? Taylor..."YOU GO GIRL! "


Every song in her album is epic. That's all I can say about her. If you don't agree go and listen to her album Taylor Swift Fearless and Speak Now. AWESOME

48Mariah Carey
Beautiful voice transcends with beautiful lyrics. Mariah truly is versatile and professional at what she does best. The ability to add necessary notes to support the mood and timbre of the concept of a piece. She is able to create heavenly emotions from the well-thought lyrics she creates then goes beyond these emotions by executing what she has wrote, the things she believes in through her angelic notes and use of melisma. Mariah is exceptionally good at changing the tone of her voice to suit what she has written. Truly amazing, and exceptional artist and songwriter. Her music style is very original. Her lyrics are the crystallized sugar which melts beautiful into a variety of tones colours through her exceptional singing abilities. Like what I said at the start, Beautiful voice transcends with beautiful lyrics.
She doesn't get enough credit, people don't recognize her talent as a singer or a song-writer. Pop singers can be good too, ya know. Rock isn't the "golden genre", its good, but people need to give credit where credit is due. Mariah Carey also has perfect pitch, so just saying...
hey, SHE WRITES everything...
obviously she's the best songwriter ALIVE!...


49Mick Jagger

50Garth Brooks

51Robert Plant

Beautiful voice, great range, catching melodies, captivating live and non-live l'arc~en~ciel forever!
He made a very deep and touching lyrics
Sometimes his lyrics are not easy to understand
Each lyrics he made has a deep meaning

53Hideto Matsumoto
Hide is the god of Visual Kei, his talent doesn't have limit, as singer or lead guitarist is so ' brilliant <3 R.I.P Pink Spider

54Jimmy Page

55Paul Weller


57John Mayer
Should at least be in the top 20, maybe higher!
Should be in the top ten the best in present day at
This man is pure talent and a true artist... Listen to his song 'gravity' and you'll know what I mean... His lyrics are beautiful. He should be in the top 10 for sure... Vote everyone


58Jim Croce
I can't believe that Jim Croce is below Beyonce, Taylor Swift or Madonna... His songs were and will be eternal, he is one of the best songwriters of all time, he doesn't deserve the top 58, he deserves to be in the top 10 or even top 15 or 20 but not below!
Are you people serious? Jim Croce sang about the common man, his hits are timeless and his voice is one of a kind. Very few are better than him
My man from San Diego... I was born half year after his death, but love all of his songs. Playing along with the guitar is so nice.

59Stevie Wonder
People of different generations loved his many classics... They sound as fresh and soulfully good now as ever. He not only was an extremely gifted songwriter. He recorded and performed live superbly with that God given voice... It is between him and McCartney bottom line.

60Morten Harket

61Steve Perry
Steve Perry was the lead singer for Journey from 1977 to 1996. During that time he cowrote most of the band's music. He also released two solo albums, one in 1984 and the other in 1994. He is an amazingly talented singer, with a huge range and a beautiful voice.
He is just an angel when it comes to music
The Voice... Enough said

62Ray Charles

63Gary Barlow
I absolutely love this man, he's so talented, a great entertainer, I've seen take that live loads of times, for anyone who's never seen them live, you really don't know what you're missing!. I long for the day when Gary becomes a sir, I think he should become a sir after all his involvement with the royal jubilee. Vote Gary now!.
Gary has wrote some amazing songs...
Back for Good; Greatest Day; Pray; A Million Love Songs; Sure; Never Forget; Forever Love and hundreds more... He is AMAZING!
Very Talented Man, the BEST member of TAKE THAT! Million Love Songs he wrote just aged 15 NOW THAT IS TALENTED!

64Joe Strummer

65Kelly Clarkson

66Matt Shadows

67Lindsey Buckingham


Tupac has touched many peoples hearts with his great lyrics and music. He was for the community, for the people, for the world. Tupac is the greatest musician artist of all time, Period.
Tupac must be in top 10 I can't believe he is rank here! What he can do a lot of people didn't and will not succed. One man like Tupac is born once in 1000 years.

He should be number one he's the only one to do everything himself!
MJ didn't write all his songs I have 10 albums of MJ and I don't see him everywhere!
Prince is a singer, songwriter, dancer, guitarist, drummer, pianist...
Yes, should be top 5 definitely. Who are these people saying Madonna and MJ in front of Prince for songwriting?

71John Darnielle

72Axl Rose
Guns N' Roses - Breakdown
Enough said

73Michael Stipe

74Isono KYO Hiroshi
the greatest singer, frontman, vocalist, songwriter of D'ERLANGER


75Robbie Williams
Such an amazing and talented guy. He has inspired some of the best songs that have ever been written
His songs are heartfelt and beautiful
Some of the best songs I have ever heard
[Newest]Best singer and his songs are awesome

76Avril Lavigne
I just love her songs
She is amazing

77Noel Gallagher
Noel Gallagher is, undisputedly, one of the best songwriters in music history. UNDISPUTEDLY. But I'm not even gonna argue about this, this chart is clearly not a thing to take too serious since Noel Gallagher is here at 78th while above there are people like Avril Lavigne, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, etc. Like, what? Nothing against these artists, but people should get a musical culture and get to know who Noel Gallagher is.


Should be a lot higher on the list than 59! One of the greatest lyricist for a very long time. definitely needs to be in the top 10 of all time.
Surely should be in top 5, write some of the best songs ever made, I'm suprised he's not in here already

Can't believe bono is at 47, he's a way better songwriter then mark hoppus and mariah carey. Also a better showman
Of course, that Bono item on this list is not fair, he deserves to be in TOP 3!
Wow how is Bono this low?
[Newest]Are you people crazy?

79Mark Hoppus

80Maynard James Keenan

81Ray Davies
Just listen to "You Really Got Me", "Waterloo Sunset", "Dedicated Follower of Fashion", "David Watts", "Sunny Afternoon", "Days", "Lola", "Apeman" and others 40 songs at the same songwriting level and you'll see why I voted for him.

82Chris Cornell
Best song writer and to back that up best singer ever

83Jeff Lynne
Great music and a voice to go with it. Should be much higher in the ranks.

84Conor Oberst

85Dimebag Darrell
wow dimebag is a lonely rainbow of darkness on this list

86Kris Kristofferson
What he only won "writer of the year" like 5 times in a ROW- Belongs in
the top 10 at least


The genius of Kristofferson escapes many. But that is ok.

87Stevie Nicks
A Singer/Songwriter with few peers. There are few like her that writing is like breathing.

88Townes Van Zandt
This list is retarded. It should go Dylan, Townes, Lennon, Cobain. Townes is only known to music officinados because he never saught commercial success and believed his songwriting would suffer if he did. He was poorly produced but is amazing in his live album. Scarily there are many similarities between Cobain and himself. He was often depressed, wrote brilliant melancholy lyrics with a hint of humorous sarcasm. Dylan famously had downtown Austin closed off so Townes could come over in his camper and Dylan eagerly went aboard his camper and requested Townes to play for him. Not jam together but play for him cause Dylan was a die hard fan. Steve Earle should also be up on the list. His mentor not surprisingly was Townes. Enough said.
Ryan Tedder is such an amazing and talented guy! He has a voice as smooth as velvet and an amazing ability to come up with meaningful and powerful song lyrics! He is really nice and should be higher up on the list. And to anyone who thinks otherwise, your argument is completely invalid!
This is the god of songwriting. But he's so underrated and that just kills me. Every singer songwriter in texas should know Poncho and Lefty


89Ian Tyson

90Kyo (Dir en grey)
He's lyrics ARE amazing & he should be #1!


91Veronique Sanson

92Aria Tesolin

93Laura Nyro
Laura Nero has the best voice of women, creative lyrics and wrote her own songs.

94Martin Gore
He's a genius! Sensitive yet human, mysterious yes so universal! Sublime!

95Matt Bellamy
what? 83?! His beautiful voice combined with his creativity is pure art, he really deserves to be much higher.
Why matt in 106.. he must be in the top 10! Just listen soaked by adam lambert and uprising by muse... he is guitarist of decade in Q MAGAZINE...

96Arsen Dedic

97Dan Fogelberg

98Dave Grohl
The man was in two of the best bands ever and wrote and performed the entire first Foo Fighters album. Half the people ahead of him on this list have their songs written for them or don't have a single instrument in their songs

99Marvin Gaye

100M. Shadows

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