Top 10 Best Singers of 2013


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The Top Ten

Jackie Evancho
The finest new singing voice of the 21st Century; sure to go down in history as one of the best ever.
She has a voice that is sure to go down in history, but not only that, she, as a person, is the best I have seen in a young person in my entire life. Not only is she the best, but she has the best parents to raise such a child, with such a love for everything. Her songs have changed a tad, but in a smart way, so as not to harm her voice through the change. No doubt she will be the best ever, and I will not see another like her in my lifetime. She brings tears to the eyes of most everyone who listen to her sing. Such a professional, and can still be the youngster she is. Impossible not to love Jackie Evancho.
Jackie Evancho is the greatest singer I have ever heard in my lifetime. And believe me I have heard hundreds in person on stage. I base this on her ability to perform difficult, beautiful, real music with a perfection achieved by only very few professional adult singers, who have spent a lifetime to achieve such ability. I could go on about her perfect pitch, perfect progression, and transfer from register to register, crescendos, and lyrical ability in different languages and deep profound expression. -- And on and on. But, it’s enough to say she is a true prodigy of our time and is already a worldwide talent that will endure for decades and decades to come. The is no doubt, in my mind, that Jackie Evancho will always be remembered, in history, as THE most significant vocal artist ever to have ever graced the "America's Got Talent" stage.
[Newest]Moses brought the Ten Commandments down from the mount... God brought Jackie down from heaven.
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2Taylor Swift
The most beautiful in my eyes! She is amazing! I like her very much!
She's amazing, able to sing country, and more.
She can sing country and pop and nobdy can outdue this amazing diva taylor swift is a goddess and helps girls throughout her music she says what 99.9% of girls don't have the guts to say
[Newest]She is really successful and talented
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Best rapper.. Best singer alive.


Eminem is a very clever man. He is a very smart lyricist and should be recognized for such. He has very many hit songs such as lose yourself which is very overpowering and we made you which is an example of when he gets in touch with his comidy side. Another song is one of his exclusive 2013 songs which will be released sometime in his new album called Redemption. This song is called farewell which gets in touch with his personal side. All in all, eminem is a great artist and should be in the top three.
Eminem is the best rapper ever because he goes deep when he raps
[Newest]Except for bad words he rocks

4Connie Talbot
Connie is that rare combination of talent, charm and beauty. Her fans fall under her spell first for her talent then they discover her human warmth. She connects with people all over this world in a genuine way. At her young age she has accomplished so much. There is so much more to come. She is becoming known for charitable contributions to worthy child causes. How great it is that such a human being also just happens to be gifted.
Connie Talbot is one of the World's Greatest Child Singers of all time. She can sing songs better then any Child Singer out there today. My Family and I think her singing is absolutely stunning and amazing we thing she is number one been a fan of her since the very beginning.
Connie absolutely amazing. She can make any song her own. Her original song Beautiful World is absolutely amazing. Her version of Count On Me is better than Bruno Mars. I'm doing my best to promote her music here in the U.S. been a fan since BGT.
[Newest]Connie deserve to win this in my opinion because she has a beautiful and powerful voice and she sang really amazing!
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5Justin Bieber
I love Justin Drew Bieber. He is my inspiration. With every song he sings it touches my heart every little second. I love him dearly with all my heart. His smile is contagious, how can you not like the way he looks or the way his beautiful voice sings? His voice is a dream come true. He's living out his dream and hopes. Not like some people he actually likes singing and his MILLIONS of fans. I personally have loved him ever since he was discovered. If Justin isn't your inspiration, He definitely is mine.
I love Justin to death. Not only because of his looks, but because he is inspiring. He made people believe that if they put their minds to things and work hard anything is possible. Justin is probably the reason why a good bit of girls are still here today, even me. So, Justin I love to death and no matter what you do or how ever many tattoos you get I will still love you, because it is just like you said "Judge me by my music not by my appearance."
I love Justin Bieber! He is perfect, he is my inspiration and I think that it is the inspiration of a lot of teenagers like me! I will love him until the day I die and I don't love him because of his looks or Because he is rich but Because he is the person that inspires me! The difficulties that he passed to be where he is today only to live his dream make me sure that he is the right person to be where he is! His songs have the words that every guy must say to a girl but they are scared and Justin uses those words to make his song which are incredible song! I LOVE HIM HE IS MY IDOL AND HE WILL ALWAYS BE! LOVE you Justin Bieber FOREVER AND EVER
[Newest]I think that the Justin Haters are taking it way too far by adding him on every hate list.
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6Katy Perry
Katy perry is the best of the best she is one of the best singers in world
I love her songs and her songs made me start the hobby of singing
A mix of pop, rock
[Newest]I think she would be on #3 she sings so well I am not a big fan of her's but know that she is a very wall singer

7Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez is the she should be in top 10 her songs are amazing I love her come and get it and and I wish Selena and Taylor swift could make a song together because they both have amazing voice
Selena is the best she is the number 1 singer I love her so much she so pretty and she deserves a number 1 put her there mostly for come and get it awesome selena love you so much!
She has her special moments but her sweet voice brings enjoyment. She may not have the best vocals but SHE CAN SING!, she's a mezzo soprano
[Newest]Selena is a very good singer and deserves to be on this no.

Okay look there is no way Adele should be #18 she is by far better than Justin Bieber and even Katy Perry and I love Katy Perry. I also do believe that Adele is much better than Bruno mars. But Eminem is a rapper and most rappers don't have that real connection to there music so he should definitely not be above Adele. And I am pretty sure most people will agree on me with this. I want someone in the top 10 that gives me the chills when they sing. Adele is one of those people who can give you the chills when she sings her vocals. Here is my top 10... #1 Adele #2 Celine Dion #3 Carly Rose Sonenclar #4 Caroline Glaser #5 Michelle Chamuel #6 Christina Perri #7 Carrie Underwood #8 Usher #9 Taylor Swift #10 Shakira
Just listen to Set Fire to the Rain or Chasing Pavements and you will clearly see that her vocals and control are fantastic. Justin Bieber is not a very good singer, he is completely computer generated and should be at the bottom of the list. Katy Perry is great don't get me wrong but Adele should be above her. Eminem (despite having fantastic lyrics and meaning to his songs) is not a real singer. If this was a list for the quality of songs I would put him at #2 (after Macklemore and before Taylor Swift). Adele is fantastic and would not see such success in the United States if not for being great.
With winning many awards you cannot say she is not the best everybody else is crap to her best song rolling in the deep, someone like you and finally sky fall.
[Newest]Adele is the best of best

9Bruno Mars
He's got the best pure voice and he writes his own songs
The best of the best number 1 as always
I would strongly advice you to buy all of his albums, he's definitely up there with some of the best singers known to man!
[Newest]Bruno Mars is amazing... He can be a legend singer someday...

10Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato Is The Best singer Of 2013. After Her New Song 'HEART ATTACK'She will Become The Best Singer of 2013.
Demi Has Very Beautiful Voice And Very Beautiful Face. She Is The Greatest Singer Ever. Her Heart Attack Official Trailer Also got 1.753.922 views after a week. So No Talk. Demi Is The Best...
Demi is the nest <3 her voice is so amazing, sweet, and powerful at the same time! She's very strong, she inspires me, she makes me laugh and I love her as a singer, actor etc... And I really love her style! She's perfect to me!
I love this girl. She has a really stong voice. And is on of the few disney channel star's who dno't change
[Newest]I think she would be on at least at #5

The Contenders

RIHANNA ILY I THINK YOUR VOICE IS AMAZING! No one could ever be as good or better than you your the best ever and haters hate because your the best singer in the whole world! RIHANNA ILY so MUCH!
The absolute music icon, I love riri she's so wonderful and sensual, best voice ever!
She's the best! Amazing! Number one! Love rihanna! <3 <3 love love love love love! Mother Mary is the best music!
[Newest]Rihanna is perfection in every way she go the looks the voice just perfection but seriously Connie talbot are there 9 year. Old. Here

12Celine Dion
I love her and she can really sing I wish I could meet her in the future in real life that be really excitiing your the best singer I have ever seen and your my role model I look up to you I will alwayes love you and am still a fan now and forever I wish you had more tours so I can come I love seeiing you sing your the best and will still be the best love you and forever a fan
Celine should be the #1... She has a really AMAZING voice.. Great stage presence.. Great character.. She is my idol and I'm sure that there will never be another one like her! I will love and support her forever. She is an angel sent down from heaven. She is such an inspiration to me. The mission of my life is to meet her and I'll do my best to make this dream come true.
Celine's voice is incredible. I saw her twice last year at Caesar's, we had seats in the second row. Her voice in person is so strong and pure. I'm so excited about her new song "Loved Me Back to Life" & look forward to her album by the same name that will be released in November. Celine surely belongs in the top 10! <3!
[Newest]Still popular and still the best

The best singer in the Whole World.
Best voice
His voice is very good I love his voice
4m my view of opinion... The best singer alive in the whole world... Is.. Akon... N he's voice is.. Awesome...
[Newest]I love ❤ his voice his way of singing. He sings like an nightingale

14Avril Lavigne
Keep moving on avril lavigne!.
What!? We won't Let that Avril is just in top 27. She Deserves top1. Right? ;DD I LIKE YOUR VOICE, AVRIL. Just Keep Moving Forward ;D
I love you avril lavigne and galling mo talaga
[Newest]She is awesome she should be at least number 10

15Anna Graceman
This kid not only writes all of her own music and lyrics, but she performs all of her music with such passion and style, Anna's debut single Showtime is a top finalist in the ISC International Songwriting Competition, Anna has written and composed over 60 songs, and at just 12 years old her debut Album "Anna Graceman" was released, it has been in the Top 100 Top Rated albums in contemporary folk on Amazon since its release back on September 25 2012, and still sits today at #21, it also spent most of that time inside the Top 10 Top Rated albums and also spent several weeks as the number #1 best selling album in contemporary folk on Amazon, not bad for a young Independent Unsigned 12 yo artist who has paid for this album out of her own pocket with money she earned herself performing at a hand full of venues including Caesars Palace back in 2011 when she was just 11 years old, watch out for more from this young amazingly talented singer songwriter in the future, I am sure that Anna Graceman will be a household name world withe with in the next couple of years, now at age 13 Anna has just completed 43 nights of performances at The Palazzo Theater in Las Vegas where she received great reviews from Robin Leach and many others Anna has already started working on her next album so keep an eye out for more from this super talented young singer songwriter in future, she really is going to be a Superstar
Anna is a warm and extremely talented musician. Many people sing songs; some people write the lyrics; and some people even write the music. With Anna, you have one of the best who does all three. Some of the music she performs she wrote when she was 6 and 7 years old. It takes a very special person to be able to feel love, happiness, concern, sadness, and many other facets of emotion. It takes Anna Graceman to be able to be a person like that at a very early age. Also, she is incredibly CUTE! If she ever comes to within a thousand miles of central Florida for a performance, I will drive there to attend one of more of her concerts.
Anna Graceman is the wisest, warmest, purist soul in music in over 100 years. She truly is a storm of sunny raindrops. She makes us feel safe, inspired, and loved with such beautiful sounds, feelings, and words. Anna takes us to many dreamy, wonderful, soulful, and happy places in her songs. The worries of the day melt away after only a few bars of her musical magic. There will never be enough Anna Graceman music!
Copyright 2013, Smile2twenty2. All rights reserved.
[Newest]She's an awesome singer she's the best

Best Rapper.
Love him... Love style... His music... He has a good heart... <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
I have all his music...
Best repper in the world.
[Newest]Best in the world he really god

17Harry Styles
Harry styles is the best singer ever.
Harry's the all time best singer and if you don't think that you are stupid Harry styles is awesome he's a pop star
[Newest]I love Harry styles I have a big crush on him I think he's an awesome singer

18Lady Gaga
Gaga should be vited as one if the top ten, she is beautiful and has a amazing voice. A deep voice and a melidoc cheerful voice. She is just mistaken for the songs she sings.

She's definitely worth inside the top 3. Her voice is incredible, her live performances are sick and crazy (still maintaining her vocals while dancing) she writes her songs, she's great at piano and she's a philantrophist. Lady Gaga might not be so appealing to everyone, but in the music industry, her art is way beyond those pop stars these days.
LADY GAGA! You are awsoeme and creative. I love all your songs, albums music videos I think that you should be on the top on this list! You are the BEST EVER. I look at your music videos everyday and have a GREAT time! GAGA THE POP QUEEN
[Newest]Gaga is the pop queen. She should be number 1- because she is number one.

19Carly Rose Sonenclar
Carly's pop-soul style is catching fire throughout the world already in over 92 countries. Her singing style is not limited to one group, but invites music lovers of all tastes. This is evidenced with over 30 million X Factor You tube views of her audition song "Feeling Good". She is the next big pop star!
Carly's has a signature style and killer technique. She just draws me into each of her songs like she's a mythological siren or the little mermaid. Plus she just has a beautiful tone to her voice. So Unique, technique and a beautiful sound!
Can't remember when I've been so excited about a new singer! This child is going to take the world by storm!
[Newest]She is so great I loved when she sang felling good she nailed it

20Enrique Iglesias
Sexiest singer ever! Love you enrique <3 <3 you have to be in top ten list! For all those who hates enrique, he may not be in top 10, but he's the top most singer for his fans!
He is the best... Just listen to his songs.. It really touches my soul... If you don't believe me.. Listen to Rhythm Divine and checkout the marvellous melody and the superb lyrics He should be on number one.. Actually I was blacked out when I saw him in 44th position.. Please vote for him guys!
I don't know why he doesn't receive awards... Really sad to see you in this place... And I don't want to force people to vote him... One of you greatest fans..
H.J 2013
[Newest]Enrique is a very versatile singer and capable of singing different types of songs

21Anastasia Petrik
Anastasia is the greatest child singer ever!

At Junior Eurovision she received first place points (12 points) from 8, of a possible 12, countries. She received an average of 10.5 points from each voting country (second place performers get 10 points). Before Ukraine announced that they would enter Junior Eurovision 2012, before Anastasia had stated that she would enter, she was already being picked by Junior Eurovision fans as the favourite to win, based solely on the fact that she became eligible to enter (and, of course, her incredible talent).

She is a child who is not only blessed with an incredible voice but backs it up with outstanding technique and a compelling stage presence. She works hard to hone her natural talent to give the greatest performances.
Thou she is very young, about to turn 11 May 4th. She has the amazing ability to sing with any performer. Her stage dynamics are those of a seasoned, well experienced performer. She is also gifted with song writing abilities to have written Nebo, the song that won her the Junior Eurovision 2012 in Amsterdam. She didn't just win, she set new records for the event in number of Points and the number of solely supportive countries. When Anastasia takes the Stage she owns it! I look for this child to become an International Recording Artist.
She is absolutely number ONE. The best.
A very talented child with a fantastic voice and stage presence. She is so professional and so full of energy. She sings and dances at the same time. Her voice remains always on the same level of high energy, very powerful, strong and clear, no matter how much she moves around the stage. Her lung capacity is unbelievable for a small child. She is an excellent actress too and so very pretty with a fun personality. She has a great future as a singer. I hope people from every country in the world will have a chance to see and hear this little miracle. She is fantastic!
[Newest]It is a stranger, not a child! It is absolutely unreal!
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22Zayn Malik
I can't believe 1D was separated here and I had to choose only one of them so I chose my celebrity crush A.K. A boyfriend A.K.A. husband
He is hot sexy and beautiful oh and a very god singer
I vote for him because he is hot hot hot hot hot hot hot Boy Sexy and I would have an idea how I would act if I were his sister
Zayn Marry Me Please
The Best Singer and he is most famous and beautiful and better than harry style. This is my opinion
[Newest]Zayn is one my favorite singers having a great voice.

23Britney Spears
Scream and shout 2013 almost number 1 all over the world, shes the one who reached titled the walk of fame, almost 100M record worldwide, biggest talent fee for las vegas 2013
She's queen of pop always be my queen of pop love you britney forever
Best singer in the world
[Newest]She's really the best!

Beyonce is an icon. So far, she has teamed up with Pepsi and H&M, strengthened her clothing and perfume lines, performed at the inauguration, and headlined at the Super Bowl. She really is the best.
I honestly love Beyonce simply because she believes in girl power and she is inspiring.She is a triple threat she can dance, sing and act wow I can't believe she was 33.She is so classy.She has talent and she is a diva.Her songs always have meanings.She is a TRUE role model.
She has so much strength in what she does.
[Newest]I have nothing to say but she is the,... BEST!

Charice is one young artist whose talent can't be overlooked nor questioned. In fact, many in the USA have acknowledged it already, including super artists and celebrities like celine dion, david foster, oprah, ellen degeneres, etc. , plus many from other countries. Only fellow Filipinos do not appreciate her and in fact align her because of their "crab mentality. " as a singer and artist, charice needs to be heralded. Go for it, charice!
Charice is a great singer.. Bow down
No words could be enough for this talent! The Best off All Times! Thanks God for her life!
[Newest]Shes the Greatest singer in the world alive

26Justin Timberlake
At least he deserves in top 25
Come on give it up for his new song mirrors
His Every Songs Are Awesome...He is deserving of a top 10 man
[Newest]He was best singer of 2013

27Louis Tomlinson
He's hot he needs to be FIRST! He rocks my world it everything about him that's awesome his humor his niceness and is so cute
He so cute and he sings wonderful I'm suprised he's not #1 or even in the top ten!


I love Louis and he a awesome singer he is amazing and 1D is the hotties boy band
[Newest]My number 1 favorite, his voice, style, everything...

28Niall Horan
He is amazingly cute, beautiful smile, irish and nice voice
He should have more solos in One Direction or have a solo career! Plus he's Irish. And an awesome singer! :3
Your very beautiful voice niall.. A can vote for you
[Newest]He sing from heart.. !

29Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez is a amazing performer. She is a beautiful girl and I wish the best for her and her gorgeous kids.
She should be the first. She is amazing
. I love Jennifer Lopez. She should be number 1
Favorite Song: What is love
Favorite Movie: The back up plan.
[Newest]I think Jennifer Lopez is the best singer ever

You r so cool singer... I Love You..
You should be number 1, you are way better than most of the people on here!
Love the way you sing and dance. you are much more cooler and beautiful than anyone else! Love you for my whole life!
[Newest]She have an amazing' voice I think that I can do it.

Her hips are able to move fast and... Wow!

31Rhema Marvanne
Rhema Marvanne is one the only child singer in this world that has given me goosebumps. Her vocal skills, poise, and talent are out of this world. She has a bright future ahead of her.
Rhema is definitely the best child singer of all time. She hits notes that I have not seen any other child hit and has was musically advanced at such a young age.

32Adam Levine
He is like the best singer
Adam has a unique voice but it's not a bad unique it's a awesome unique!
He is the best and the first who ever made this web
[Newest]I like adam levine my sisters thinks his a girl but he is cool so boom losers ho do not like adam levine

33Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande is one of those singers who with just open their mounth and sing one word, they can make you feel the magic, the talent, the power of her voice, she's one of the best singers in the new pop and also she's beautiful, I hope she can make all her dreams come true, such a talent lady
I love her. She has 4 octaves and a whistle register! She can sing so much better than singers like Rihanna, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez!
One of the singers. She played cat valentine on the hit nickelodeon show victorious and now persuing her singing career. Ariana sounds exactly like Mariah Carey except more fluid. More people are recognizing by the minute
[Newest]She's just amazing. I truly love her. She can sing amazingly. I love her high notes and whistle tones. She needs to be first!

34Hollie Steel
I think Hollie is going to be a massive star when she is older... I don't know.. She has that something which other child star/singers don't have... Its a spark. Most will grow out of their cuteness BUT not Hollie. I cannot put my finger on it. Beautiful smile, willing to spare time to speak to us, pretty face, AND HER PERSONALITY IS JUST A FRAGMENT OF MY HEART NOW. Not to forget her utterly pure beautiful voice.
She has everything going for her. Just waiting for that big break and then I can say I followed her from the start!
Natural talent, down to earth, lights up any room with her smile and good heart. Caring. BEAUTIFUL to match her voice. She can really sing them high notes! Amazing whistle tone and amazing range! Feels the music like no other artist.
Her voice is like crystal so pure and perfect. It just makes me feel like I'm in heaven listening to it... In one word...
Love her voice, it is pure white, so clean and refreshing. Its nice to hear something completely new to what other girls are singing. Angel.

35Megan Nicole
She is beautiful and just overall talented she has something special in her voice that keep people listening... She is one of a kind and it shows in her music/videos she has the talent that your blessed with and can't be taught.. I love how she also stays humble and puts God first that's always amazing... Keep it up Megan!
I love everything about Megan. I mean, her voice, her hair, her eyes, just everything there is. For me Megan is the best out there and so what if other people thinks badly of her? I will still continue supporting Megan for the rest of my life. :3
She is great at singing. She sings clearly so you understand almost every word she sings. Everything about her looks great. She has a talent. She is a great singer and should be listen to. She is a singer to remember and a singer to like.
[Newest]I like her voice

36Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson has been a huge inspiration to me. She is an awesome performer and she has so much emotion... I look up to her.
Her notes can't be deny best singer
She is a versatile singer ever.. Nice voice quality.. Like

Pink is such a good singer. She's even becoming a little better every album and deserves to be called the best singer. She also has a variety of songs that describe her feelings on her life. Also Pink is a singer that really understands her music and loves to share it! That's why I think that Pink's the best singer!
I <3 P! Nk so much and know all of her songs by heart. Love :GIVE ME A REASON" By P! Nk & Fun!
She is amazing and a great singer love her to bits she should be number one on the chart she's a better singer than anyone else P! NK IS AWESOME
[Newest]Pink is the greatest singer of all time she is the queen of pop. She is better than Katy Perry and Taylor Swift and many more singer. She is so amazing.

38Sumi Jo
Sumi Jo is a Korean artist who is famous world wide. She has a very large scale of her voice and can reach high notes very comfortably.

39Jack Vidgen

40Liam Payne
Liam is perfect, I'm inlove with him, he rocks my world. He is sweet, and believe it or not Liam has made life's of many girls change by hearing his voice. Liam and the guys should have the first place, they should be classifed as one direction because that's who they are. They should be always together, because they have made many girls like me fall in love.
Liam I hope someday we can meet... I just dream about it, and I keep on giving the best of myself, so maybe my dream will come true...
Don't hear at what haters say, you will be always my number 1 with Zayn, Harry, Niall, and Louis
Liam has perfect voice.
Liam is my whole world. He has just made me smile in the most sad moments with his perfect voice. I'm inlove with him. He is my crush and I dream on meeting him, and I hpjust do my best, and I really try hard, so I can meet him some day.
Don't listen to haterers, cause there are so many directioners who's life changed thanks to you. Much people just envies that there are so many girls in love with you. You have winned many girls heart with your voice.
You're perfect to me!
[Newest]Please take him 2 top 10

41Chris Brown
I love you Chris Brown.
I expect more then it.. 42 is not enough for you... I want to see him at the top
Laugh out rapper & also in singer, he maintain the same rank in both category..selectors are really so boring, they didn't notice the talent..
[Newest]Breezy you are perfect.. you are the number one breezy love you! ♥

42Jessie J
Super fab singer with a new album WILD!
She is one of the most beautiful talented sexy person in the whole world! She is beautiful her voice is beautiful! 1
[Newest]I love the song of nobody perfect...

Usher does R&B the most, which means for some artists they do various types of music, and from that, Usher is played on a few different music stations of different types, which is great! He is very popular, and he callaborates with many other people. And he is even on the voice!
He has the best voice and is a prodigy. He can sing lots of genres like R&B, Soul, Pop, Rock, and Hip Hop.
He is the only one best singer after Michael jackson.
[Newest]He needs to be in the top 5

44Jason Derulo
He Is The BEST! Should Be Top 10.
Man, Jason derulo is getting awesome these days. Put him second...
He is a famous musician ever best of the best

45Jessica Sanchez
In my opinion, Jessica Sanchez is the best singer in American Idol history. She is 150% better than the other season 11 contestants. She knows how to use her voice to the fullest. She has an impressive vocal range and so much power in her voice. She is highly unstoppable and untouchable. She could give Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood a run for their money. Move over Phillip Phillips, she is the real winner of American Idol season 11. I will support her fully, by buying and thoroughly promoting her music. I just cannot get enough of her singing voice. She is a red hot buy among record producers. There are many artists who want to duet with her. She also has so much tenderness in her voice and personality. Jessica is also an excellent role model and a believer in freedom and democracy. Her motto is "Work Hard. Stay Humble. " Therefore, she is a very hardworking young lady.
Although she lost to Phillip Phillips and received no award nominations, Jessica Sanchez is the greatest singer on earth. There's no song she can't cover. Her voice range is over the top. She has that star quality that's gonna make me listen to her repeatedly. The judges advise contestants never to cover Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, or Mariah Carey, and Jessica Sanchez will join that list. She puts herself in the song and makes everyone forget where they were. Unlike most established artists of today, she doesn't need autotune for her vocals. The sky's the limit for her.
Jessica Sanchez is an outstanding young talent, vocally she is up there with the very best, if not the best. I honestly believe she will be a legend one day.

Jessica Sanchez may not have the fan base of some of the more established artist (at the moment), as she is very fairly new onto the scene (first album out late April 2013), but given this girls extraordinary talent and given right songs, I see no stopping this girl.

I love you COO MCH
GREETINGS from;;;;;

2013! 11
Macklemore is so awesome my favorite songs are irish celebration, wings.
I love Macklemore I do I would marry him and his new song can't hold us wow
[Newest]I'm gonna pop some tags on macklemore!

47Caroline Costa
Caroline Costa has always loved singing. She is now 17 and has already released a wonderful album "J'irai". Next year, she will be "Bédélia" in the musical comedy "Robin des Bois".
She has a lot of talent, her voice is wonderful and she is close to her fans!
She so pretty and talented I think she should be number one
Caroline costa has a voice that I think should be number one
[Newest]Sh's the best ♥

48Lil Wayne
His song "How to Love" was an awesome song. You have got to listen to it. It's better than this other crap on this list. Think before you vote, people.
Amazing song of lil wa
He'll be better if he didn't sing dirty songs so much.
[Newest]Real best rapper lil Wayne I like you

49Shreya Ghoshal
She is one of the most versatile singer in world. She can sing any type of song. She is just 28 but has honor of House of Commons from House of Parliament UK and also June 26 is celebrated in her honor as shreya ghoshal day declared by Ohio state govenor Ted Strickland USAin 2010. She won 4 national awards for her songs and have more than 100 awards in her closet. Shecan singin 8-12differnt languages in india. And also most loved singer in india.
Do not go through the voting. Go through the voice. The voice with sweet tone and perfect melody. Shreya ghoshal is only singer from india who has voice of heaven. She should be number 1. But this list contain the singers from hollywood. I am against of it. Shreya ghoshal is the no1 singer ever in this earth and universe.
According to me she ranks future definitely she can
[Newest]She is an amazing singer

50Carly Rae Jepsen
She went huge after releasing call me maybe
She must be the number one in this list! She's awesome and more!
She is so great her work is awesome!

51Toni Gibson

Are you kidding me he's awesome.
He sucks worst singer in the world
This man is awesome #1

53Carrie Underwood
Carrie Underwood should be at the top! At least she does not use auto tune! Her music is perfect, she is perfect. And she is a true country singer (unlike Taylor Swift). It aggravates me so much that she is at 50 because her voice is flawless compared to almost all the singers ahead of her. There is no way Taylor Swift's voice is better than Carrie Underwood's. Taylor Swift has a beautiful voice, but not as good as Carrie's. Carrie's songs tell a story, they are catchy and they have good life lessons.
If there's one name missing from this list its Carrie Underwood. Its obvious that whoever put this list together hasn't really listened to her music. She should be in the twenty at the minimum.
Well first of all I like her song blown away and 2nd of all taylor swift is a great singer and I find it really rood that you make fun of her!

54Chester Bennington
No way... This list is crap... Chester is one of the best singers in the world... He has a beautiful voice (he can sing how he wants: very calm and beautiful, or very angry and loud)... He can maintain his voice like nobody else and he's got the best scream of all... But this isn't a list... Skrillex is on the list and HE'S NOT A SINGER!... He should be at least no.2 because is way better than Taylor Swift
No way... He is one of the most underrated vocalist. He should be definitely in top ten.
The best singer ever
[Newest]How can you people judge like this? CHESTER BENNINGTON should be at top

55Eric Turner

56Hunter Hayes
He's really amazing country singer his songs are great I love them all I listen to him everyday
He is just perfection and he is so talented and amazing

57Lara Fabian

58Faryl Smith
Has a mature and confident stage presence with a lovely voice to match. She knows how to use it well.

59Viktoria Petrik
Bang Bang is best singer ever!
Will.I. am is the best no song can beat scream and shout

61Adam Lambert
I do not know why some or let's say most of the names are on here. Eminem is not a vocalist. I could go on and on with the names of supposed singers on this list. It has been confirmed and tracked by many technical singers that Adam Lambert is the BEST vocalist in the world at this time. This is a FACT.
Adam lambert it's like he best singer in this whole world he deserves to be in first place


I don't know why is he here!.. Maybe because he had only one song this year.. That too a cover, but I am pretty much excited to see his new album next year at that time he will be in the topten!
[Newest]He should be at the first place!

Jay-z is one of the best rappers to ever live. He desires to be named the best
He should be at top 10

63Abraham Mateo
What an amazing singer. In hitting the lower and higher notes? Effortless!

64Susan Boyle
Susan Boyle has begun her touring this year starting out in Scotland. Every place has been sold out. How amazing is it that all of her venues have been filled up for her first time. She has her 5th album coming out and she is just beginning this year and she isn't done yet with surprises for us all because the year isn't through yet.


66Kaitlyn Maher

INNA is the best.

He is the best number 1# all the way better than jackie and taylor

69Jay Sean
I love his voice and "down" one of his best song, and very good and soft hearted man. I listen his first song with Rishi Rich in 2004 "Dance with you". I have his all albums. Keep it up bro
How he can be here! He is the singer with a pure singing style without much rap he should be in top ten

70Christina Perri
She has like an old school sorta vibe and he is always so sensitive in her songs and I really think she's super talented and kinda underrated. Her song "Arms" blows me away every single time. Perfection.
You have such a beautiful voice which always makes me feel that I am in a magical world. !
She is adorable and so underrated.

71Samantha Jade
"Samantha Jade is simply amazing! She has got great talent within her. Her voice is incredible. There is absolutely nothing bad I can think of her. "

72Cody Simpson
Made the year best by his acoustic songs.
He is the baste singer
Cody simpson is the best of best he is sooo cute

Common people, there are no other female singers whose songs can kick start a party better than kesha's... You are awesome kesha...
I like the song crazy kids,

74Olly Murs
So far this year Olly has had two new singles in the charts from his new amazing album Right Place Right Time. Every single song on his album is incredible! Please help me get OllyMurs to the top of this list by clicking on the vote button!
Olly murs is AMAZING... Can't wait to see him on 7th july!
He is good looking and handsome and best singer
[Newest]He as produced an amazing album called right place right time

75Ed Sheeran
Ed sheeran is one of the best male singers due to his amazing guitar skills, he writes his own music and he can sing and rap well! What is more to want? He always cheers me up when I'm sad and I can never get enough of his ginger hair! X
Ed is awesome and I've never seen anyone kill a song like he can. He is so incredibly adorable and sexy all at the same time! He is just as amazing live as he is in the recording studio and has a very true heart!
[Newest]This guy is bloody amazing! Ed you should be in the top five list.

76Renee Fleming

77Maddi Jane
You are so sweet and you have such a nice voice. I am hoping for you to make your first own song

78Lucy Hale
I think she is great and ps. Who docent put taylor swift she should be first.
Such a great singer love her music
She is too cute
Her voice is beautiful

79Alicia Keys
I love Alica because she's very cool with amazing voice, She's my best female singer.
She is the best singer I can ever think of... Kayleigh

8050 Cent
His music is awesome
You should be number 1 you're amazing singer
I think he he should not be 79 he's amazing

81Adel Korshov

82Jason Mraz
He is so talented... Love his voice!

83Luke Bryan
Luke bryan should be #1!

84Victoria Justice
She is very beautiful with her voice.
Best singer in the whole world
She is the best you rock better than that hore Katy Perry

85Austine Mahone
What about love and say something rock
His name is spelled wrong its not austine its Austin and I love him so much
Austin is great his song mmm yeah is one of the best

86Lana Del Rey
One of the best singers of not just 2013 but of all time! That's because she has an amazing voice, amazing lyrics, which she by the way writes herself and amazing videos which she by the way mostly also writes or produces or whatever herself for example tropico.
She's so amazing I love her... Her voice is perfect
I think she is amazing so good at singing and her lyrics making she so good!
[Newest]Amazing voice and touching lyrics! Best singer ever!

87Amy Lee
Can't believe that even eminent and selena gomez is higher than her, I mean like SELENA GOMEZ, she is awful, Amy lee must be instead of eminem and eminem instead of selena! And selena in this place!
I love her songs. They are so different and I forgets everything whenever I listens them.
Amy lee I love your voice! I'm a great fan, probably not your number 1 fan, but still love your music x

88Cher Lloyd
I love cher Lloyd. she can rap, sing she has her own style. she is lovely
I like how she gets the high notes!
I love cher lloyd shes so good

89Lisa Marie Presley

90Britt Nicole
She has a stylish voice and high notes... Love you britt

91Sara Bareilles

Every horse needs a bit of faith

93Patricia Janeckova

94Sabrina Carpenter
Sings well beyond her age. Only 13 sounds 20!

He's one of the best rappers! He's underrated. I think he's number 1

96Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka hot international singer in the whole world
She is the indian hot singer...
In "my city" song, you rock priyanka. Loved yor voice very much. Yes, you r hot Indian singer. good luck.

97Ellie Goulding
She is an amazing and inspirational singer with a lovely voice
Ellie Goulding is so amazing she has a amazing voice and he inspires me!
She is my favorite singer ever by:Lana

98Miley Cyrus
Miley has her own unique voice and talent. She is very good on live and her voice is phenomenal! Love her song wrecking ball! It's 100% different but it's amazing and she has got the world stoked by her music also!
I don't really like Miley Cyrus now but I did before! I think she have to "get dressed"(You know what I mean). So.. See ya!
I like her can't be tamed album as well as her new single we can't stop >3
[Newest]She's the worst singer in entire world

99Trey Songz

1002 Chainz
His entrance into his parts are fanominal

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