Best Singers Born After 1995

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Fabian has soft intonation, good timing; represented Belgium in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2012; he is mostly recognized by his musical entry, "Abracadabra. "

62Aliyah Kolf
63Mana Ashida
64Sayuj Jain
65Shaheen Jafargholi
66Kaitlyn Maher
67Sabrina Vaz

"JUMP Official Music Video by Sabrina Vaz" on YouTube brings you to a new, fresh talent. Her soft intonation creates enjoyable listening.

68Suada Alekberova

Suada Alekberova is from Azerbaijan, a modernizing country bordered by Iran, Turkey and Russia. She was a participant in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2012; her intonation is excellent.

69Lexi St. George

Lexi St. George made her hit single "Dancing to the Rhythm" in about a week, with ARK MUSIC FACTORY in conjunction with the American Broadcasting Company (Good Morning America) back in June 2011.


Milena is a vocally powerful young singer with good timing; "Homenagem Dia das Mães: Milena canta com sua mãe no Programa Raul Gil" demonstrates family talent, as she sings with her mother in a "Mothers' Day" tribute.

71Ionela VicolV1 Comment
72Victorita Dorin

"Victorita Dorin Vine primavara" on YouTube takes you to an undeniably cute song sung by a very talented Victorita Dorin.
She has relatively excellent inflections and undulations.

73Chanel Lóran
74Madalina Scurtu

"Madalina Scurtu prieteni" is, among other very-well presented musical/dance pieces, of which Madalina specializes. "do-re-micii Vis de copil" on YouTube illustrates tremendous talent and ability to perform with her peers.

75Alexandrina Tofan
76Dan Balica
77Hans Oropallo
78Luara Hayrapetyan

Luara's song "Story" is excellent; a musical production illustrating great vocal control, smooth instrumentation, and "topping" with a youth-identifiable theme.

79Carlla Roberta
80Bekah Costa
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