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Kumar Sanu


I think before ashiqui, Indian film music was at doldrums, but the scene of the music industry changed after kumar sanu's entry, many heroes life changed, see the examples, rahul roy, aamir khan, ajay devgan, akhshay kumar, the list does not ends. No one is practical, but the truth is this and the truth is always bitter, therefore my opinion he is the number one. we still remember his songs, which penetrated into our mind since those golden days. Tell me one thing, since the time Kumar sanu is out of picture, where are those cassette companies. Nowadays we get singer free of cost, music companies cannot afford to pay the singers like kumar sanu, because of piracy. So don't go for comparison, but face the truth. Your voting is done by the present days generation, who access the internet more, so when you don't have proper voters how can you compare the singers, all are good, they have their own styles, reaching at that level and performing for years is not a joke.
Soulful songs and purity can find only in his songs. He is the best singer in indian film industry. However it is really very sad that he is not getting any offer from bollywood nowadays. He must get at least one song in every movie. If a singer is alive and singing then he must sing in every movie..
He has a voice and matured voice quality that no one has in the Indian film industry. Even singers like Udit, Sonu Nigam don't have. It is really very sad that now a days he is not singing. In every film at least one song of his should be available. All the musician should think and implement. Who know again the melody of 90's in new version can make a realistic magic and change the era a harmonious gift.
The best Ever.. Above all of these singers! The only singer who you can listen to in any mood. The best ever, Listen to any of the songs of Sanu and you would feel the real melody. I have always been a great fan of Kumar sanu and sung many of his songs among my friends and several parties and I was also appreciated, because Sanu is the only singer who can make you feel pride while you sing his songs in parties, among friends, to impress your girl and also to make your girl realize that you truly love her like.. Chanda tujhe dekhne ko nikla karta hai, Aaina bhi deedar ko tarsa karta hai
Kumar Sanu with his mesmerizing voice was able to fill gap after the sad demise of kishore kumar. Just count the hit nos. Sung by him from 90 to 2005. He has an incredible fan following club around the world. He has been contributing to music industry for more than 15 years with his beautiful voice.
You have a amazing voice and I am a big fan of yours in my opinion you are the best singer from all the singers. Why you leave up from singing. I am waiting for your new song, sir. Thanks, god bless you.
Its just unbelievable that Kumar Sanu Sir is in no. 6 position. He should be in no. 2 because no. 1 spot is for Kishore Kumar. Those who are insane they will only give comment like it.
His voice is so touching that makes him the best. The characteristics of Udit Narayan is to oil others that helps him to bag songs because Kumar Sanu has no oiling capability. Inspite of not having oiling characteristics Kumar sanu is ahead of other singers.
He is not kumar sanu he is king kumar sanu. He is the king of melody. No one can match him beacous he has magical voice. King kumar sanu sung over 17000 songs in last 27 years. He has a record of singing 28 songs in a day. Simply king kumar sanu is the iconic singer of india and he is better than any one.
Kumar Sanu is the best singer in the world. Whenever I am sad I listen the songs of Kumar Sanu. He has a magical voice...
Kumar is simply legend... I don't know but when I listen to him all my pain and tension is gone... He has awesome voice... I want him to sing every song
In my point of view kumar sanu is the ever ever best singer in the world. He the best singer of the world... His voice is so so so so so beautiful.. I don't have words for his praise.
No doubt in voice of Kumar Sanu. He has a natural voice. No other singer can be compared with him. KumAR you are melody king & I want to see you singing in future.
Indian no. 1 melody singer... King of melody kumar sanu. Got 5 continue best male playback singer award. Sung 28 song in 1day.. All become superhit... Sung highest song
Uncomparable singer. There are many others who are good but Kumar Sanu is simply outstanding.
That is my think the kumar sanu is the best singer of the world her voice is heart touching voice kumar sanu is most popular singer
Kumar sanu is just like a god to me... whatever I tell, it will be very little... I love the songs of the god'kumar sanu'
great voice who have nothing kumar sanu is the great singer in world
I think he is the best singer in the world no one can beat him I am wondered that why he is not singing now he is the greatest singer of India we should respect him and never forget him.
I love Kumar Sanu's voice, its like eating a strawberry cake in afternoon beneath the banyan tree where soothing breeze is flowing around
I can't live without sanu das songs... He is the only singer in the world... Who have such a unique and awesome voice... The king of melody... Mohd tahir
I am not a music lover, but he was the only singer whose voice attracted me at first. Especially in romantic songs he is truly legend and also he has lot of romance in his voice.
Kubar sanu is excellent singer. No one can touch himno kishore no rafi no lata everybody is candy ass in front of him. He is father of all.
Yes... He sings from heart... Only he is real player of a song... Means he is much close to each song which he sung.
It is the very best singer of all over world I think this guy is best to all singer it is my best singer and I pray you are vote for this guy

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