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Siti Nurhaliza
an amazing singer.. A huge influence in industry.. She put her power in malaysia singapore indonesia brunei thailand also.. A monster female singer.. Been had a solo concert in ROYAL ALBERT HALL LONDON.. First Malaysia singer make that.. She also got ASIA BIRDSONG tittle.. Celine dion asia.. In Malaysia there's no other singer can beat her.. Her showmanship.. Her voice.. Her style communicate with people.. Very a humble person.. As all of malaysian know that DATO SITI NURHALIZA TARUDIN always make others singer song as her own.. That's why she on the top until now.. Holding a most popular regional artist for 10 years.. Now she make a move to world level with her new English album.. 7 nomination in iTune awards this year.. She has a big fans and she always be supported by she own fans club (SITIZONERS).. I think there's no others to be best top singer in Malaysia now
We all love you, siti!
the most wonderful singer and public figure of malaysian.
the image of polite and who women supposed to be.. ,
for me siti is one of the best singer in the asia... she is "THE VOICE OF ASIA"
[Newest]Her voice is really one in a million!

Her vocal is damn perfect until she was crowned as the voice of Asia and Asia celine dion due to her powerful vocal!

She got the best talent ever! Can sing! Can perform on stage perfectly an she also can dance!
Hope she got an award ^_^
STACY ANGIE? All malaysian people know him by her dance and her voice.. She's like dancing queen in malaysian.. SHE IS A DIVA AND OUR QUEEN
It's time For STACY! Let us realise that Malaysia need more Entertainer not Singer, Stacy is The Best Female Performer in Malaysia, 2011-2012 It's STACY's PHENOMENA!
[Newest]She should go international.
More comments about Stacy

3Ziana zain
Ziana zain is one and only of Diva in this world... I like everything about her.. All the songs and lyric she have are very 10000000000000000! 1.. Touching and good voice... No one can compete her.. Huh.. Ziana ziana are the best among the best..
my idols is she... she is the most beautiful face, smiles, body, and voice...


No one in the list stays longer in this industry than her and still be on top of her popularity... Despite no longer leading the chart, she is always been in the radar and often been compared to upcoming new artist...
[Newest]She's the best in Asia

she got everything... talent.. beauty... honest... and much more... you should listen to her voice and you will know her specialty...


She has real poise, grace, beauty and talent for such a young and petite girl
you got the tallent girl, improve yourself n make you fan proud with you


[Newest]She is adorable and good personality.

5Jaclyn Victor
She's clearly the best one.
If you search for the voice, she's the one.
I think no one as great as her is singing, not only in malaysia but also in asia.
jac truly deserve to be in top 2 k... v are talking bout singer... not dancer stacy is more to dancer
jac have a great vocal...!
she can hit the high note really great...
A5, G5, BB5, F5 & many more...!
[Newest]She's the best ❤️

6Faizal Tahir
The best singer is the one that is giving his/her best in each and everyone performances. Like he mentioned " there are a lot of people with a wonderful voices and they can sing, but it is not easy to be an respected entertainer" keep on the faith FT. Will vote for your till the end.
Very talented. ! He's no just a singer. He is a performer and entertainer. Every will get entertained by him. He always do the best for his fans. Lets vote him if you think he is good in everything. And he also a good father and husband! You guys keep rocking with him!
Love boss...
Keep the faith
The voice vocal very rock..
No one can be Faizal tahir
Malaysian superman... Go FT go...
[Newest]My supe duper rock star... Adore him so much.. You are the faith and we are the hope... Will be forever...

7Anuar Zain
He sings with soul which pretty much awesome... He's unique n very original.
He have very very great voice and he sing in high note too
His voice is very very good
[Newest]Love his voice always...

He's very best male singer in Malaysia... Your should listen to his voice superpower... Best giler lah... Layan... His number 1... Love his voice so much... Laugh out loud...
Greatest voice, range, melody and style
I really like him as a singer.. He got a golden voice, Hafiz having gifted voice from Allah. And siti nurhaliza..

9Misha Omar
Her showmanship is awesome!
She delivers her song( even others song) with her "soul".
Her voice is superb!
Her song is good
Memang best giler, kalo dah start mendalami.. Memang she is the superb! Honest!

Has her own indie folk style that is very unique in Malaysian culture. Very inspiring and has a richness in her voice. One of the few that tapped in American music industry. When I found out about her, I was hooked! I started researching about the different culture groups around Malaysia and the surroundings and I'm from Canada. I think shes one of a kind and one day the world will see it too.
I really love this girl. She knows how to sing, play guitar, and she also good in speaking in English. Yuna if you read this, please come to German, come to my house and sing to me. Laugh out loud (=
Her soft music it always something that makes you relax
[Newest]Her songs are like taking me to a fantasy! Really great!

The Contenders

11Shila Amzah
She's the winner of Asian wave 2012 in shanghai, China!
She is amazing in I am singer season 2
She's amazing! In my opinion, she should have got the champion in the China singing competition- I am a singer

Music by heart! :D

Ratu Rock is Malay for "Queen of Rock" and this is an apt title for this female rock-star. Ella's more well-known hit songs spanned from the 1990s to today. Ella still holds the local record for the bestselling female artist for pushing more than 300,000 copies of her records during the peak of her career. She also became an international icon and one of the 'Richest Artists' in Malaysia.
Ella the queen of rock! Love you "_"
The best in all Malaysia

14Sudirman Arshad
This in The Best Singer in Asia. Sudirman must be number 1
This person cannot be compared with contemporary singer because it is unfair.
He is the number 1 Asia performer


16Ning Baizura
Go Ning Go! We, your fans have faith in you and your voice all the way.

Keep proving all your critics wrong ok?
To me, It doesn't matter what others people think. Ning is my best

17Zee Avi
I love her songs. Such an amazing things

18P. Ramlee
P Ramlee is the best singer of all time..
P. ramlee is the best singer all the time

19Akim Ahmad
He can sing all type of songs. He delivered all the song so great and make it just like his own song. He had a great vocal and all his had it own soul. Plus, he can compose songs and can be a great composer one day.
He had a great vocal and can sing all type of songs. He compose his own songs and all his songs had a soul.

20Ayu OIAM

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