Best Sistar/(19) Songs

Which song of the K-POP group is the BEST?? Vote and leave a comment!!

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1Gone Not Around Any Longer

This song is so cool I hear this song everyday

I really really love this song although I'm not the slow-music-kind of person..

This song is perfection! This song is so beautiful, the MV is kinda creative, their voices is so beautiful. Best sub-unit ever!

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2Ma Boy

Ma Boy really gives the people the inspiration to stay strong when it comes to relationships! :D

I really love this song! This song gives me an inspiration to be stronger. :')

This is a masterpiece from Sistar19, the best sub-unit ever! This song is had a motivate message and so fun to hear! Love it!

Its an inspirational song... I really like it

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3So Cool

Maybe it's just me but the song kinda gves you a certain confidence. BEING HOT IS NOTHING COMPARED TO BEING COOL :D

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Catchy song. And I can relate to it.

Best Sistar song with I Like That, but Alone is just perfect I Love their voices

They're so elegant and gorgeous in this MV, the song is just addictive and very insane me qwertuiopasdfghjkl


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5Push Push
6Lead me

It has a melody different from other Sistar songs. =)))

Love this song so much it makes me wanna sing its very powerful and Hyorins vocals make this work

7Shady Girl

This song is beautiful and I love it!

8Loving U

A different but good song from sistar that brings out their cuteness but doesn't over do it.

Loving you was so amazing song and dance of sistar ever...

Catchy and so lovely song.. I really like it..

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9Give It to Me

I think this song is the symbol of SISTAR forever

This song proves that they're multitalented! And they're collab "sexy" and "classy" together. Genius one!

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10A Girl in Love

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11How Dare You

Almost everyday I listen to this song. "We're mighty SISTAR"

Song that bring them to the famous...

12Touch My Body

Best song in my opinion! Catchy, great best awesome dance moves. What's not to love.

It's the best song I have heard of SISTAR. I think it should be on 1st number. Hyolyn ROXXX & SISTAR ROXXX.

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13I Swear

The beat is very good.. the music video is hot.. the song rhythm is very easy listening..

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14I Like That

I've lost interest in them after releasing generic and same sound-songs (Touch My Body, Shake It and Loving You) but this song made me realize how great SISTAR is when they're doing dark, sultry concepts like Give it To Me and Alone. I LIKE THAT! - beatboxer15

15No Mercy

Love the vibe of this song! It's so happy and makes me want to dance

16One Way Love
17Shake It

Their last now. This is very catchy and fun to hear! Different from any Sistar songs, they're sporty and sexy in this song. Should be voted!

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18Ok Go!
19Hey YouV1 Comment
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1. Ma Boy
2. So Cool
3. Alone
1. Gone Not Around Any Longer
2. So Cool
3. Lead me



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