Best Sitcoms of the 90s


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So no-one told me Friends was gonna be 4th place
Seinfeld was above, and I just thought "No Way"
It's like you never saw enough of Friends
And judge them all the same like, as if, Friends is weird, but
I will not be voting for you (when you order them all wrong)
I will not be voting for you (when this list sees downfall)
I will not be voting for you (and I'll vote Friends each time too-o-o)

Put that to the theme from Friends. Clever, right? Well, it's hardly Weird Al Yankovic, but it's awesome.

How is seinfeld #3? Hell it should be #1.
Seinfeld is the best!

3The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

4The Simpsons

One of the most underrated comedies of all time. Like Red Dwarf.


Frazier ran for 11 seasons. I could've watched 11 more.

6Married With Children

7Home Improvement


9Family Matters

10Full House

The Contenders

11Boy Meets World

12King of Queens

13Everybody Loves Raymond

14That '70s Show

15The Drew Carey Show

163rd Rock From the Sun

17Saved by the Bell

18Red Dwarf

My kind of comedy.

20Step By Step

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