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Less Than Jake? Reel Big Fish? Sublime? Streetlight Manifesto? This list aims to find out who the king or queen is of all ska and ska punk bands! Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Streetlight Manifesto
Streetlight manifesto is the best hands down.
Most other ska bands are pretty lacking on horn parts, but streetlight not only has great horn parts it blends them so well with the singing and guitars.
Their lyrics are phenomenal(enough said)
And their songs aren't just the same stuff over and over again, they differ from one another, and ALL sound incredible.
Such an amazing band. On my top 5 of all time! Tomas's lyrics are incredible deep and sometimes even purposefully ambiguous and the horn players are some of the most talented I've ever heard. Catchy, meaningful, and muscly complex but not overwhelming. Perfect!
Streetlight manifesto are the best, don't kno y it isn't 1st! Some of their songs have actual meaning! Which is really hard to do in a ska song, like A better place, a better time is really inspiring; and I just don't think any other ska band can measure up to that. Even bein a girl I love streetlight, and I don't get that from any other ska band! They're lyrics are awesome, and no-one can measure up to that! STREETLIGHT ALL THE WAY
[Newest]Best band period. No other band has the energetic and skilled horns to match Streetlight. Streetlight wins every time.

2Reel Big Fish
Simply awesome, you just feel incredibly happy just by listening this guys, you can feel how they're just having fun doing what they love and enjoy.
These guys have been my favorite band for many years (along the lines of 10 to 15 years). There music is always peppy and fun. They are the best around if you ask me
Humorous and entertaining lyrics, coupled with great music make them a great band
[Newest]They are the best because they have great memorable songs, and they make the crowd go wild.

Duh... This one is a no brainer. Brad invented a type of music that no one can copy. He mixed so many genres together into something great. Aggressive punks can enjoys as well as people who like to kick back. Sublime is indeed amazing
I think Bradley Nowell should be on list of most missed musicians! He was very talented! I rank him up there with Kurt anyway!
When you grab a hold of me,
You tell me that I'll never be set free,
But I'm a parasite,
Creep and crawl I step into the night,
2 pints of booze,
Tell me are you a bad fish too?
[Newest]Brad Nowell is the King of Ska-Punk!

4Less Than Jake
Less Than Jake is the band that introduced me to the genre. They have a perfect blend of upbeat and fun ska and loud punk rock that make their music amazing!

5Catch 22
The creativity is on the highest level. From the vocals, drumming and the horn sections are sick. Very enjoyable to listen to, very energetic and so punk rock
Nice music compose, voice with great feelings and depth in lyrics. Great band.

6Five Iron Frenzy
They have everything. Humor, depth, creativity. Definitely the best ska band of all time.
They evolved out of ska, but their early stuff still holds up, years later. The horns are great, and the lyrics alternately satirical, self-depricating and honest.

7The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
One of the most rad bands out there. They have the most catchy horn party and amazing lyrics that flow together very well. Skank to the bosstones!

These guys practically carry crazy ska/punk guitar and horn mixed with great lyrics and genius upbeat tempo, spokesman defines punk.

They were a fantastic band, I wish I had known about them before they broke up.

10Suburban Legends
Just love the energy and happiness this band brings me :D

The Contenders

11Big D & The Kids Table
Very good band. My girlfriends on drugs never gets old to me and I love the songwriting. They're also very talented in working together as a large band!

12Operation Ivy
If it wasn't for Op Ivy then NONE of these bands would have been the formed in the same way. They transformed the genre and they will never be topped.
Well the best Ska punk band and the most influential of all except for the 2 tone movement which sparks the ska punk genre
How is Operation Ivy not on top? They are ska-punk!

About ska punk I'm sure is the best there is.. I think the reason that is not such popular as reel big fish, streetlight manifest etc. Is about the spanish but if you listen the songs with english subs you will found that has definitely awesome lyrics.. Hear them! Viva la ska!
Imma listen ska-p in heaven. It's the happiest band I've ever listened
Best Ska Punk band ever so far. I love sublime, reel big fish.. but these guys have definitely something more. If there were singing in English they would be first here. Very happy music, if you guys don't know you need to give it a try

14Voodoo Glow Skulls
Seen these guys many times back in the day in the IE. WHO DO VOODOO, WE DO...

15New Riot

16Jack Kevorkian and the Suicide Machines

Best band of all time, great bass riffs, a lot of variations in their style. Great for traveling, and they have an overall positive effect on listeners. Its great music for relaxing... Amazing band.
This band are simply awesome! Should be top 3 at least.
The best band of all time

18The Specials
You can't go wrong with Ghost town!
Definitely should be number 1 in my opinion
I don't understand why they are not in the top ten! Owch!

19No Doubt
Unbelievable, that top 3 is ridiculous. 1st is Sublime, 2nd is No Doubt.

20The O.C. Supertones
Best ska band ever...

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