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Vans are great skateboarding shoes and the best thing about them are their waffle soles it makes it real easy to grip on for the skateboard! They're really comfortable too and looks awesome! I love to wear them when I skateboard.

vans are the BOMB there is nothing better well worth the price

Vans are way better than fallen vans are good looking and durable best 49$ I ever spent
Girls will be all over you! I wear them when I skate and it's easy to flip because the are lite weight they are sick shoes van all day!

Best grip and last the longest. Best shoe ever!

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Yep always is the best as a matter of fact I'm wearing them right now without a doubt rainbow trout cris cole left that's the only thing that sucks about this company

Fallen is my favorite shoe. They are super comfortable and protective and gives a good grip. Lakai is definitely my 2nd favorite shoe because they are like fallen but a lil thinner

Cool, long-lasting, and they skate the BEST. I've had them forever and never looked back

I've skated for Fallen for over 2 years now and they've never let me down. They're super durable and solid. When you're not skating, they make some sick kicks. Vans aren't what they used to be. They are now cheap and like DC, use low grade glue and material to make their shoes. Fallen should be the #1 shoe.

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Lakai along with emerica are some of the the core skate shoes I've had a pair of both I like my carroll selects better and there new high tops is so sick can't believe you people pick DC that's just posa the reason everyone wears them is because there cheap and you can get em at places that aren't skate shops like dumb stores in the mall for skating there horrible they have like one model of shoes dc has been a failure company since danny and collin left it - skaterr989

Despite I only bought 2 pairs until now it was enough to become my favorite skating shoe. They are comfortable with this awesome fitting feature and they look awesome while not so mainstream and poser like dc's. Last but no least they are super durable and they last more than 2 months even with hardcore skateboarding.

These are sick I'm skating with them now, I use to skate in ice creams but now my carroll selects are like the sickest sneakers to skate in, I land my nollie 360 shuv's all the time now and I'm hitting my 180 frontside heelflips they are super sick def better than some of the snakers on the top ten! - ballaboi17

They are very comfortable and they do not ware out easily

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They last wicked long. This should be at the top instead of DC. DC should not be at the top of the list. Emerica's are wicked grippy too.

Just switched from Vans to Emerica. Emerica are very small looking shoes contrary to my vans that were very wide and somewhat blocky. The Emerica shoes are very light and it doesn't feel like I am walking on a block of wood. In my opinion these are the best shoes to skate in, style is amazing, comfort is beyond that of any other shoe I have worn, and "Skate Effectiveness" is unmatched. Thank You to a close friend that advised me to go with Emerica shoes.

Emerica's have good grip for skating. Not as good as others though, but they also look good and are great when you just want to skate. -

Number 1 #Emerica

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are you kidding? nikes shold be at the top. they have their new shoe the eric koston signature 1 shoe and they are amazing along with low blazers and vulc rod shoes. they have the most variety of shoes, are super light and they are not bulky like dc or etnies. they also are more durrable than fallens and don't get holes as fast.

Ill add a vote to Nike simply for making vans look even better. Its as easy as pie, next time you go to buy Nike SBs take pictures of all the different styles you like then walk to your nearest vans store and see which shoes they look like. They are fancier copies 70% of the time. Vans made skating a real sport by making the first skate shoe ever. Yes the first ever. Know your facts, it sounds like a bounch of 13 year olds are posting to this.

Simply the coolest shoes out there.
The new Nike Dunk Pro SB features good board feel, impact protection (yet flexible) and durability.

Why are nike shoes all the way in fifth...

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Dc's are AWESOME my previous skate shoes would last like max 1 month and they would be falling apart I bought a pair of dc's and they lasted like over 3 months

I think DC shoes are the most stable shoes ever! They're so comfortable and easy to slide your feet for tricks in. I've had 4 pairs of DC shoes for three years and neither of them are broke the are the best skating shoe in my opinion.

I think DC shoes makes a lot of good products and they will always be cool. They also make very good skateboarding shoes which look awesome. I think Nike SB is cool too. Their new Omar Salazar shoe is sick! What I don't understand is how Supra Footwear didn't get into the top ten, I mean it is the most durable skateboarding shoe of all and look stylish too. - SoaD

These shoes are the BEST they have every right to be higher on this list.

I have a pair of these and they lasted me 1.5 years and they are still with me. Trust me, they are worth your money.

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How could I forget Etines? Etnies are great for skating and they look amazing. -

Etnies have the nicest feel best grip comfortable don't wear easily and are very well made hey also have a wide range and are not very expensive.

Etnies are simply the best skate shoe out there I have been skating etnies for a while now and I have never skated a better shoe and I have skated many shoes (vans, world industries, nike SB, DC, DVS, osiris, fallen) etnies have a great gripy long lasting grip, their very durable, a bunch of board feel, flexibility, and durability. Also have a wide variety of shoes unlike other brands. So if you are going to get skating shoes get etnies.

Etnies are the best shoes I have ever worn I love entices and I no you will to

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These polls are the worst the voting is done by a bunch of posers! DC top 5? I think not those shouldn't even be considered a skateboard shoe they should be called modeling shoes cause posers wear them!

Get supras I had the skytop3 skylow2 cubans bandits and tk stacks. Tk stacks= 1 month skytop3=3months and counting skylow 2= 2 months bandits=haven't skated yet cubans=3months see supras are sick and I skated all of them except the bandits vans and falen suck sole wears in less than a month the same thing for nike but nike it lasts a months overall get supras forever

I have the skytop 3 bandits skylow 2 and the tk stacks they all lasted mad long and they have the best riders with the best tours yet you guys vote for dc cause nyjah houston is on the team and you vote for vans. Vans are not light don't last long and their grips sucks why would any one vote for vans

Supra are really durable shoes.

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Circa's are the best shoes ever, they last very long and when they are worn out you still can uses them because they feel comfortable and grip the skateboard very well

the best most comfortable shoe you'll ever buy

I recently bought a pair, I'm a new skater, they are so comfy hoping they last long, really great grip, I know they go up too between 7-10 in the list!

This cool! I would like to buy one pair again!

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the scales are the best shoes ever I was one of the few who accually got some! - arabhomie68

awesome cool decals super good grip eS ROCK - FallenSk8er

If eS was still in business I would definitely still rock their shoes. I had two pairs of the square twos and each pair lasted me around two and a half months. Yeah their shoes were sick.

Worst shoes ever

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I have the buesnitz and they are EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE and have AMAZING BOARD FEEL. They are pretty durable I've had them for months now and I skate a lot like everyday and I also wear them casually so at school and stuff and they haven't ripped or the bottom has only worn a tiny bit hardly noticeable. I've had nikes and vans and I like adidas a ton better although the nikes aren't too bad. And look at their team. Its so dope! I would recommend these to any skater. I don't know why they are so far back on the list right now! Again they are super comfortable its like heaven when you put them on. And plus they don't need any breaking in because honestly they come broken in straight out of the box! Trust me guys you want adidas

Comfiest skate shoes alive. They hold up better than any other brand and these shoes make you want to go out and skate. The only thing is that the soles wear through, but that's only because they are so comfy

Just got my new Adidas Busenitz yesturday. They feel amazing, look amazing, and fit amazing. I put them on and it was a different feeling than any other shoe I ever put on, but in a good way. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. They are super padded, so they fit a little smaller than the normal shoe, but not small enough to get a different size. They look amazing in every way and color. They absorb impact pretty well. I haven't put them through more than jumping over stuff at school but so far are great. I can't wait to skate them after my current skate shoes die.(I skate in slightly older broken in shoes until they die, then swap them out with the newer pair, they last longer that way.)

These shoes hold up really good and barely break. They are also really comfortable.

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Love these. Supra makes good shoes but they're turning into just a celebrity popstar gimmick. DVS are original skate shoes, durable as can be and comfy on those steep drop-ins. Absolutely recommend. Osiris are decent but I can now see daylight through my pair

DVS has it's ups and downs. But overall it's a really great shoe. Really durable. Nice boardfeel and some of their models have ollie area lace protection. My shoes are DVS Munitions and they skate really well it has a triple stitched toe cap also.

If your some child you might like a shoe looking like crap

Dvs is crazy durable

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In my opinion, Globe is the best, even though is doesn't look the best, it has really good grip if you look at them. They are great for skating and look cool. -

I like all the padding around the ankle that globe has I find that it offers a snug yet flexible fit. I also like how the tongue is attached so it can't slide sown or off to one side. I love the secret pocket that most globe's have.

SIT DOWN SONS AND LET ME GIVE YOU SOME SKATING SHOE LESSONS! Globe is the best because they feel comfortable, have good grip, and are a rip off like Vans

They last really well and grip like a BOSS. They look good too.

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Actually this shoes suck It lasted me 5 weeks it was good I guess but they were cheap

I love adios but I also like fallens and vans too. Their long lasting and comfortable I also wear adidas and nikes haha

Hows adios down at 12 they should be in the top 5 they are durable and light so its easy to flick kickflips and heelflips they are the best

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I own an pair of the latest Aero S shoes from Converse Cons. They haven't ripped yet and I have skated them for an month now! I saw previous comments saying they suck? No they don't! If your talking about the canvas Chuck Taylor's then of course they are gonna suck, they're not meant for skating! But Cons are. The Aero S has great comfort and impact. If you don't have much money and need new kicks, I'd get these, they don't rip and they ARE meant for skating!

I have the regular converse (Not the skate model) and the cap on the toes make the shoe extra durable. The high tops are a bit uncomfortable but last long. LIKE!

Converse have been around for longer than even vans. Converse skate shoes look sick too. They are awesome.

I have converse shoes and they are good.

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Great shoes they look great but they don't have to many sizes they need more

I have honestly never seen a single person wear these.

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Huf is a good shoe brand but Nike's are way more comfortable.

Super! Long lasting all of the footbeds are made of impact gell they took me a year to wear down!


There really good for tricks because there not so heavy like all skate shoes

Very appealing design, can be used for skating, bmx or casual use. I own a pair of the Savey and Duece both also very comfortable. Construction is much better than Vans.


They look amazing. However, they aren't the most durable as far as actual skateboarding goes (varies from shoe to shoe though). Another huge upside to the brand is the variety. You can get almost any kind of skate shoe from osiris. High tops, low tops, net, running, and plenty of colors released all the time to fit anyone's choice of style. Osiris is renowned for the NYC 83 shoe, which is an excellent choice of style, comfort, and practicality. Probably not the best, but definitely a great choice.

Osiris are probably #2 because they look really awesome, and they have really good grip. They are so expensive because they are great for skating. -

Osiris is the best shoe in the world it looks awesome with anything and its good for skateboarding if you are smart you would get Osiris all the time

Best shoes I ever got

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20Zoo York

Really a good brand, and the progress is really great for a new brand!
The shoes are perfect and the balance is great.

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