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These were popular in the early years

Are you serious airwalk? Does this even qualify as a skate shoes their the worst I did an ollie on them and the bottem fell off

These shoes have inspired skateboarding style. Just got some Mike V Brooklyn banks. They are great for skating

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I don't have any Element, and I never really wanted an Element shoe, but my friend has Element and I tried them and wanted them! They are great for skating and have good grip on the board. -

Great comfortable shoe and they last forever for doing tricks! If you are wondering which ones I have they are the Element tacomas.

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It's sad that they don't produce new models anymore, none Grasshopper or XT!

24Vision Street Wear

Vision Street Wears would outlast any other shoe out there, there definitely the best Number #1, Brah.

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26HabitatV1 Comment

I once did and quintuple flip down el toro with a pair of crocs super good and extremely lightweight and durable. Everybody are pose people.

Each hole is basically better pop. You need more holes to feel the amazing level of pop you get. Everyone on top is a poser!

Crocs are the best the holes make you go faster because science really good shoe

Horrible skate shoes unless your a middle aged man

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28Dr Martens

They give me the best board feel broz.

29Kings of Neon

Kings Of Neon RULE! They look just as good as converses and Vans but are less than half the price and last for ages longer


One of the best shoes ever. Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus really know how to make some sneakers.

I had a pair of elliots and they were amazing, I'm wearing macbeth Londons now


When they still made them, and I wish they still made them

I still have them after 6/7 years


They make shoes?

34Diamond Supply Co

Diamond Shoes are so good! They are long lasting, comfy, they look good, Not too expensive! Diamond are the way to go! best skateshoe!


A good choice for beginners cause Avia is cheap and good grip!

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They have good pop. And my favourite flavor is orange

38America Skate

Toms suck they only take $4 to be made. They are so cheap they fall apart in like a day of skateboarding

They rock they are like a converse

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