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42North Star

I know they're school shoes.. But the shoe is awesome... The shoe grip will stick on the skateboard griptape easily... The shoe style is awesome..

43Sperry Top-Sider
45Under Armour

Even if they aren't the olders,i think they are very nice and needs a position in this top ten. Maybe not the first one, but at least the tenth.

48Rip Curl

These are awesome. Especially when you live in places that you can't afford a lot because is very expensive. The rubber is smooth and sticky. My Previous DC shoes didn't last long but these are very durable. Recommended.

49New Balance

A shoe company you would never think to make a skate shoe pulled it off fabulously. New to the game of the skate scene, but the quality and efficiency of these shoes will make you think they've been around for a long time. Not to mention they're comfortable, and look great! Definitely take a close look at these the next time you buy your next pair of skate shoes, if you decide to buy you won't be disappointed. Oh and if anything these shoes will last you a long time. - Graham

These shoes are amazing extremely, durable, comfortable, and great boardfeel also come with a decent price for the tech your getting out of the shoe.

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50World Industries

I owned a pair of these and the shoes lasted only 2 months before they started to wear out. Really bad shoes, never buying a pair again.

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Very gripy shoes. They are very comfortable too. They are long lasting shoes.

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Puma shoes are the best! They last a long time, the side of the soles don't wear out fast, and not to mention the grip! Don't forget the price, you can get em at a great price like around 30 $!

When You Get A Skate Shoe You Expect Them To Last At Least A Month But These Last 1 day As Soon As You do a trick the whole thing falls apart

The puma suedes classics are AMAZING shoes for skating. Love them.

I use it on my skateboard it was good for long time to play.


I learned octuple flip in these amazing shoes

What fila are those shoes I see at costco

Badass shoes I learned my kickflip with these shoes

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The Ultimate skate shoes of all time & space. No brand can beat this masterpiece, not vans, Nike, fallen, nothing. I wear these bad boys for Football, Basketball, Golf, and even swimming. Vote sketchers now!

What! Sketchers are the worst shoes ever especially for skating! They aren't skate shoes at all and you need to do your research

Skechers are called Skechers for a reason. They are sketchy they are not even skate shoes

Skechers and Walmart board. BEST COMBO EVER

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