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It is true that element is over rated and don't get me there good but i'd pick Enjoi over any board.

I mean com'n who dosn't want a Panduh on there board.

I've had a Zer0 and they suck it didn't even hold up for 3 mounths
and i've had a element and it Was OK
I've basically had and have every brand out there but still have to say Enjoi,Flip,Chocolate,
Plan B, and Habitat
Are my fovorite,
but Enjoi hs to be first lol
I like enjoi because of its great pop and their boards are really light I got one on march break and its so much better then my previous dark star board. For me enjoi should be on the top of the list because they are super easy to ride and last a long time and they don't even crack easy! ENJOI IS BOSS
I got the 8 inch jose rojo deck, I have had two other decks and have been skating over a year and didn't get even close to landing a kickflip, within two weeks I was landing them more than half the time. Great pop and insane concave. Can't see why element are #1, They are absolute rubbish
I've got 2 enjois, ones a louie barletta 7.6, and the others and 8.00". Best decks ever by FAAR! Element is terrible compared to enjoi, no offense, but they have massive pop, the sickest graffics and the most durable decks. I haven't even got a crack in it!
I love enjoy because I enjoi skateboarding but I don't enjoi skateboarding in the past because I got a concussion at north laurel skate park but I didn't were a helment so I was trying to ollie into the bank but my back truck got stuck and I flew forward and fell on my head. And once I was trying to do the highest back 180 and I fell on the tail and the skateboard flew up and hit my lip. But enjoi rocks.
I've had my enjoi deck for 1 year and nothing's wrong with it. Enjois last for an amazing amount of time. The decks have really good pop and they also have pretty sick graphics. I think enjoi should be1st
I love messing up a trick and being all mad, but then I see the panda on the back of the board, and it makes my day!
by far the best. I've had a good 1 and a half week of skatin it at the park every day in the summer I also skated down town alot. great deck best pop but the graphic wears of fast but who cares.
Enjoi, sick! Dude I was able to pull of some ill kickflips and heelflips, also it pops pretty good! I recommend it! If you don't like enjoi then try alien workshop or some other sweet brand, but enjoi is the best all around
Been riding enjoi for the last 3years and love em, great pop long lasting and light. I think enjoi are highly underrated and should have a lot more known sponsors like Paul Rodriguez, Chaz Ortiz etc. Enough said
I've had a couple Enjoi boards and I like them the best. Great pop, speed, and turning, as well as lightweight and durable. Not to mention some of the best graphics you can get on your deck. Enjoi is the way to go!
enjoi's last long take's a while to chip great pop and rarly snap's

enjoi is the way to go for ollie's and flip tricks the concave of enjoi is great for any begginer or pro
Great boards,
Highly recommended. They are a great trusted brand and they have lots of pop. Much better than element or flip. Also have very cool designs on the front.
Panda board is always epic!

Great for people who love to skate and treat it like an art with excellent grip! Already learnt an Ollie in the first 2 days of having it
enjoi rocks 'dude i've been skating for years i've tried many other decks and enjoi is by far the best

u should buy 1 =D =D
I've had enjoi board for like 2 years its kicks butt! I can't imagine and other board under my feet! Amazing pop... And plus who wouldn't want a panda farting rainbows!
I've had a enjoi board for 1 year and I love it and I'm never gonna use any other board but enjoi, element shouldn't be numner 1 enjoi is really durable and reliable to.
Enjoi is a really good brand for almost anything! I don't really think Element is a really good brand for the wheels and stuff because my friend's broke in a week...
I have just ordered mine ; and from all the forums that I read Enjoi always comes in the top 5 but I think it's a bit underrated as element isn't even that good.. The 'panda' graphics are DOPE!
The board are so cool I love them I have tried one of my friends enjoi board and it was the best skateboard ever. They're so sweet I love the cool panda too
It should be the 1st best because its balance is beast also its great company, I would recommend this skateboard to be first best. The board is very light, so I can do more stunts than I used too!
I've good and ENJOI board and there one of the best skateboards I've ever rode they are very light so better kick flips and they have the best pop 10/10
Enjoi is so good! I like element as well but Enjoi is better. Two of the best skaters at the moment= Jerry Hsu-Enjoi, Nyjah Huston-Element
enjoi are the best they have brillient sk8ters like ben rameres and the graphics on them are sick. if haven't got an enjoi you haven't lived
I'm loving my enjoi board! I'm a skate girl, and my boyfriend introduced me into enjoi and now it's my favorite! We're the perfect skate couple now!
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