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Beast boards have good quality and they sponsored p-rod and nick tucker

22Pretty Sweet

Pretty sweet isn't a brand it's the girl logo

23Toy Machine

These boards have the most pop out of the boards I skated so far but crack kinda easy

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I pick bird house as my 3rd choice because its a good brand the pop is alright and is put together to last.

26Zoo York
27Santa Cruz

I LOVE Santa cruz! Very strong and lots of pop. They have the highest performance and best graphics. Their simpsons line is very cute, and their long boars/cruzer selection is superb

Santa Cruz has great pop very nice board


Awesome deck, everything is good about them, they just chip fairly easily

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Girl/chocolate is run by the same guy so they are pretty much the same decks so chocolate shouldn't be 47 what!

I can not believe that chocolate is #46 their the same thing as girl and girl is #2 I recomend this deck

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30World Industries

They do the best clothing


Revive is an awesome deck! Not quite the quality of say plan b or girl, but still a good deck for less $$$.

Best deck ever. lasts forever. best wood ever. not Chinese wood. Canadian maple but made in america

I think revive is AWESOME just like Andrew shrock, sam tabor, josh katz, and alex bueing

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The Best skateboard brand in Indonesia

36Black Label

What kryptonics? Really this is a walmart brand its practically not even a skateboard brand I have no idea why its #32 I did and ollie on one of these just an ollie nothing more and it snapped in half and I'm 92 pounds

What kryptonics is a walmart board! guys this has been rated way too high, revive is just above it!

39Lib Tech

LibTech Pill 8.75 - one of the best boards that I've ever had. Nice pop, light, slides amazingly, and is very strong.


IT has. The best graphics on a skateboard

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