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41 Forgiven Forgiven

Please listen this song guys, what a nice melody...

This song should be within top 3 songs by skillet. So addictive tune.

Are you kidding me? THIS SHOULD BE THE FIRSTTT! People have no taste of music. AT ALL!

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42 Energy Energy

Guys. Why is this song not higher up. This songs rocks

I mean this song rocks. I can't believe that it is out 'here'. This song has enough energy to move on up!

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43 Freakshow Freakshow

I'm not sure why this is so low on the list...
It's a really important song to me, and the lyrics are incredibly relatable. I love it

That distinct intro is entertaining. And the song's chorus is fantastic. - LightningBlade

This is my favorite song by Skillet, you guys should listen to it!

What the hell! This is is so awesome! Please vote :'(

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44 Fire and Fury Fire and Fury

Gorgous music and vocals, the combination of John Cooper's and Jen Ledger's voices is amazing. Fantastic lyrics too.

Powerful song, very nice intro. This should be higher, seriously. Listen to it.

Jen's vocals are sweet! This song is melodious and so emotional. - LightningBlade

Destiny got a hold on me...

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45 Dead Inside Dead Inside

Seriously people come on this song is awesome. It should at the very least be in the top 20. If you haven't heard it I highly suggest you go listen to it now.

Umm excuse me! This song must have been added late. This should be in comatoses spot! :(

Awesome song. All members sing this and is good to listen to.

This deserves to be much higher

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46 Fingernails Fingernails

Also easily one of the best songs off of Collide. Love everything about this song, come on people!

That creepy intro is awesome and the song is crazy awesome. - LightningBlade

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47 Feel Invincible Feel Invincible

Good new song hopefully the rest of unleashed is as good

Great song. Definitely their best.

"My favorite Skillet song. With God you feel invincible."

It's just the best Skillet song, it's what got me to start listening to this amazing band!

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48 Kill Me, Heal Me Kill Me, Heal Me
49 Alien Youth Alien Youth

Um all these people must be new fans because theyve never heard of this song. Its the best!

From their earlier album... It still sounds great. - LightningBlade

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50 Madness In Me Madness In Me

How is this not higher? Such an underrated song. He sings with such a passion. My personal favorite on the Rise album.

Definitely the most out of place on this list... One of the best Rise songs and on of the best all-time Skillet songs. Also, it's John Cooper's favorite Rise song, yet it has 0% of the votes!

Seriously this should be #1. It's my favourite song ever

The guitars are so catchy in this song and the echo intro is good. - LightningBlade

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51 The Resistance The Resistance

My favourite song in unleashed!

This song is awesome. My favorite off the new Skillet Album. It is fast paced and has a really awesome guitar solo to end the songalbum. Favorite Skillet song.

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52 Best Kept Secret Best Kept Secret

How is this at such a low spot this is one of their best songs before Awake N comAtose this deserves at least top 10

Haa haa... Seriously?! People... Don't go by the ratings here... This song is seroiusly d one which shows the matured composittion ability of skillet... Deserves to be in top ten... If not @least top fifteen...

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53 Invincible Invincible

This industrial rock song is the best of skillet

Awesome song! But should be at such a low rank

54 Watching for Comets Watching for Comets

Greatest ballad they ever made, love this Song.

Simply awesome...! Heard every song of their latest album 'unleashed'-2016.They're just fab!

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55 Vapor Vapor
56 Back from the Dead Back from the Dead V 1 Comment
57 Out of Hell Out of Hell

Out of Hell is my favorite song from the bands new album Unleashed. It has this heavy feel to it unlike every other track. I hope this track gets more recognition in the near future. - Metalmaniakkk

Yes one of the only golden skillet songs on their new album. Besides I want to live and this song none of the other songs really impress me a lot.

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58 I Want to Live I Want to Live

It has the taste like comatose & awake and alive, great song!

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59 Should've When You Could've Should've When You Could've

Alright this deserves to be higher than 62! Lyrics are amazing. We have all wanted to sing this song to someone at one point. Or scream instead.

The Lyrics are AMAZING! I can't believe it is in the 62th place. For me, this is my favorite song for skillet.

This song is way high up on the list... seriously?! Easily one of the best songs off of Awake.

Not the best, but easily one of the best on Awake. Yet it sits 2nd worst on this list!

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60 Stars Stars

Best Song of Unleashed! Should definitely be in the Top 3!

Good song once you listen to it a few times.

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