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Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites
This song is absolutely breathtaking! I literally got chills when I heard it for the first time. The melody is indescribably perfect and the bass drop is amazing. Flawless song!
I don't usually write negative comments, but this whole list is so dumb. how can you call this a song?


This song is amazing it made me love dubstep music simply the best I ever heard I totally want to hear more music like this one is the BEAST! It made me love SKRILLEX
Best skrillex song period! It has the sickest breakdown in the world! It makes me have an eargasm I can't believe a human made this song
[Newest]Favorite! I love it! Awesome for gaming
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This song is PAINFULLY catchy. It's great for dancing or just listening to. I will say again, this son is ridiculously catchy.
I cannot believe this is not 1st, I mean I still like scary monsters and nice spruces but this is just WAY up there, best song made by skrillex!
This song is definitely top 3 no doubt about it
BEST SONG IN THE WORLD. Can't believe someone has put kill everybody second.
[Newest]This is his best song. I think this should b in top 1
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3First of the Year (Equinox)
The song begins with a serene tone. As the anticipation builds, the tension rises, and just when you think the cravings for those wicked Skrillex beats may go unsatisfied, an explosive, shrill voice signals the release of the sickest beats you've ever heard. You may even find yourself reaching for your phone ready to dial for help.
Way under rated. Wow this song rocks. Listen to it and you won't stop
Good song! One of my favorites. And the clip is really canon, that clap! I like very much!
[Newest]Just crazy... love you skrillex
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4Kill Everybody
HOW IS THIS NOT #1? This is the best song by skrillex by a long shot. I'm not saying scary monsters is a bad song, but kill everybody is a million times better. Kill everybody just has that dance factor to it. It just makes you wanna get up and move around. Scary monsters in more of just a you listen to it. This is like a pump up song and a song you hear at the club combined in one!
Best song by him in my opinion
Perfect in all ways the bass drop is amazing
And when I got my beat for xmas I couldn't wait to
Listen to it... It is amazing. Perfect in all ways
I hated dubestep. But then I heard 'Kill Everybody'.. It is unbelievable. I can't even explain adequately why I like it so much. Anyway... I still dislike 99% of dubestep. But a couple of tracks listed here have certainly changed my old person opinion of its possible merits "when done right! "
[Newest]This song is so creatively dark and for me, that only adds to its appeal.
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5Rock 'n' Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain)
Awesome... I believe that this is Skrillex's best song. I'm surprised this song isn't higher rated, it's awesome! It bumps too!
Bloody amazing melody and great combination of sounds best song in my opinion.
This song gives me the chills, I love it. How it seems to have 2 different bass drops is something I have never heard. Great song.
[Newest]EverY song is awesome.. I suppose!

This song introduced me to Dub Step. The combination of melody, insane bass and all around catchiness proves irresistible to this day.
This song is amazing. First song I ever heard by skrillex (or any dubstep at all) and now it's got me hooked. I can never get this song out of my head. You can never 'overplay' this song! Perfect!
Fantastic song, my favorite of the Skrillex range. A must buy for everyone! The original of this is not that good although this remix is incredible. Thankyou Skrillex for making this song. In my opinion this song made dubstep the top genre.
[Newest]This song is cool it brings out movies and fun
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7Reptile's Theme
Heavy beat consistency keeps your foot tapping or your head moving!
I LOVE this song! It should be 1st!

If you have massive speakers in your house than you should put this song on full blast and watch the speakers. You will be blown away. (literally)
Fantastic song, easily some of the best material Skrillex has produced. Definitely deserves the top spot.

[Newest]This is their best song ever

Ok best skrillex out there. Sirah and the mad bass in this just makes it rock! This should at least be in top three!
A really spin chilling song, its there best in my opinion it has a really sick beat to it! Great very catchy
This is in my opinion the best Skrillex song ever! The drums kick perfectly into my ears with this music. It builds up really nicely from the beginning to the drop with a cool starting melody with the guitar chords. The drop itself is devastating and also very catchy. What I also like in this piece is the melody after the first drop, nice sound effects. Sirah just totally finishes as an explosion with a good ending following it. All these factors make me like this song the most. I recommend listening it to high quality headphones, which make me drown by this bomb!
[Newest]It doesn't get any better

9Make It Bun Dem
One of the best dubstep songs I have EVER heard! And it is even better because it is part reggae so its very slow and heavy dubstep


This song is Definitely the best song to listen to either while high or just lighting up so for all my WEED SMOKERS out there this song is the best song to be jammin to with no doubt in my mind >>#1 skrillex fan! <<
Awesomest song ever!

Got me hooked. The best reggae dubstep mashup I have ever heard. Gets me shakin my head every time I hear it.
[Newest]I love this song

10Breakn' a Sweat
How has no-one added this? This is skrillex's best song! I love it how it combines the doors' 60s music such as the epic bass guitar solo and skrillex's sick bass. Definitely should be up in the top 10 at least.
This is definitely one of the best Skrillex songs I've heard. I listen to it an awful lot and it still gives me chills every time I listen to it.
Hands down Skrillex's best song, bass is heavy, melody is perfect, it incorporates rock legends, and it automatically puts me in a great mood.
[Newest]Wow. Not that many votes which stuns me because it combines rock and dubstep! Solid beat, awesome tune, and fun lyrics! No one?

The Contenders

11In for the Kill
This is the first song that made me completely fall in love with Skrillex! After that I was definitely hooked. 'In for the Kill' is a song you should definitely listen to!
The vocals send me to another place inside myself. It's so tranquil and mesmerizing. All time favorite!
Great song, love to hear some full lyrics in a skrillex song, strong beat. Should be around number 5 though..
[Newest]This and kill everybody r bye far the best!

12My Name Is Skrillex
I love this song very catchy. Good lyrics. Pretty fast and upbeat...
Love it ;) It's fast and upbeat. It's just awesome. I love Skrillex and this is the first song I ever heard by him. Listen to it. Some of the stuff it says in this song is actually kind of funny

Love ya Sonny
I totally love this song, its got very strong and fast beats
[Newest]Live mix Skrillex did of My Name Is Skrillex

Its an amazing song. I don't know why its so lower on the list. It is so relaxing and always reminds you of the good times you had with your friends. The bass is great and Elie Goulding's voice is simply treat to listen.
This song is the very essence of nostalgia. Every single bit of it reminds me of 8th grade, which personally was the greatest year for me and my friends. After having left that middle school I moved and didn't see most of them ever again, so this song brings me so much comfort every time I think about the crazy shenanigans we would do, and all the fun we had. Great song, to put it ever so lightly.
I'm surprised this hasn't even been included yet. No drop, but very relaxing and makes Skrillex's material more diverse.
[Newest]Listen to this song on acid

14With You, Friends
People here need to listen to all the tracks before they vote. This song is great because Skrillex proved that a great song doesn't need a heavy bass drop to make a great song.
I don't know how this isn't in the top 3. It might not be dubstep, but it is just so beautiful! I love the emotion behind it, and if you really listen to the lyrics carefully, you will find that it's actually a song dedicated to his mother (he was adopted). A really underestimated Skrillex song, absolutely wonderful.
So beautiful especially the long drive version. It is my favorite song ever. If you listen to this you will hear what I'm talking about. Just beautiful. I LOVE IT. listen to it and I definitely suggest buying it.
[Newest]This song is so beautiful! I love the part where it goes silent, then the bass drops. It totally suits the song :D

Why is Weekends only number twenty? I love this song. All of my dubstep butties love this song to hell, too. This seriously deserves better than twenty. This song is so awesome that it will knock your socks off.
Oh jesus was this song amazing! If you liked bangarang you will love this skrillex song too.
My Favorite Skrillex song, no doubt, but I absouletely love the bassdrop on kyoto, that's what keeps me coming back to it every time I go on the computer to listen to dubstep.
[Newest]Weekends is my favorite song.

WHY IS SCATTA AT TWELVE! SCATTA SHOULD BE AT 1st OR 2nd! (man, the people here are crazy... )
Scatta should absolutely be in the top 5. The bass is too heavy and it's too great. My ovaries just can't handle it. Great song to workout to as well. Definitely top notch work.
The heavy base drop just wins it. May not be the catchiest, but it's just brilliant.
[Newest]Best bass drop out all of the songs

17Right In
Come on guys! Right in is one of the best dubstep song ever. The bass its awesome so the song its amazing!
This definitely belongs in AT LEAST the top twenty. It has such a great beat to it, and the drop is perfect.
Why the #@#@ is right in not in the top ten? It is the best song by skrillex PERIOD.
[Newest]Why is this not number one it has awesome vocals and a awesome bass drop.

18The Devil's Den
How is this not in the top 10?
Rock n roll, Kill everybody and scary monsters and nice sprites are good also.
Thanks, everyone vote for this song!
The Devils Den!
Seriously? Not even 10th place? This song has some pretty extreme beats and definitely deserves at least 10th place. I listened to Reptile's theme and I'm like "Its good, but it really doesn't deserve 7th place. 13th place is more like it.
Everyone Likes The Wrong Songs! The list Should Be
1. The Devils Den
2. Birdy Nam Nam
3. Cat Rats
4. Make It Bun Dem
5. Scream And Shout

The Devils Den is the greatest song ever made, Get out of that #1 Spot Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites
[Newest]Mix Skrillex did of Devil's Den

! His is number six on my list I am completely amazed this isn't his top ten. It has great lyrics and an amazing drop that will give you goosebumps.
Promises is amaing!
Skrillex + Nero = one of my favorite songs
I don't understand how it is possible for this song not to be in the top 10. Come on people open your ears and listen!
[Newest]Mix Skrillex did of Nero's and Skrillex's remix of Promises

20Levels - Avicii
Come on, the name says it all. It's the great house hit levels from avicii remixed by the best dubstep artist in the game
It's obvious that people voting here have only heard Skrillex's most popular songs and don't even know about all the other good songs he has like this one
This Should Be Damn number 1, Yes 'Scary Monsters And Nice Spirits' Is a good song, But Come on guys! Vote For Levels-Avicii!
[Newest]Mix Skrillex did of his Remix of Avicii Levels

21Hey Sexy Lady
Sick song. Skrillex has done it again. I don't know where he gets all of these song ideas from but he manages to keep on making these amazing songs. Vote for this song.
The best bass drop ever. It's not very well known, but I still can't believe that it's not in the top ten!
Honestly, you won't regret listening to this one!
Just the perfect balance. I wanna hear it over and over again. I personally like this one more than others. You should all get a listen to it.
[Newest]I love this song

22Ruffneck (Full Flex)
This is a good song! The start was nice, and slowly it just gets better and better, you won't regret buying this song, trust me, you're gonna love it!
One of the best skrillex songs deserves to be on top five

Great bass drop, awesome beats. Why is this only number 13? This was and still is my favorite Skrillex song.
[Newest]I exorcise my demons with dis song.

Hey skrillex fans... This is the 1* song... Hear it... In cool head...


This song is amazing. Laugh out loud probably the only skrillex song I like


Mix of Voltage Skrillex did before his laptop was stolen and the song was lost

24Cat Rats
Dubstep=Cat Rats... Great song... Lisen it... One of his best
A good music. It's not bad and it's a sympathic song

25I'mma Try It Out
This is amazing. The drop is amazing. The beat is amazing. The imma try it out voice is amazing. In fact this song ROCKS.
Song From Call Of Duty Black Ops 2
How is it not even in the top ten?! It's by far the best song from Recess, and it's my second favorite Skrillex song after Bangarang. It has a great drop, followed by a long build up to the best drop ever, and then it repeats the first drop again. I can't believe it's only no. 29! And by the way it's called Try It Out not I'mma Try It Out.
[Newest]The ending is sick! It's better than Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.

This song is only THE GREATEST song Skrillex has released in the last year.
Well its not as good as levels or first of the year for example, but still one of the best dubstep songs ever mixed!
Best song by far it deserves to be in the top 10 for sure.
[Newest]Best Song ever liked the bass drop

27All Is Fair In Love and Brostep
To get a thousand miles from the earth, a rocket would need this much power! =)

28Sick Bubble Gum
This song is amazing. I listen to it in and its stuck in my head all day. This is my favourite Skrillex song and I love the lyrics. Awesome tittle as well
"We all know we are gonna die babe! "- Just awesome!
This song is great! I think the bass, beats and song in general is great! It's defiantly the best Skrillex song! I think it deserves way over 24! Come on people!
[Newest]This may not be the number one popular skrillex song, but it is my number one!

This song is one of the best ϟƘƦƖןןΣX's songs I never heard. BYOOTIFULL.
But I haven't go an idea why they put ϟƘƦƖןןΣX feat Ellie Goulding. I didn't heard her.

Amazing song one of the best by skrillex in my opinion, should definitely be at the top of the list in my opinion.
Really? Only #42? This song is absolutely amazing! It should totally be in the top ten, heck, top five. The tempo and beat are both incredible!
Very Catchy and fast. A lot of detail in the music notes compared to some of his songs. I prefer it over many of his repetitive songs.
[Newest]Best skrillex song ever! I have no idea what a syndicate is, but who cares, this song is a hit!

31Slats Slats Slats
Pure bass drop destruction! This is Skrillex HAMing up the dupstep genre right here.
This a big song of skrillex
This is one awesome song

32Dirty Vibe
Catchy, and this piece is one hell of a dirty vibe. I mean -- just wow. It makes me feeling sudden urge to move ma body to the rhythm. And not many songs make me feel this way. Sure I'll listen to more of Skrillex's songs! (I've heard about Skrillex a lot back then but this is ma first time listening to his work)
Amazing, with skrillex and his Korean friends
This song is sooo catchy, my favorite skrillex song

33F****** Die 1
How the hell is this not even on the list yet? This is some of Skrillex's best work for parties.
Love it so much my #1 favorite song go skrillex lololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololiololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololollolololololololololololololololollololololololololololololololollollolollolollololollololololl
Oh dude, this song is not in the top 10.
Now this makes me lose faith in democracy.
People, you are supposed to vote for the good songs!

34Make Things for Smile

35Right On Time
Come on! This is a GREAT song!
His best song. By far.
The beat drops right on time, right on time
[Newest]How is it not in the twenty?!

36The Reason
Song from new leaving ep. Song is pretty bad ass has some beats you would never expect skrillex to make. Skrillex quoted that he made this song in a hotel on his mexico tour
NEW SONG! Great song! Listen to it ASAP! :-)
Very awesome song have to agree.
[Newest]Good song for enjoying wine... Love it

37Turmoil (Skrillex Remix)
Best Skrillex Song By Far. 10/10. Should be higher in the list. This is a great remix of one of his greatest solo song. It may not sound as good as the others such as Scary Monsters or Kill Everybody. But it should still be in the top ten.
The original turmoil he made, not the remix

38All I Ask of You
It's a good song. Belongs where it is though. If it had some kind of a drop more people would like it
I think this song deserves in the second place!
This is a lovely song! A electronic song doesn't allways need a drop to be cool, dance music is wonderful! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE dubstep drops! But this is awesome too

39What Is Light? Where Is Laughter?
The fastest skrillex song, and amazing remix!
34? Really everyone? This is one of skrillexs best songs, and it's His best remix! Has to be in the top 5 at least...
Best skrillex song should be in top 10.


40I Wish You All the Luck of the World
With you friends lyrics

41Goin In (Skrillex Goin In Hard Mix)
Excellent mixing by Skrillex... It will make you dance
In the movie "Spring Breakers! " I loved his music in the film it was totally awesome! It made a dumb movie into a FANTASTIC one!
It's amazing mix of trapstep that blends perfectly into Skrillex's style and his flow and has to be one of the best remixes by Skrillex of all-time!

42Raise Your Weapon
Dis is a deadmau5 song. What is it doing here?
Actually Skrillex does the dubstep part in this song. He's featured in it


43Cinema (Skrillex Remix)

44Narcissistic Cannibal
Best of the recent KoRn/Dubstep team-ups. Features everything that is great about Korn and the combination with dubstep makes this one of the best industrial rock songs of all time.
If you don't like it you probably have not heard it before.


Love Korn, Skrillex, and Kill the Noise! Only reason isn't ranked higher is because it is unknown!

45Still Gettin' It
This song is too poppin, I don't know why it isn't higher on the list and doesn't get more respect.

This is the most aggressive skrillex song...
And this is my second favourite after bangrang
What the hell is it doing here?
This is one of those songs that are all calm at first and then BOOM! This should be 5 or 4!
[Newest]This song is awesome what the poop on a stick

47Bug Hunt
Track on Reck it Ralph

48No Mercy, Only Violence
Amazing one of his best

49F****** Die 2
Awesome beat this should be in the top 10 not the 40s
Oh god come on guys. 57? This is by far the best song by Skrillex ever!
THIS SONG IS THe beST song inthe world but nott the worst

50Ragga Bomb
Great song should be at the top 3 without a daught
Not that good actually

51Father Said
It's AWESOME hearing sonny singing! ONE OF HIS BEST SONGS in my personal opinion... It's sad that it wasn't even on this list...
Totally agree that this is one of the best of skrillex tracks ever. Love it over and over again.
Why so low on this list? A great song with a kickass tune. Sonny's singing is very good too! The lyrics sound just as good as the music itself. Can listen to this over and over, a definite favourite of mine.
[Newest]This song is BOSS. This song is well made, and should be higher on this list. Once you learn the supposed meaning, it's just double the wow.


Song on the demin commercial called art of raw.
Great energy but because of repetitions it gets bored easily

54This Is the Shark Attack

I was on google right now looking at skrillex news and saw that he released a 3 song. Wp called leaving, so I then went on youtube and checked it out and this song is pretty cool. It might not be dubstep is still cool

56Fire Away
A really nice song skrillex released this year

Awesome song with knife party, should be a lot higher
Great song you all should listen to it or go to hell it should be in the top twenties at least
It's awesome! It should be in the top ten.

58Ride Home
Another track on spring breakers movie

59Lick It
Why this song isn't in the list? Are you kidding me? I mean, this is not purely made by skrillex, but we still have his touch in this song. Come on ya'll... This is not his best, but I believe this song deserves to be in top 10 at least!
This is a crazy song by SKRILLEX... You will be lovin it...
It's just awesome❤❤❤
[Newest]It must be on top 10

60Holding On
Breathtaking song..
i like it specially when I'm driving..
must listen to this one..
rocking song.. Beats are outstanding..
this song beats all the songs...
Superb! Superb! Superb! Skrillex rocks...
Awesome song ever made by Skrillex! I LOVE IT!
[Newest]I love this song, since I heard it on asphalt 8! This song always lifts my spirits.

61Do Da Oliphant
It should be at least in the top 30!
The best of the best of skrillex Is song its the number 1 and number 54? What?

62This Much Power (DJ Tool Untitled)
This is one of the most complex and interesting songs I've ever heard. The combination of pounding bass and synths with an incredible twinkle of melody makes this a must hear for avid fans.
This song should be on top 10. One of the best songs I've ever heard.

Chillest song by skrillex. The beat is amazing. My favorite skrillex song without a single doubt. This song should be at least in the the top 5
Beautiful lyrics, song flows amazingly. Best skrillex song ever. The vocals are clean and crisp, definitely top 5 song!
Awesomest song... Great bit of sound...
[Newest]Summit Mix or something, awesome song

64Scream and Shout
Why so low? The guy with the bad voice in this song makes it so interesting and an enjoyment to me. This is my favorite skrillex song.
This is an amazing Skrillex song that I thought shouldn't of been left out.
It is a great song and I am listening to it right now that's how much I love it
[Newest]Scream and Shout should be in the top 20 at least!

65The Disco Rangers Bus
Come on! It's amazing in the top 20. Guys please; we can put in the top 20.
I love it. And I am sure you're going to lovin it. The bass is amazing. AND IT'S FUNNY TO DANCE!
This song is totally amazing, why it is here... Vote! Vote! Vote!
Amazing to put in the top 20

66San Diego VIP (Nothing Yet)
Boom! The dj beats are like someone is playing guitar... Skrillex rocks it..
This song should be above 25
The vocals are superb

67Scary Bolly Dub
Right now I'm going through skrillexs channel on youtube and found this song. The song is a mix of of his song f****** die, scary monsters and nice sprites, and Bollywood. This song is cool uploaded on his youtube channel today 1/3/13
Its absolute skrillex song with a mashup of Scary monsters & F******* die and touches of Indian tune..Classic skrillex
58!? How is that even posible!?

68Devil's Nest

69Ease My Mind
Awesome, I like this song because the melody is arabic. Half electro and half dubsstep. You have to choose and listen this song.

No this is not Imma Try It Out, This is a whole new song

71Bad Romance (Skrillex Remix)
What?! Why isn't this in at least the top 5? This is a straight-forward remix, but it has an incredible depth to it. Brilliant dance music. It adds some flavour to the original song.
It's way good than the original one... Simple remix but dam good...

72Born This Way (Skrillex Remix)

73True Gangsters
This song kicks ass. You haven't lived intl you have listned to this song

74Love In Motion
All your senses will be on fire..the best funk love dubstep he has done...o
Awesome song.. It should b in top ten of skrillex best...

Beauty of Skrillex can be proved through this song..
Amplifier should be in the top 20 AT LEAST!

76Just the Way You Are (Skrillex Remix)
One of his best remixes.

A totally sick skrillex remix of katy perry's E.T...its over his"first of the year' and it sounds positively magnificent! " Bass drop is legendary!
This is a kick @$$ song! The voice gets even shriller for the second bass drop, and it sounds ALIEN!

78Sensual Senduction (Skrillex Remix)

79Alejandro (Skrillex Remix)
This song should 5th place

80Set Fire to Rain (Skrillex Remix)

81Star Wars Lasers
Song is dope. You really need to hear this song it's eargazmic pleasure.
:D Amazing! But I think it's better Star Wars Lasers VIP.
Awesome song, have a rare HD copy of it in my possesion

This song is kick ass. With collaborations with 12th planet and kill the noise make the song even better. Skrillex+12th planet+kill the noise =a bad ass song
Song should be in top 20.

83Drop Dead
Good electro house tune.


85Needed Change

86Rainbows and Dubstep
This song is awesome and to those people voting for pixel cheese remix that song is not skrillex so you are all stupid.
Song on his owsla 3 video on his official youtube channel.

87Seventeen (Skrillex Remix)
So different of the rest

88Bring Out the Devil

89Loud Noises
Skrillex and Feed Me

90Smell This Money
Track on spring breakers movie

91The Wind Blows (Skrillex Remix)
It's a great eong

92Rock That Body (Skrillex Remix)
Awesome... Just lovin' it and of course a good music for dubstep dancing... Skrillex you are just awesome I love all your musics and my favourite is skrillex avicii levels I've created my own dance on it...

93Sexy and I Know it (Skrillex Remix)

94Zeig Mir Wie Du Tanzt (Skrillex Remix)

95Eyes On Fire
This is a Zeds Dead song. But it is great.
This is a Zeds Dead song. But it's Great.
This is a Zeds Dead song, But Skrillex remixed it

96Dream (5 Dime and Bootleg)
This song puts dubstep to a new level. This song features a collaboration between 5 different dubstep artists (Skrillex, kill the noise, Nero, Zeds dead, and Knife Party. This song is great. To me one of the best dubstep collaborations

97Next Order
Skrillex is in a new acid tech band called Dog Blood and this cool song called Next Order. In this band skrillex works with an artist named boyz noise as some of you may know. Well any ways thought you guys might have liked the song.

98Middle Finger
Hey me again Skrillex made another song as Dog Blood called middle finger when I heard the title of the song I just knew I heard I had to hear it. The song is great hope you like it.
Just throw your middle finger if you feel me love
YA b****es throw your middle finger if you feel me love

99Dancing On My Own
THIS SONG IS AMAZING! It has a quick intro followed by a heavy drop. It also has a crazy transition from a lower pitch growl to a high pitch sound. I have no idea what the high pitched sound is. Whatever sound it is, it works perfectly.

100I Know Who You Are

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