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Get it on


Awesome bass really catchy and it never gets old best song made by skrillex

Well for me this and reptile's theme are the best songs skrillex had produced but since this is more underrated than that, therefore I voted for this one. Well for me both of the songs are way underrated.
Every time I hear this song I can't help but pump my feet to the music, this song with go places with ease
how is this not on the top of the list...
THIS SONG rules hell yeah
Love the beat to this song! It is totally one of Skrillex's best song! It may not seem like it to some people but it totally makes me wanna get up and dance!
Best song I the world I am your biggest fan! Please come to melbourne australia for a concert soon! Best song this
You will never get tired of this upbeat music kyoto is the best I highly recommend it if you love dubstep
This is like by far the best song ever! A complete mix of dubstep and electro-house gets you going! I bet that deadmau5 is jealous...
Amazing song, I love the almost middle eastern sounding part and everything else is amazing as well!
This is the best song of skrillex the beats are so perfectly timed. I listen to it after smoking weed and I walk like a mozart.
The sheer noise this song emits is enough to get the attention of anybody... The rap is banging and the beat is just dirty.


The song which made me a fan of trance music... Undoubtedly the best! The melody in that bass is addictive... Love this song...
How it kyoto not THE BEST? My favorite song of skrillex. I can listen to it 20 times a day without getting BORED AT ALl!
The beat is legit and the drop is wicked. It's got a good rap bit and it just makes you feel amazing listening to it.
This song introduced me to dubstep now I live breath and sleep dubstep the drop is just amazingly sick love it
Obviously the best, if you don't think it is, go to a hospital and get checked for a brain tumor! This is amazing!
I love the drop and can't stop listening to it. every time I listener 2 it, I have 2 listen more than once
Well I'm going to start off by saying that I really like Skrillex and Sirah, and when they do a song together I get excited in the pants. Anyways, I love the bass in this song and it has a rocking beat. Can't stop listening to it.
This number made me introduced to dubstep and the King of dubstep-Skrillex.. Killer one..
Best song ever it gets my heart pumping my head bobbing and I can't stop listening to it I was amazed the first time I heard it. Rapping is awesome so is bass and background music. It should be #1
Should totally be number 1! The best skrillex out there that one can get! Awesome stuff!
Why the heck is this song number 8? This should be in the top 3. YO Skrillex, drop it hard!
Here is my opinion... this is the most amazing and attractive song from skrillex
Thomas the tank engine puffing along
All of his friends will be coming along
I ain't heard better dubstep in my whole damn life...nothing beats dis song!