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81Zoo Lou

Scorp is awesome. his sting ability is awesome

83Knight Light

If you take the pounce pathe he is INVINCIBLE! Well 90% of the time. Plus when he gets to Lviv 20 he gets 1373 hp

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Countdown is my favourite

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86Polar Whirlwind

Cool looking variant though sill a little lacking in the damage department

I love the polar version the best. She is more cute than the normal version.

87Punch Pop Fizz
88Super Gulp Pop Fizz

I like his form because I like his bottles and his bottle is bigger than him

Super Gulp Pop Fizz is one of the best characters ever! The best part of S.G.Pop Fizz is that he can make a huge potion that travels with him and does splash damage!

89Wind Up
90Rip Tide
91Lightcore Warnado

He is the best skylander none my friends even will battle with because of him but 83 really hard to believe


Doesn't exist so it must be the best

I I've never heard of it

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95Magna BucklerV1 Comment
96Trap Shift
97Phantom Cynder

Hands down the best skylander! Killing any enemy no problem. and extremely fast to. just read her profile story and you'll see why!

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98ScratchV2 Comments
99Legendary Slam-Bam

Super strong and much better than the regular one!

100Rocky Roll
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