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21Alain Caron

Plays with both class and control. He knows how to maintain a certain song dynamic and not the song fall to the ground. Apart from from that his solos are incredible.

22Asraful Alam Sunny

Excellent bassist I've ever seen in Barisal
One day you will reach at your goal
You will take the place of Bassbaba

We the people of Barisal feel proud of you

Sunny, excellent bassist I've seen ever in Barisal.
We the people of Barisal proud of you Sunny
I'm sure oneday you will reach your goal and take Bassbaba's position
Best wishes

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23Louis Johnson

A funkin' funk master! The classic Music Man bass we all know and love today was essentially developed for this fellow (at the time, the MM bass was by Leo Fender)

24Brian Bromberg
25Michael Manring

How the hell could you forget this guy when Fieldy is listed so bloody high. I'm almost shocked.

26John Patitucci

One of the BEST!

27Bill Dickens
28Shafin AhmedV1 Comment
29Jaco PastoriusJohn Francis Anthony Pastorius III, professionally known as Jaco Pastorius is a multi-instrumentalist and influential bassist.V1 Comment
30Tim Commerford
31Dirk Lance
32Henrik Linder (Dirty Loops)
33Tom Jenkinson (Squarepusher)
34Pepe Bao

This guy, the bassist from the Spanish band O'funk'illo, is the king of slap bass!

35Jay BentleyJay Bentley is an American musician, composer, co-founder, and the lead bassist of the punk band Bad Religion.
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