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I don't know anybody who likes slipknot but this song sure rocks for me. EPIC RIFF.
The Best song among the more heavier metal(including Death) songs... It's just EPIC. The Best heaviest Intro ever and the best growl to be ever made with which the song takes off gets even more heavier more Perky... I used to cut the Riffing part of great metal songs put them as my ringtone. But when I heard this, I decided nothing can beat this! Because, NO NEED TO CUT... The Intro does it for you! Love it...
Simply the best, first Slipknot song I've listened to and in my opinion the best one. EPIC
Makes me feel epic love the solo
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2Before I Forget
Thanks slipknot, for this amazing song. This is obviously your best work, and that is saying a lot. I know someone who hated Slipknot, but loved this song.
This is one of the best metal songs ever! I absolutely love it!
Stay sic fellow maggots!
Slipknot have made many awesome songs
before I forget was the first to listen so I like it and believe that's the best
theirs best song
This song is boss mode
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This list is stupid... Who votes here? Little kids? This is easily number 1. 2nd is Before I Forget, Eyeless or Psychosocial 3rd and 4th and Wait And Bleed 5th.
THe best slipknot song ever mad good lyrics drumming bass (RIP Paul)
Agreed this one is a masterpiece and their best.
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4Wait and Bleed
What?! song number 4?! this song and spit it out should be tied for number one! I think the song is about coreys suicide attempt and how he stopped before he actually killed himself.
Just because a song wins a Grammy doesn't mean its good. Wait and Bleed is way better than before I forget. When I 1st heard this song, I loved it instinctively. Corey Taylor's vocals are simply amazing. Duality is their second best and after that Snuff. Before I forget should be somewhere at the bottom of this list. Its chorus is a bit lame.


THIS SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE! Its amazing! When I first heard it, I feel inlove with it like instantly! Before I forget is an okay song too! But I just love this one! This and Spit it out, completely awesome. I think before I forget should be like... Three.
In my opinion, this is Slipknot's greatest song. Before I forget is great too, I think it just gets more recognition than this song, because it requires a heavier taste to fully enjoy.
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Its the best song :) Very deep and lots of meaning in it. They couldn't have done better with this song:)
Snuff.. Enough said. :)

it takes a lot of talent for a band to make such a good song in a different genre
This song is very deep and heavy but you can also tell that it was made by a metal band
GOD it was hard for me to decide between snuff and psychosocial! But snuff at the end m/
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6Dead Memories
Awesome lyrics..
Great music and vocals also!
Song is simply great..
But I think it should be ranked higher :(
In top five at least!
One of the best metal songs ever! Can't stop listening to it! It's mindblowing!
Great song, really accessible, killer guitar and a serious performance from Joey. SLIPKNOT RULE!
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7People = S***
I know you're all thinking about how songs make you feel emotionally, but I couldn't care less. I'm a musician and in this song Slipknot displays some of their best musicianship, which is really what makes the band. Not masks, awards being won, an image, etc.
Great song and screams. The drums in this song are my favorite
This song catches Slipknot at their most honest period. They all hated each other during and it shows in songs like this one. Putting all of that anger into songwriting for a band like Slipknot leads to only one thing... Pure awesomeness, not just in this song but the whole album. This should at least be in the top 5, if not #1.
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8Left Behind
This song is actually LEFT BEHIND, it should be in the top 3! What is HAPPENING?! This is trademark Slipknot! Amazing!
Good song not my favorite but in the top 10 really good lyrics
Chorus is good
Best song by slipknot! Psychosocial is good but doesn't deserve number one or even two for that matter same with before I forget that songs too overrated
Just... Epic. Some reason I love it. Heavy and unique. Plus one of my favorite things in a song, get heavier on the chorus at the end.
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this is not only the best songs by slipknot, but also the best metal songs ever composed by any of the bands in the entire universe. just listen to the song and feel why it is the best. the screaming, sick lyric, awesome energy, everything makes the song simply THE BEST! Go sLiPkNot!
Sexy track, I masturbate with my ear drums mentally with the music that tickles my insides
Slipknot is the best.
I love you slipknot, with my all heart.
You're the best. You are the king...
Hello from turkey to MAGGOTZ
You Can't See California Without Marlon Brando's Eyes!
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Awesome intro, chorus, solo, and ending. Just listen to it you will see what I mean.
guys actually listen to this song its incredible, you can't beat the drumming at the beginning of this song
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The Contenders

11Spit It Out
Can't quite understand why this isn't in the top 10.
You can feel the adrenaline raging through your body when you listen to this!


This is Slipknot! Great Song!
Maybe the songs above are more melodic and maybe this is not the Slipknot song I would listen to all the time, but when you choose the number one song for a band, you have to choose a song that defines the band. Spit it out would be the one, I think..
Definitely the best should be #1 great vocals, great guitar and sid has a big part in it. And on one of their best albums
Who all voted for this? Plastic Fans!
Vocals are so brilliant! I don't understand how a true slipknot fan cannot vote for this piece of brilliance to be number 1!
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Vermilion isn't even in the top ten?

Are you guys kidding me?

This song is down so low
Agreed vermillion is brilliant and should be in the top ten :(
Why not in TOp Ten?!
We want it get in top ten!
Resident Evil apocalypse want it too...
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This is one of the most intense songs I have ever listened to. Why this is not One is beyond me. Amazing lyrics, aggressive vocals, and in the end, the vocals just blow you away. Better than psychosocial, maybe tied with duality.
I just don't understand why this isn't even on the top 10. What were the people thinking when they chose Psychosocial over this? All Hope Is Gone isn't all bad, but the change in style was a major downfall.


Are you kidding me slipknot top ten without (sic) being in it? I can't rate which song is their number one but this song should be on the top ten, Pshychosocial, dead memories, and songs like that are good enough but don't deserve a top ten status, come on fellow maggots vote sensibly
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14The Heretic Anthem
I found this song probably their heaviest


As a pure metal fan Iowa is definitely my favorite album and this is a great song, makes me proud of being a metal head
How can you say you are a true maggot and not have this song in your top 10? ITs simply amazing and gets your adrenaline pumping! If you're 555 than I'm 666!
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15Pulse of the Maggots
6?? this should be 1! Maggot for life


Hey man... That's not funny...
Pulse of the maggots shold be number 3 with psycosocial and before I forget...
This song should be number 2 with Psychosocial 1 and before I forgot 3
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This was the last song they played at Sonisphere this year! IT WAS AWESOME! R.I. P Paul Gray
Awesome composition! Good Guitar work nice drumming! Nice choice upal! I've loved the song too!
Brilliant song to scream into the ears of society! This is when they made some good music! Before Dead Memories that horrible song
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17The Nameless
Really good guitar and lyrics probably my favorite song from slipknot!


This song makes me go crazy in the best ways possible
I love it and should be in the top 5
Too epic for number 10
C'mom! The Nameless should be in the top 10! This is the wrong spot to put this song in. The chorus part is very amazing and so is the guitar part. This has to to be possibly one of my favorite Slipknot songs. Maggot for life!
Just listen to its drumming pattern, lyrics, chorus, studio work or recording work... Just creative more then other master peace of SLIPKNOT it really kick ass song by SLIPKNOT.
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If there are ANY maggots on this site, please vote for it, it the BEST! Before I forget and snuff SUCK, they AREN'T slipknot, slipknot is the grindcore/hardcore metal from the first 2 albums, the other 2 are them trying to be progressive rock, VOTE FOR THIS! (all caps VERY NECESSARY)!
come on people! better than every song to top 5... Eve oh yeah
This is BULL! This song is the best by slipknot, before I forget sucks compared this, joey just takes this song away on drumming
Sic intro, insane verse, Chaotic outro! Slipknot rules
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19The Blister Exists
This song can make a 80yr old headbang... Its that alive!

Amazing drumming by Joey. Under-rated!
Come on guys! How can this not be in the top 10? Their live concerts of this song are AMAZING! Their headbanging just sends a jolt of energy through u! The playing is awesome too! Defineteli a top 10! Coreys vocals are great hear too!
The best song ever its (THE BLISTER EXISTS)
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20My Plague
'I'm Just a Bastard, But At Least I Admit it' Lyrical Genius beats all the rest easily.


Actually, I'm trying to find the other best slipknot song, not only Psychosocial, Before I forget, etc. , and I think this song is the best one for me...


Excellent opening verse which really does make you want to take a bite out of a freshly ripped heart.
This list is all messed up. This song easily in top 10..
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21All Hope Is Gone
People go on YouTube and wotch the videos he's flippin people off that's totally sick
This is masterpiece. Simply very best song from slipknot. Such an underrated song
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22Vermilion Pt. 2
This is such a touching song. One of the most touching songs of this band, and one of the most meaningful, not the best, but it is better than some songs in the top 10.
I really love it thit
Incredible! The vocals in this song as amazing! I love they can change from heavy and do tat amazing
This is the best band ever, in my opion at least. However, of all the perfection that makes up this band, Vermilion pt. 2 has to be my favorite, tied only to Pulse of the Maggots.
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23Everything Ends
NUMBER 33? This song is AMAZING. I thought this would be one of their most notable and top songs.. So hard not to scream along to this.
Top songs are all mainstream. This song is slipknot at their best. How could this song be at 33?

Too hard for the little kiddies probably.

Iowa is one of the most underrated albums ever in my opinion.
Why this is not on number one? Nothing can beat this lyric.
The first song I listened to. I listened to it when I was 10
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24Gematria (The Killing Name)
fantastic lyrics. cool drumming. gets you pumped!


Come on people... Come on ): WE WILL BURN YOUR CITIES DOWN!
F-ing Awesome song. Their next best after purity in my opinion
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Hands down, one of my favorite slipknot songs, you wont regret taking the time to listen to this one. Definitely in my top 5 songs. Seriously.
I think that it's easy to see with this only being at number 40 is that Slipknot have too many awesome songs! Brilliant band!
This song deserves more... It has to be on top 10! This one kills every body's ears, the lyrics is beyond the eternity cause this song is purity!
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Brilliand drumming, singing, bass... such an underrated song
Vendetta is one of their best songs. The instrumental is enough to be a good song, but at the same time, the lyrics are good. This song isn't the number one best song by slipknot, but it deserves more credit than it has. Check this song out, you will probably like it.
Number 29? Are you kidding me? This should be at least on the number 2 or 3 its a great song and also my favorite one. Its long way better than most of the top 20 songs.
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awesome song, and great to rock out to.


Listen to sample

Amazing song. So emotional. I can't belive this is so low, and Eeyore isn't even on the list!
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WHAT? Gently not even in the list, this song should be in in top 20 AT LEAST, what my fellow maggots forgot about how great the song is. There are two versions and both are good enough, IOWA version is real kick ass, but MFKR version, man its an epic
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30No Life
Please vote sensibly. This is surely one of their best. This song defines their style and its lyrics is deep. If you haven't heard it, hear it and then see.
in my opinion their most unique sounding song.
AMAZING... Any slipknot fan has to love this song, it is true nu-metal and my favorite just after eyeless and wait and bleed... As you can probably tell their first album is my favorite.
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31Three Nil
I love this song! Its simply amazing! But my overall favourite is by far 'Danger - Keep Away'. One of the most amazing songs in history!
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32The Virus of Life
Feels like you're inside the mind of a serial killer/rapist... But in a good way. Great riff in the prechorus and really catchy. BRING ME TO MY KNEES!
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Dammit man, this song being so low is a mistake
Are you kidding me, this is the best song ever. It's starts off really creepy, then really gets going'. It's a masterpiece. How is it 28th. #1
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34Opium of the People
Amazing, it is so energetic and fist pumpingly brilliant
Quite underrated/unknown song but pure awesomeness. Vocals are amazing!


It say the thuth
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35Wherein Lies Continue
Way way better than before I forget, just listen to it, you'll see why I voted this awesome song!
By the way psychosocial still their best song
THIS IS AMAZING, it's not one of the main and should be, the chorus is insane!
I won’t control or restrain things I do not understand!
Perfect chorus One of the best vocals ever... I wont control or restrain things I do not understand... Pefect for me it can beat also psychosocial I'm nto sure but I think it can burt sure songs like eyless people=shit are nothing to this song
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36I Am Hated
Underrated song, one of the best on Iowa
What the hell this song is amazing come on at least in the top ten
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Great song, not very well known and I don't think it was played live very much. give it a listen you'll enjoy every second
One of the best songs of Slipknot! M/
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This is a totally dark, brooding song that seemingly could only be dreamed up by a bunch of complete psychopaths. "You were designed for my punishment"
I love that heavy doom/gothic sound
Damn this song is underrated!
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39This Cold Black
What has this world come to? If you're a true Slipknot fan you would know that this is one of their best songs. It is said to be the heaviest song on All Hope is Gone. The lyrics, vocals and guitar work are amazing! This Cold Black and The Blister Exists are my favorite Slipknot songs! If you haven't heard this song yet listen to it! It will make you headbang for sure.
This Cold Black = This top ten
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heaviest song by the heaviest band in the earth


For those who said Slipknot doesn't have impressive guitar work.
It's so deep. , the story behind it is amazing
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The most underrated song and my favorite one (love)
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One of best songs, top 5 in my opinion..
Come on people, lets get it higher
This song is really good, even though this Slipknot song is not too popular...


Why is this song down here... As soon as I hear the opening drumbeat start up, my blood pressure escalates. I have grip makes permanently forged into my steering wheel because of this song. This needs more votes pronto!
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43Prelude 3.0 Listen to sample

44Skin Ticket
72nd? Where are the REAL MAGGOTS!? This, purity, eyeless, gently, and left behind are my personal faves, but 72nd? Wow... SKIN TICKET for TOP 10! Come on maggots! Show skin ticket some love
This is one of the angriest songs I've ever heard, DEFINITELY deserves a lot more credit
Listen to sample

45Butcher's Hook
This song is so underrated it shouldn't be 44
Rank this in top 5
Listen to sample

46The Shape
Most underrated song I love this song, although I never see them play it live =/
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Come on guys! This song makes me cry! This would be in the top, I don't say first but nearly. Think about that please
AWESOME song. Even better than Vermilion pt. 2 but this should really be ranked higher (Danger - Keep Away too)
This songs rocks and give me a different feeling wic rocks
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48The Negative One
First single from their upcoming 5th studio album!
Sounds great, I can't wait for the rest of the album


The craziest song ever, it's so perfect♥
I've been waiting 6 years for this. I expected a good song, and them they released this. I'M IMPRESSED. It is already my second favorite song by Slipknot. The mix of my two favorite albums, Iowa and Vol. 3. I think that this will be the very best album of Slipknot. This song is heavy and sick, the lyrics, the screams, the vocals, the guitars, the drumming... it's perfect. Thanks Slipknot!

49Danger - Keep Away
This is one of my favorite songs... It has a nice rhythm... It should have been in the top 20 at least
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One of their best songs ever. I don't see why it's so low. Seriously, maggots! CHECK THIS ONE OUT!
Listen to sample

Stamina is 25?! Stamina is N.3! Paul Gray goods riffs and good drumming Joey and corey is total super! This song is real name a Slipknot RIP paul gray

52'Til We Die
I love the song because it helps me remember Paul... plus very sad :C
No matter how much I listen to it it never gets old!
Way down on the list, undoubtedly one of the best songs of slipknot. Way better than psychosocial!
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53Tattered and Torn Listen to sample

54New Abortion
New Abortion is here? Come on people, this is one of the heaviest slipknot's songs ever, is top 10 at least!
So underrated but definitely one of my favorites
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Word for word, this song has more concentrated emotion than any other, Corey Taylor even said it was his favorite. It tells Corey's story better than most, if not all songs by Slipknot. That, coupled with stupendous musicality and vocal prowess makes Metabolic the greates and most underrated of Slipknot songs.
This is what I call heavy. Corey has in my opinion his best studio screams on this song. It also has one of the most heaviest riff what I have ever heard. Too bad this song is not noticed even by fans ;_;
This is one of their best songs. Iowa is clearly the best and most heaviest album. Especially this song.. Absolutly incredible. You can tell who's a real fan of Slipknot by their album knowledge...
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56555 to the 666
I'm guessing you mean the heretic anthem? Awesome live. I love it.
Gets me whating to jump around every single time I hear it!

57Welcome Listen to sample

58Only One
How the hell is this not in the top 10? It's so amazing! Lot's of good hardcore energy! A (sic) song to mosh to!
Listen to sample

59Get This
Who ever didn't put this in the top ten

Suck these nuts
What the guy below this said.
Listen to sample

60Vermillion Pt. 2 (Bloodstone Mix) Listen to sample

61Me Inside
This song is just outstanding... If you don't like this song you are not a true slipknot fan, it has such an amazing build up into that part when he says "I WASN'T PROMISED A THIING" just so good.
Listen to sample

I love the lyrics...


Listen to sample

63Interloper Listen to sample

64Killers are Quiet

why doesn't anyone consider colsefnis days of mate. feed. kill. repeat. instead of all their mainstream bull. yet I love this song the most, whether its slipknot or not...

Shouldn't be in the top ten but it's totally sic man...
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67Dogfish Rising

If you love Purity, you will love this song because it's the original "Purity". I actually like both versions of the song so yeah. You wont regret taking the time to listen to it.
If you love Purity, you will love this song because its the original.
Listen to sample

I'm not even sure this is a song (considering it doesn't have any instruments in it), but it still represents how dark the Iowa period was.
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70Do Nothing / Bitch Slap
Th this is one the bbestslipknot songs that I personally like other than some songs. This song deserves to be in at least top 20. The top ten chosen songs are too mainstream.

71The Devil In I
Melodic, heavy and atmospheric. A perfect single for the upcoming album.5: The Gray Chapter
I love this song very very very much
I love the thrashy starting!

72Child of Burning Time
This song his achely good
This is not slipknots best 10 songs it is more stone sour than slipknot but man likeu voted snuff and dead memories you must vote this...the vocals are excellent most of you haven't heard it thts why its last...HEAR IT AND REMEMEBER...for me its in top 20 for sure
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74Don't Get Close Listen to sample

One of my favourites from the MFKR era, the bass in this song is simply sic!

76Some Feel


78Til We Die (Outro)

79Frail Limb Nursery

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