Best Smash Mouth Songs

This is the list of the greatest Smash Mouth songs of all time... Great band.

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1All Star

I love everything about this... There is really nothing else to say its just plain awesome

funny song with great music and an excellent chorus

LOVE THIS SONG. So great and very very inspiring. Listening to it motivates you and starts your day.. Just awesome.

Lots of people hate this but it is one of the greatest songs of all time

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2Walkin' On the Sun

Great lyrics that has a funky jazz feel to it. - chiaotzu33

One of my favorite songs of all time.

Great song! Easily their best. This is a wonderful cruzing/dancing song, with The Doors like overtones on the keyboards. Very cool.

Love the sound!

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3I'm a Believer

AWESOME! Love the music, the singing is great, the tune is catchy and the chorus real good.

It is my favorite song on smash mouth and my favorite song of all times. I am so used to it because it appears on the movie "shrek" and I love that movie as much as I do to the song.

Cover songs from the Monkees... great one! - TheSudhanva

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4Why Can't We Be FriendsV3 Comments
5Come On Come OnV1 Comment
6Let's Rock

Amazing riff that gets you exited to do whatever you want. - chiaotzu33

7Pacific Coast Party
8So Insane

The first time I listened to this song I thought... Smash Mouth is back! - chiaotzu33

pure second to none. this song has amazing lyrics and an awesome riff!

This song is by far the best for me!

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9I Just Wanna See

This is my favorite sing from smash mouth

10Nervous In the Alley

This was the song that got Smash Mout a record deal so it had to be on here. - chiaotzu33

Unreal song... Can't believe this isn't no. One! I do like Smash Mouths pop rock, but this just such a feel-good song! Indefinably 10 out of 10!

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11Everyday Superhero
12Then the Morning Comes

Just trying and trying again and this tune makes me feel good every time I hear it

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13Hang OnV2 Comments

Meaningful lyrics with great guitar playing. - chiaotzu33

15Every Word Means No
16Your Man

Deserved the video it got but should have been much more popular. - chiaotzu33

17Can't Get Enough of You Baby

The main song from Hot wheels world race, and favorite song from when I was a kid. Every time I listen to it I have flash backs. It is definitely one of their best songs. I know a lot of their songs, but this one is definitely the best for me. Greatest song to listen to while driving too laugh out loud


I love this song not my favorite but one of them for sure

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20The Fonz
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