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101Soot and Stars

Very underrated song, but anyone in the know, knows this song is glorious.

102The Tale of Dusty and Pistol Pete

This is a very underrated song on a very underrated album, "Adore", but this is one of the best songs on that record. Excellent singing, melodies, and overall feels. It goes from sad to reflective to glad in a matter of seconds.

103Window PaineV1 Comment

Great song from a very underrated album


Has no one heard this song? Not a typical Pumpkins song, but this has to be their most beautiful song, along with rhinoceros. An AMAZING solo in the end, which for me is a classic example of a mixolydian melody. The guitar literally weeps and wails, and the drums, as usual, are amazing.

106Age of Innocence
107Slow Dawn
109Being Beige
110Annie Dog

My personal favourite. The abstract lyricism and the beautiful chords in this song add up to absolute perfection in my eyes. If you haven't heard it yet, check it out

111Rock On
112Drum + FifeV1 Comment
114Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

I can not even begin to believe that this absolutely beautiful song is rated last on this list...

I voted for it yet it says 0% of people voted it... This thing is rigged.

Very first song I learned on the piano. It is arguably one of the best instrumentals of all time in my opinion. Great introduction to a massive album!

This is the song that made me love music.

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115Bleeding the Orchid
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