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41Let's Get Blown

good song and soulja boy raps in it an is actually snoop doogs nephew but the next episode is brettr

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43Lodi DodiV2 Comments
44Go to Church

Hell ya bitches this songs is sick. Makes me wanna get funky and get my grove on with my guns. Sometimes I listen to this song while I am naked in the tub snitches.

45Midnight Love

He raps from the heart in this song. Most underrated song of him! And vapors is second best

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46Serial Killa

Awesome song from Doggystyle one of hi classics Can't believe this song was not on the list top song one of the best in rap.

Awesome song it gives off a perfect vibe it deserves to be higher on the list

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Great music, one of his gangsta' rap. The beat was great and the lyrics too. Wow, it should be on top...

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48From Tha Chuuuch to Da Palace

This song is awesome just ask bill gates "yeah I know the homie snoop"

49Singh Is Kinng

Best punjabi song ever

50Gangbangin' 101

Not just telling a great story about how the crips and the bloods can come together to make one rap song, has a great beat, and truly great lyrics.

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51Lay Low

this should be a the top the best bro lay low lay low

52Knocc Em Down

Snoop Dogg in Tekken Tag 2! Awesome song

53Kush Ups

Best stoner song and the best of the album Cool Aid.

54Paper'd Up
55Just Dippin'

Feat dre n Jewell sic as song definitely should b up there in the top 5. Check it out

56This Weed Iz Mine
57Last Night
58Do You Wanna Roll
60I Wanna F*** You
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