Top Ten Best Snow Patrol Songs

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The Top Ten

Chasing Cars
such a sad but good song
This song is incredible and is probably one of my ultimately favorite songs. For some reason it gives me nostalgia and makes me miss the good old times. Love it.
Has to be although Run is a close 2nd for me. This is one of the greatest Alternative Rock songs of all time.
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Think it has to be "Run", it's first Snow Patrol song I ever heard and can still reduce me to tears. Snow Patrol at their best.


This is also my first Snow Patrol experience and when I first heard it, I sat back in my chair and listened to it...5 times. The last 3 minutes of the song has a euphoric quality that can't be matched with anything else I've ever heard. Between the instrumentation and the lyrics and overall structure to the song, it is a true masterpiece.
"To think I might not see those eyes
Makes it so hard not to cry
And as we say our long goodbye
I nearly do"

My girlfriend and I study in different cities. We see each other for only about 20 days in a calendar year. And every-time the time say goodbye comes, THIS is what happens.
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3Open Your Eyes
The Lyrics have so much meaning and the final minutes of the song are breath taking, an absolute masterpiece. I can not get enough of this song.
I really love this song! This is me and my little brother's favorite, he's 8 years old, and we sing this song together! This song is a real masterpeice!


I always liked this song but now it has a very special place in my heart. I played this for a person for the first time on guitar. That was the last time I ever saw them before they were in a coffin. Whenever I hear this song I remember him
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4Called Out In the Dark
Snow patrol at their best. The lyrics make you feel good, and the chorus is simply inspiring. This is the song to play if you want to feel empowered. And the different tempos its hits makes the song just like 4 seasons in one day - showcasing the spectrum of sound that snow patrol are capable of.
This song is just great! It caught my attention right away, the video is amazing and very funny...
I love this song and also the music video, the whole arrangement of the song is just so smooth
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5New York
"If you were here beside me instead of in New York"
One of the best song of the latest album Fallen Empires
Just a brilliant song. It's about a lover calling to his other half who's left for New York. Gut wrenching yet beautiful. All he wants is her. The best song on Fallen Empires
It's absolutely the best song by Snow Patrol! So moving and so meaningful... One of the best songs about distance ever!
Snow Patrol do their best this way.
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6Set the Fire to the Third Bar
Couldn't find Grazed Knees but the latter, the song and An Olive Grove are among Snow Patrols greatest songs. Loved Final Straw when I got it all those 4 years ago - it was the third album I got and wouldn't stop listening to it...
A great duet with Martha Wainwright This song is a slow burner it is the stand out track of the album. Went from least favorite to the best song.


So heartbreakingly aching to listen to. I connect a lot to books and music and this is one of those songs I cried listening to. Like other reviewers have stated, it stands out from many slower rhythm snow patrols songs, due to the raw voice put into singing this song, and the delicate backdrop of piano. Very emotional, power and elicit.
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7Just Say Yes
This song... Oh man... No words for it... Whenever I listen to it I feel like I'm letting go... I feel like dancing to it every time I hear this... I don't kno why but mu heart flies whenever I listen to this... Its just pure awesomeness!
Needs to be a lot higher - surprised Chocolate is not in the top 10
A Mesmerizing song... It attracts me every time I listen it... Probably the best song of Snow Patrol... You guyx are simply the best... It should be a lot more higher than 8...
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8What If This Storm Ends?
I love this song, the way it begins, it stops your heart in a second
The song is incredible and its background music awe-inspiring. The song may be long but it's worth listening to every second. I recommend everyone to give it a chance.
Beautiful song, I always find myself stopping whatever I'm doing at the moment to listen to this. It starts out so clam, then gets better every second.
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9You're All I Have
'I'm so clear now that you are all that I have' it's underrated to be ranked 6th. If you haven't heard it yet, you are missing something.
It is one of the best
Absol brilliant why is it not on their greatest hits?
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10You Could Be Happy
This song is really underrated! I heard it first on the T.V. show Smallville & it immediately caught my attention. Such a beautiful melody & amazing lyrics. Should be way up on the list.
This song made me cry! How can you guys not vote for this song? Super emotional. I love the way it's like a lullaby. I listen to it almost every night, and it always brings me good dreams.
If you've loved and lost, you know what this song is about. If you've hurt someone, you know what this song is about. Heck, if you've ever loved anyone at all, you know what this song is about. It's one of their best songs, without a shadow of a doubt.
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The Contenders

11In the End
I've followed Snow Patrol since seeing Spitting Games on MTV many moons ago. A truly beautiful song. I get shivers when Gary sings the line "I've waited here for you forever".
Should be on the top... -_-
I heared the song on the radio just amazing!
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12The Lightning Strike
This is amazing 3 songs in 1!
' amazing song! Totally in love with this song!
Breathtaking song from start to end
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13Signal Fire
This is snow patrols most underrated song. Amazing lyrics, awesome guitar work and a smooth finish that only snow patrol can deliver. "No I don't wana wait... Forever"
It keeps the same flavor of Snow Patrol's work but adds enough of the new in terms of speed and feeling that this is easily one of their riskier and better songs.
Spider-Man and Snow patrol... Could this get any better!
Plus the music video is really cute.
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Best song I've ever heard. the drums are incredible and lyrics are just genius. really recommend it
My absolute favorite Snow Patrol song. His voice, the instrumentals, the lyrics, the melody, literally everything is perfect and I'm surprised it's no in the top 10!
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15This Isn't Everything You Are
This Should be in the top five!
One of my favorite songs of snow patrol with great lyrics and music and the music video goes perfectly with the song
Everyone vote for it. NOW! VOTE FOR THE SEXIEST SONG OF ALL TIME! Honestly though, it's so beautiful and heartfelt. Chasing Cars is good, but this song has a change of pace that is just as beautiful.
This is one of my fave songs... Snow patrol are amazing! Saw them in concert and they were absolutely fantastic no one could beat them ever!
I love you SNOW PATROL...
Along with New York, this is probably my favourite song of all time let alone of snow patrol. Chasing Cars a close 3rd for me with Signal Fire, Chocolate and How to Be Dead not too far off
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16How to Be Dead
This song is under rated. It should be way up top! - Bilal
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17Shut Your Eyes
The songs melody is very catchy and the lyrics carry a message of escaping from the world that everyone can relate to.
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18Crack the Shutters
This song should be in the top ten (in my opinion), it is definitely my favourite song from Snow Patrol! This one and Run are my two favourites ^^,
What can I say, its beautiful!
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19Give Me Strength
The voice directly hits your heart...
Its majestic, loud and clear
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20I'll Never Let Go

21Hands Open
What a goddam catchy tune. Definitely their most underrated song.
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22Take Back the City
Down at 21? Laugh out loud! The tempo, the riffs..everythings amazing...! Has to be top 3!
Amazing track! Must be in top 3!
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23Make This Go On Forever
Such an intense song! And truly emotional.
This should be rated as the best Snow Patrol song ever.
Because he doesn't sing well here;you can hear the true feelings.
His voice breaks, and I love it, cause' it's so honest.
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24The Planets Bend Between Us
The best song ever!
"and even in the darkness, I can see how happy you are" :')
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25Spitting Games Listen to sample

26The Golden Floor
Incredible... Absolutely brilliant... Unique, intriguing rhythms and haunting lyrics... Love you SNOW PATROL
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27I Won't Let You Go
So, so, so, so beautiful <3<3<3
Like divergent
So fantastic<3<3<3
Just like divergent

28Somewhere a Clock Is Ticking
This song deserves to be on the top 5 list at least!
Such a brilliant song.
Such a wondenful song!
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29If There's a Rocket Tie Me to It
This song is so so good, perfect lyrics. I believe it has to be on the top 10
This song is so underrated! It's my number one by FAR
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30The President
Anyone touched by the disease of alcoholism will likely be deeply touched by the finely crafted lyrics here.

31Get Balsamic Vinegar... Quick You Fool Listen to sample

This is all ever wanted for life, man.this is called song
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33An Olive Grove Facing the Sea
It feels like something with in a dream. It's hauntingly beautiful.
An absolutely beautiful piece of music!
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34When I Get Home For Christmas Listen to sample

35Fifteen Minutes Old
My love this song, it's just got such a nice tune and it's peaceful. My top 5 snow patrol songs would have to be 1) fifteen minutes old, 2) Olive Garden facing the sea, 3) set fire to the third bar, 4) just say yes and 5) chasing cars.
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37The Garden Rules Listen to sample

38Batten Down the Hatch Listen to sample


40Set Down Your Glass
Amazing song. It is just incredible! Come on JUST LISTEN TO IT!
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41Tiny Little Fractures Listen to sample

42Starfighter Pilot Listen to sample

43In My Arms
This one's a beautiful track.. Love the lyrics, the pace and the pauses.

44It's Beginning to Get to Me
An immaculate conglomeration of melody, poetry and heartfelt emotions. The author's deepest thoughts about his partner and their strained relationship are artistically woven into this transcendent masterpiece. Oh, the feels when you hear this song...
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45If I'd Found the Right Words to Say Listen to sample

46Dark Roman Wine Listen to sample

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