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21Marcello Lippi

Four Champions League final, 1 victory and a series of Serie A championships with Juventus.

Won the world cup in 2006 with Italy.

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22Jupp Heynckes

Won the treble. Enough said

23Jurgen Klopp

Wouldn't shake Tony Pulis' hand, what an idiot doesn't deserve to be on this list.
He also celebrated a 2-2 draw with West Brom like they won the league.

Excellent Manager, transformed Dortmund from an average mid-table side in the Bundesliga to Consecutive title winners and Champions League finalists. Wish him all the best at LFC.

24Brendan Rodgers

This guy deserves to be at the top 10

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25Andre Villas Boas

Succesful with Porto but didn't do well with Chelsea or Tottenham

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26Louis Van Gaal

His is able to take a team from bottom level to unexpected highest level

He brought the struggling Manchester United to life again!

Van gaal is the best manager in the world right now.

Attack attack attack attack attack

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27Alf Ramsey

Won the World Cup for England in 1966. - plmilligan1968

28Rinus Michels
29Carlos Bilardo
30Cesar Luis Menotti
31Vittorio Pozzo
32Joachim Low
33Bela Guttmann
34Diego Simeone

Um how is this guy not top 20 at least? he has done an incredible job at Atletico, and now there are rumours he might be going to Chelsea next season, damn this list is so bad I swear down

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35Ottmar Hitzfield

He won a handful of trophies with Bayern and during his Bayern was very difficult to beat. He is the most suscessful German coach of all time

36Jürgen Klopp

One of the best managers I've seen in the last few years, he transformed Dortmund from a mid-table side in the Bundesliga to winning consecutive titles and reaching the final of the Champions League. Now at Liverpool he has smashed favourites Manchester City 4-1 (at the Etihad) and hammered Southampton 6-1 (playing away as well) in the Capital One Cup. Known for 'Gegenpressing', a type of fast paced, high pressing football which is designed to push opponents into a smaller playing area, and hit them on the break.

Best German manager of the present day

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37Sam Allardyce
38Ottmar Hitzfeld
39Giovanni Trapattoni
40Helmut Schön
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