Neymar has skills that is quite near to Ronaldo and Messi's. Neymar should be the third not Rooney. Neymar is talented as a great Brazillian player anyone has ever seen. Do you think Neymar should appear 4th, NO. Neymar should be the third, Yes. Show your respect to him, he is also young so he can be like the two top players, Ronaldo or Messi and not Rooney.

To be the best in the world is very simple you have to be a complete player, in other word you have to be able to shoot accurately with both feet you have to jump high to reach cross balls you have to have dribbling skills and speed, you have to be able to pass for team mate and create scoring chances all of these characteristics will make you a complete player so who has them do you, in my opinion so only ronaldo had them not C. Ronaldo, Ronaldo the Brazilian and the next in line shall be neymar. By the way I want you to mark my words missy will not be the same player as soon he is traded to a different team, he needs players like xavi to help him and they will not be there. You could take this to the bank.

No other player these days plays football with such talent, he has complete control of the ball, some of the tricks he has done have never been seen before... He comes from a nation of football, its practically in his blood he has the faith and the passion that other players done, plus we can't forget that he is so much younger than cristiano, Messi and rooney!
Go neymar, you deserve it!

Neymar has better stats at age 20 than Messi had. He is bringing back old-school flare mixed with technical genius. Judging raw talent alone, Neymar is a much better player than anyone else in the world. In a few years, his stats will start to match and surpass those of Messi and Ronaldo.

This guy has got some serious skill. I mean he can break down any defense will one of his amazing moves. He shows how absolutely beautiful the game can be when played right. He is currentely my favorite soccer player and I don't see anyone who might be taking his spot soon.

Neymar is better then rooney he is 1 of the best he needs to be at least 3d we all know C. Ronaldo is not pele but is yet still better then neymar because he has played more then neymar but for rooney to be on top of him bad neymar will be better when he moves to La La liga or EPL

I think neymar is better than messi... All the kids and adult of my city love him... I think neymar should be at 1st position... He is the greatest football player after pele... And messi should go to hell...

Neymar is the best but he has a problem... We saw him playing with brazil against other national teams and he played well. BUT we didn't see him playing against chelsea or real madrid or milan...

He is amazing! He has skills better than a freestyle. He is fast and is a complete striker he is a player we are going to talk about in years to come that's why I think he is the worlds best.

Neymar is the best player of brazil. He will be the best player in the world in 2014. I think he is the greatest player for all time. When Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi will be retired then Neymar will be the best player for all time

Neymar is d most skillful bribbler in the world, he's far and away a better trickster than Messi and Ronaldo, but he is still developing other aspects of his game. So right now he may be behind the aforementioned duo but very soon he'll be better than both

Neymar, don't get me gassed about the way he plays when he is on the ball, the technique he uses to get around other players is unbelievable and he is always on his feet at all times, I can see if he came to the prem, people would always "try" to hack him as he is so good his feet as you saw what happened to christiano ronaldo. Neymar should only come to the prem when he is older and builds moe strength, he will be best player in the word 2015-17

For me Neymar is the best.. I watched him play very well among the others. So I'm agree Neymar is best of the best player on earth. Please vote neymar., not ronaldo, messi or anyone else.K...

I believe Neymar posses a wonderful talent and he has yet to prove himself in Europe. In terms of football he has got a massive amazing skills, free kicking taking, delivers wonderful crosses, short accuracy, goal scoring, provides a lot of assists and lastly he always steals the show by drawing all spectators attention to his skills and moves this is a threat to big named players. Yes he still have to improve his marking, heading and sometimes get to believe that he can be and individual player not to always look for someone who can score.

Neymar is going to be one of the best players. It is a shame to see him fourth in the rankings at the moment and he should definitely be third. He plays with passion and shows great skill. He is the new face of Brazilian football!

Neymar is probably the best 20-year old ever. I watch him every week. He plays for an average team. He is a one man team as Santos does poorly without him and very well with him. He has some amazing moves. He almost singlehandedly won Libertadores Cup at age 19. He has scored the best golas of the year so far.

Neymar is a second ronaldinho is touches the ball like him and once he joins barca messi is going to teach him more skill better than ever he is going to me the next best soccer player. To me I think he is better than cr7 but neymar hasnt open up yet like he play in a low team now he is going to be playing with one of the hardest soccer team barca and him moving from santos is one of his best choices like I said messi iniesta xavi can show him more and I know neymar has something special in him and he is going to end up better than messi and cr7 he is going to help barca a lot

Neymar has the talant to do the best feints and he can do the best dribbles. He is the new Pele and I think he is the best football player. Messi do a good dribble, Ronaldo the perfect shoot, Rooney the best volleys, Falcao the good feints. But Neymar can do all of that at once. He will become the best football player in the history.

He has Exceptional skills and he will be a beast in europe. His Skills make people dance azonto. He Brings Art Back To Soccer. All He Needs To Do Is Be Mature And He will be one step closer to ronaldo.

Neymar should be in the 1st because he carries well, goals from very long distance, and do not plays foul. He is better then wayn rooney, lionel Messi and mainly C. Ronaldo.

Neymar Will be the best soccer player in a few year's time he has the potential to become the best soccer player But if he stays in stanos for to long I am afraid he might loose the spak that we see in him.

Neymar Jr, he is from Brazil. He is a best football player as we known he is young, tough, handsome, skillfull! First time a young guy from Brazil going to be a best football player after CR7 and Messi! His skills are adorable. His moves are best. A guy from team of Brazil now in Barcelona team, going to rock the football team. He is kinda patient and bold ~he would be the best first Brazilian football player I'm guarantee for it
I love you Neymar Jr! You are handsome and the best ever I support you and CR7 forever! May your moves, skils will be continue in the football career!

Neymar skills are just insane. So young I look up to him. His really going to develop even further! In my opinion his all time skilful player. Just what does the future hold of him1

His football skills are naturaly done. He is the next cristiano ronaldo because their skills are superb. He is the diffenders nightmare. Especially whe he cuts down the left and takes superb shorts he fulls the diffendres within seconds what more in a minute

I THINK Neymar is good player, fisrtly, we should pay attention his age, he is young player in soccer, and if am not mistake, his fints looks like ranoldino. If he goes smoothly, he vill be a number one in world cup. It is my own ponits.