Best Soccer Players of 2012-2013

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281John Terry

John terry is a amazing defender without him chelsea would lose lots of games against man city and man united

Simply 2nd best defender ever in the history of football in the unrevise

282Andriy Yarmolenko
283Jesús Molina
284Nader Matar
285Usenobong Udofa
286Carlos Costly
287Wojciech Szczęsny

Arsenal Legend! He will be between the sticks in 10 years time!

He is amazing. In 5 years time he will be the best goal keeper in the world. He is only 21!

He has the best reflexes I have ever seen and is the best keeper in the world.

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288Axel Witsel
289Víctor Valdés

He's one of the world best goal keepers

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290Peter Crouch
291Farhad Majidi

The best Football player of the world in 2010, who create symbol 4, cause four time score in derby against Rival Persepolis (lOng), and fans know him as a holy 7

Farhad majidi is the best player of iran an Asia now he is thirty seven years old but he run as a twenty years boy

Most popular on football players IN IRAN

He is the best player of Asia444444444444444

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I think that pepe is a great defender despite the way he plays which could be dirty a lot of times. But he focus on his game and just does what he does best ( which is defend) he does some great things for the team. (Real Madrid, Portugal)

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Nani is the best soccer player in manchester utd cause he has the best skills and so much faster than all, including his dribbling!

Nan is meant to be one of the top ten I don't really know what robin vanpersi is doing there thank you

Top ten at least! With his ability to get through 2 or more players at a time and score and set up goals for his team on a regular bases. Sometimes is criticized for not living up to his expectations of being the next Ronaldo. People than forget how good a play Luis Nani really is!

Nani is the best winger ever. I like nani

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294Grzegorz Lato
295Mario GomezMario Gómez García ( born 10 July 1985) is a German professional footballer who plays as a striker for German club VfL Wolfsburg, and the German national team. When Stuttgart became champions in 2006–07, Gómez contributed 14 goals and seven assists at the age of 21 and was selected as German Footballer more.

No one can catch Gomez class, he's unique in attack

Enough about Messi and ronald for a minute and start thinking about different players for instance Mario gomez, he is an exellent player who has great technique and scores loads of sensational goals he is not as good as Messi or Ronaldo YET but at least deserves to be in the top 8

Mario Gomez is a very great soccer player, He deserves to be ranked better!

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296Nazmi Faiz

The Malaysian version of Cesc Fabregas, Jack Wilshere, and Aaron Ramsey. He has the technique and vision. He can pass, dribble, tackle, and even shoot very well.

Nazmi faiz can make a diffrences shoot. He can make goal out of penalty box. He can hold a ball carefully like xavi, iniesta, gerrard.

He was very fast player who can shoot and was a good dmf.
He can dribble like cheetah

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297Rafael van der Vaart
298Dimitar Berbatov
299Ali Karimi

He is man who shows us the real mean of football

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Even if he is old he is still amazing he should be 20 he is the best

I think he is the best dribler of all time nobody can move and drible like he can

He is so good I love his style of play

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