Best Soccer Players of 2012-2013

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61Jack Wilshere

Come on he's going to be better than Christiano Ronaldo he deserves to be in the top 10. The 3rd best player I've ever seen. After Lionel Messi (Best player ever) and Neymar

Jack wilshere is a legand for arsenal and a really strong runner

He is amazing, a true arsenal man and plays with heart, deserves top 10 at least.

A good pacemaker, skill to watch, should be top 30

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62Marco Fabian

He's not the best player in the world
It's chi chariot and gio are a tide.

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63Thiago SilvaThiago Emiliano da Silva, commonly known as Thiago Silva, is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as a central defender for Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain and the Brazilian national team.

He is probably one of the best of Brazil very quick likes to keep it strong at the back and one of the best defender in the world

His strength scares attackers

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64Gonzalo Higuaín

Very good on the ball, can make pacey runs and very sweet shots.

One of the best madrid players

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65Lukasz Piszczek

This guy should be on the worst football players list, pure garbage

66Abedi Pele

He is the best footballer in the world. He should have been on number 1 ages ago

Pele will always be the best player

This is not the Brazilian Pele. Laugh out loud

I swear ill kill the person who made this

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67Michel Bastos

He is good ply in the world.


I think should at least be in the top 15. He talent has gone un noticed for a long while, but now while playing for brazil in the fifa confederation cup, he really showed the world what they missing out on. What really makes him a super right wing is his quick outbursts of speed, he incredibly phace at which he holds the ball and he super accurate shots

Hulk is the 22 best player in the world

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69Peter Cech

Petr cech is phenomenal keeper who has done very well with chelsea over the last decade

Easily the best keeper in the world right now. Not only that but he's also not afraid to come out when he needs to. I mean who sustains a skull fracture and still plays at that level? Duh... Peter Cech

Petr cech has proven his class for years now as the epl best keeper.

Hope you get you helmet off

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70Mario Gotze

Gotze has some of the moves I have seen in a while. People always talk about the Spanish league and English, but they never mention the competition in the German league. He makes up the midfield for Dortmund, and can always be relied on for the German national. He has amazing passing accuracy, shot power, and can dribble through many defenders without losing his cool

He is in few years time to become the best midfielders or even win the player of the year award.

I think he must be one of the best ten player

You are awesome great moves and the best in the world cup 2014

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71Carlos Tévez

He is one of the best striker in city and I am 100% sure city could not win last season EPL with out him period

Tevez is a brilliant talented striker an he can not stop scoring.

Tevez not scores too much goals but he is an honest footballer in the football hisory

What the heck is this guy doing here? Please vote for tevez

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72Raul GonzalezV3 Comments
73Jefferson Farfan

He is in the top 18 list in the German league so he should at least be in the top 40

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74Demba Ba

In the first half of the season Ba looked to be getting the Golden Boot but after the January Ba sadly wasn't even getting in the top 5 his Senegal teammate took the show but Ba still scored over 10 goals which any striker would be proud about

I love this player. I personally think he is better than Lionel Messi

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75Shinji Kagawa

So far this season he seems to be head and shoulders above the other Manchester United players. I can see Kagawa is the type who'll consistently perform well.
Time will tell but this is one of the few cases where I can see a top player in the making.

Kagawa is the best because he is faster stronger goalscore and I think soon he will become one of the best player in the world

Definitely the most promising player at United. Just need to build the team more around him.

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76Diego CostaDiego da Silva Costa, is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a striker for English club Chelsea and the Spain national team.V5 Comments
77James Rodriguez

He is the one of the five better than rooney and van persie

James is a very good player and may have lost in the world cup but he is really good one of my favorites.

This Colombian superstar and new Real Madrid player should e in the top 10 after his great performance in the World Cup and his importance to any team

Should be number 1. He is amazing and was fab in the world cup

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78Alexandre Pato

He Has A lot Of potential and will become one of the best in a few years he is the one of the best finishers and has a lot of positioning almost never offside like MESSI

Pato is extremely skillful to the point that he is needed in all ac milans matches

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79Jakub Błaszczykowski

BvB star player he will be one of the best soccer players in 5 years time.
He also is best midfielder in poland.

Blaszczykowski is the best dribbler on Poland and so is lewandowski

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80Marek Hamsik

2nd best player for Napoli cool hairstyle amazing at skills and good at defending

Favorite player ever! Way underrated! Fast as anything! Can bend it like beckam! And has the best Mohawk ever!

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