Best Soda Pop Brands


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The Top Ten

COCA-COLA RULES THE WORLD! EVERYONE SOULD GET IT! Whoever rated the "Jones" brand I disagree. It is not addicting. IT'S DELICIOUS
COCA-COLA IS THE BEST DRINK IN THE WORLD! EVERY ONE LOVES IT! Whoever disagrees are just weird people! This drink is DELICIOUS with a big fat cherry on top!
I used to like sprite more than everything but now I know that coca cola is the best and its more delicious than pepsi
[Newest]Cola is the best

2Dr. Pepper
Dr Pepper is the best and Coca-Cola is a wannabe because in 1885 Dr Pepper was established and one year later Coca-Cola was established.
Dr Pepper is the best and it has more flavors than Coca-Cola
Coke and pepsi, always arguing and killing each other. Hey, meanwhile, dr. Pepper is kicking both of their asses. It has that strong taste that most hate, but that's the thriller for us.
Dr Pepper is like sex in your mouth it has such boldness and yet so sweet, it tingles in your mouth and its spicy, like an explosion of flavor
[Newest]I Don't even no my opinion it's Just is so good

3Mountain Dew
And god said... "LET THERE BE DEW! "
Mountain Dew is better than all the other pops and I have on thing to say go on YouTube and look up coke-cola supports Wisconsin rodeo
Pepsi gave God a 6 pack of pepsi. In turn, God gave them the Mountain Dew recipe.
[Newest]Mountain Dew is the best in the world

Fizzy and bubbly, Cold and refreshing! My favourite pop.

Pepsi is so better than coke! And has a lot more of flavors than coke! So PEPSI ALL THE WAY BABY!
Amazing drink! I loves it that much I even collect pepsi bottles! Finds coke is too sweet but pepsi is just right!
Pepsi is number one HANDS DOWN. Everyone knows it is...
[Newest]Pepsi yay the best

6A&W Root Beer
Very Refreshing After A Stressful Day. Great Taste But Not As Good As The Original As I've Heard Of!
Even the diet a&w is most excellent, in my opinion

7A&W Cream Soda
Awesome soda my favorite I would live in a gas station just to drink this soda its that good should be 1 and squirrel sorry get distracted easily anyways best SODA ever PEOPLE WHY YOU NO BUY CREAM SODA TROLO BYE BUT really

How is fanta not in the top tens
Who can beat its understated but flavourful bouquet

97 Up

10Orange Crush

The Contenders

11Coca Cola Cherry

12Canada Dry Ginger Ale

13Mr. Pibb
This is so good you have to try it I <3 you mr. Pibb!

-Maddisen merchant 11


15Irn Bru

16Sierra Mist
No artificial flavors, no high fructose syrup, and all natural! Great alternative to Sprite.

Coca Cola is addicting. The flavor is nut, and it's not very good without caffeine. Jones in just AWESOME! I drink Coca Cola more, but thats cause it's addicting. It's like a drug except not as bad.


This should be number 1 not 9
Most underrated soda ever! Try there berry lemonade! This is good, unlike Coca Cola, which is just addicting.


18Mug Root Beer
Very good flavour! The best root beer. Love that creamy texture with the bubbles.



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