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What's your favorite solo artist?
Qualifications, has to be the only official member to a band or group.
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The Top Ten

Michael Jackson
WHEN YOU ARE THE ONE WHO SINGE, WRITE, COMPOSE, PRODUCE, DANCE AND CHOREOGRAPH.. you are simply the best, and every talent of these were perfect...
oh, I almost forgot he also directed 2 of his music video... so again THE BEST..
he is the KING OF MUSIC...
the best artist ever, and his talent was massive... singing, writing, composing, dancing, producing and choreographing... he even directed two of his music videos... what else do you need from an artist...
The King of Music... too many haters just judge a book by a cover! Don't understand how this world works.. More than just a legend.. The King Of Music.. PERIOD!
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2K.S. Chithra
She is the greatest singer of all time.
She has perfect pitch & perfect tune. I love all her songs.
She could sing any song & make it a hit. "
"Most certainly, without a doubt the greatest singer off all-time... And incredible musician over all. You can't tell me her voice is not the most unique as well

3Bob Dylan
There was music before bob dylan and then there was music after bob dylan. He changed the way that music was heard. The beatles were influenced by him. Go on youtube and look up "beatles on bob dylan" also like a rolling stone is considered the greatest song of all time.
I honestly can't believe this only has 3%...
Greatest songwriter of all time!

4David Bowie

5Elvis Presley
Elvis emerges during the late 50's and doesn't it tell those unbelievers why he is called "King" and why he is known to be the most imitated performers of all times. 36 years after his dead and yet his presence and influence is very much around. Elvis music is timeless and have withstand the test of time. He is the first and original American idol.
He should be number 1. Second to none! 36 years after his death, his influence can still be seen and fan clubs worldwide are still active and growing! There will always be a new generation of Elvis fans! ( Fyi:I don't belong from his era! ) Who can beat that?! He's "the king"!
There will never be someone like Elvis, he is number one.
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6Jimi Hendrix

7John Lennon
A true legend, gave the world peace and love and was part of one of the most truly mind blowing bands who changed the face of popular music forever. No one has beaten his record hits.

8Neil Young

9Bruce Springsteen
Bruce is top 5
I know he had the E Street Band, but it was all about Bruce

10Ozzy Osbourne

The Contenders

11PJ Harvey

12Nick Drake

13Stevie Wonder


15Paul McCartney
Not as good as he used to be, but can't despute his body of work.

16Johnny Cash


18Elton John
Please get Sir Elton John in the top 10

Ya! Vote for the real slim shady!
Whatdafud? Em this low? How duz that happen? VOTE FOR EM! SLIM FOR the WIN!

20Captain Beefheart

21Aretha Franklin

22Trent Reznor

23Amy Winehouse
Her voice and talent was unique! She was not a usual singer, she must be in the top 10!
She should be in the top ten!

24Gary Numan

25Eric Clapton

26Agnes Monica
She is the real diva
She is singer, dancer, songwriter, actress, producer
She is gorgeous and supertalented
Best asian artist of all time
I love you so much..

27Tom Waits

28Celine Dion

29Bruno Mars

Where is bruno mars...

Bruno mars must be no. 1...
with Michael Jackson... I don't believe that bruno mars is no.16...

Bruno mars is the best Solo artist...
I love Bruno mars very much...
Amazing song...

you must try it, I'm sure you like it..

he is the greatest singer of all time.
he has perfect pitch & perfect tune. I love all her songs.
he could sing any song & make it a hit. "
"Most certainly, without a doubt the greatest singer off all-time... And incredible musician over all. You can't tell me his voice is not the most unique as well

he is absolutely the most original, and the greatest performer, with powerful voice that leaves us shocked and amazed. He is definitely number one, Bruno mars can sing him heart out and she sings him own compositions which make him even better
he sings very clever things in her songs, and the singles he put out, in the order he put them out, was brilliant, and very instrumental in his becoming the best singer he is now

30Marvin Gaye
Soul at it's best

31Frank Zappa

32Beyonce Knowles
Singer, songwriter, dancer, editor, director, entertainer... !
A Star Is Born!

33Ryan Tedder
Come on! Ryan on 23? Seriously. Listen to his songs! Like gravity or marching on or prodigal or the right moves!
Why Ryan Tedder not here in this list? God he is giving the best of him!


34Han Geng

35Taylor Swift
She is what we call amazing. Just amazing

36"Weird Al" Yankovic

37Enrique Iglesias

38Sammy Hagar
Sammy has one of the best voices in rock history. And even in a band he out preforms them almost every time.
Solo Career = Great
Van Halen = Great
Chickenfoot = Great


40Billy Joel

41Robbie Williams

42Jonathan Antoine
The most amazing young Tenor of the decade. We have waited for the New Pavarotti
A young man with a tremendous voice. Started as part of a duo on Britains got talent.
His first solo album due out October 2014

43Frank Sinatra
Chairman of the Board

44Adam Young

45Peter Gabriel
Why? His solo music from the 70s is incredible. His 80s music is great as well. even his soundtracks! Listen to the music he wrote for The Last Temptation of Christ.

46Steve Vai

47Jack Johnson

48David Lee Roth

49Toby Keith

50Jeff Buckley
One of the most underrated artists of all time. Jeff Buckley's life and music was cut short so that only a select amount of people recognize and appreciate his music. It's a shame that Jeff never got the attention in the music industry he deserved. Jeff Buckley deserves to be in the top ten without a doubt. RIP Jeff

I think he was best in the smiths, but I love his solo stuff.

52Justin Timberlake

53Bret Michaels

54Ellie Goulding
Best solo artist ever! All fans vote!

55Ed Sheeran

56Ted Nugent

57Katy Perry

58Smokey Robinson
With or without the Miracles

59James Brown
The Godfather of Soul

60Wayne Newton
He's not called Mr. Las Vegas for nothing

61Paul Simon
With or without his partner Garfunkel, still good

62Rob Thomas

63Avril Lavigne

64Darius Rucker

65Kelly Clarkson

66Rob Zombie

67Aaron Lewis

68Howie Day

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