Best Sonata Arctica Songs


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Full Moon
Amazing song with strong e remarkable riffs, solo and backing vocals. Also the lyrics are just perfect! This song is definitely the best from Sonata Arctica. I should say that this song should be elected as one of the top 100 heavy metal songs at least from I ever heard in my entire life!
That "runaway" part is just so stuck in my head and I can't help myself but shout it out loud.
Great story, pumps you up!
This song is just epic!


2White Pearl, Black Oceans
Wonderful imagery and story. It steals you away and brings you into the landscape it paints.
One of the best songs in Power Metal History.. Like a song Mirror Mirror of @Blind Guardian!
While there are so many incredible Sonata Arctica songs, I am voting this one. It is a majestic masterpiece that takes you on an unforgettable journey.
[Newest]Best power metal song of all time!

3The Cage
This song is just amazing, the first time I heard it, I was in tears because of how good it was, Sonata Arctica are the best band ever made

4San Sebastian
Amazing lyric, amazing voice, amazing on everything. Sonata Arctica rules! This song is a must listen!
First song from sonata I've ever heard! For me its sonatas best song
For no reason at all.
I mean its not my favorite and I know its not the best but I think it should be #1.

The chords used are superior
It is a very good Sonata Arctica song, but Sonata is not as good as Mole G-Cow (the best band in the world obviously) I think every Sonata Arctica fan should try listening to Mole G-Cow, its incredible how good that band is

6The Wolf and Raven
The first song that I hear from Sonata Arctica and the one that I keep listening besides they others amazing songs! Also, amazing video.
Intricate guitar work throughout the song. Amazing lyrical content which mirrors the Shakespearean classic, MacBeth. Plus the music video throws a curveball at you at the end of the song.
Just the best of this band

7My Selene
my personal favourite of this selection. love the melody, love the lyrics!
it's hard though to choose a favorite sonata song, 'cause there are so many great.
Very Beautiful Song, it should be at the top of the list... By I wonder where is " The Wind Beneath my wings" it is the best ever songs by Sonata Arctica, though it is copied from Bette Middler.
The only sonata arctica song I like

8Victorias Secret
Easily my favourite song from Sonata Arctica. Pushes me up every time.
I' have the best!

This should definitely be in Top three. It makes up my mood every time. Such a great song. 16th? You gotta be kidding me.
Awesome lyrics with great music makes this song a perfect song!
How could a man thinks that? Awesome lyrics awesome music

108th Commandment
My favorite song of their album ecliptica... Just epic

The Contenders

11Paid In Full
The primary reason I think this is the number one song by Sonata Arctica is because of this : " My fault that you then turned another cheek, you mouth the words, you're not ready to speak, you're scared of me, although I never had a clue, that I've become so much stronger than you"
None of my 2 favorites are on the poll (In black and white, It won't fade) so I'll go with the 3rd. great chorus.
The piano is the best

12Kingdom for a Heart
It's just incredible! the beggining riff is fabulous. Should be number 1
Best Sonata Song ever!

This song is so beautiful!
I think it should be number 1
Everyone should hear this song at least once before they die. It really is amazing!
Amazing song. It explains a ton of my life's emotions, and not just because of the lyrics. This song reaches into the depths of my soul!

14Black Sheep
This was my introduction song to this band, the very first that I've head it's been quite a while since that fateful day, yet I still deem this song my favorite and the best they ever had, it's been many years and I'm still not tired of it! Thank you so much!
wow solo's amazing, riff's amazing, letter amazing, long live to black sheep
Remarkable, to put it simple. Great riff, great solo, great work overall.

Listen for yourselves, it's worth it.

15Letter to Dana
So sad and emotional
1st one I ever heard, still my absolute favourite

16Last Drop Falls
It's so strange that no one vote for this song. I think in this song Toni sing fantastic and the lyrics is straight. For me This song is one good song from Sonata. I wonder why this sing is underrated because until now the lyrics still ringed in my ear
This song is just GREEAAT! You should listen to it and vote it up, because it is one of the best song ever. The word motivate you to love more and more, more and more, until the last drop falls!
Strange... This great song is underrated... Honestly the lyrics of this song and the voice of the vocalist is ringed in my ears until now...

17Don't Say a Word
Why this song wasn't here!
I really don't understand, this should be at least top ten!
It has a great and heavy riff and great lyrics, it's pure energy! It has an awesome solo too!
the rhythm constantly is changing and that make the song very dynamic and funny!
Come on people this song is one of the best¡ especially live¡.
It deserve way high that 22
It's a great song.I love the fact that it is not monotonous. It has a beautiful melody and the lyrics are meaningful.

God, I can't believe this is not number 1. I'm a die hard fan of SA and this song is their best ever... Give it a shot

19The Misery
THE BEST BALLAD! My girl love it because of me. And I also love it. (AND HER! )
I love this type of music.
This song is very romantic.
I like melody and his voice, too.
Hope you like and vote for this song!
My favorite song ever! It's perfect, Sonata it's my favorite band because of this song.

This is a very very sad song, probably lessens some burdens of sorrow on my head too... I love this song... Wow!


I think It's the best because of the opening, which sounds, not Renasonic, but noble. And, "Another misspelled rythe written in the Book of Time." And, "How could I trust in someone of your kind?! " and finally, "And I got today, another letter in the mail! I can't read it here, not today! And the years go by, unopened letter meets my eyes. Old and wiser, but I'm still scared! "
Seriously 21?!?! This was the very first song I heard from Sonata Arctica, My personal favourite!
I think it should be in the top ten
If you hear hiroshima concert you'll be agree with me

23Flag In the Ground

24Picturing the Past

25My Land
Best song!
High notes, fast and strong!
So many great SA songs... But this is my favorite!
Very strong and powerful, that's how a song should be!

26Power of One
Amazing riffs, amazing harmony, beautiful message on the lyrics... Just perfect
Come on. This IS a top ten song.
Very much like this epic sounding track!

Haven't listened much to SA, but this one sticks out for me, at least thus far!

27The End of This Chapter
A song about old love now regretfully left behind. "I tell you that past times won't die, I tell you that old lies are alive". Lines about despair and sorrow after a love that most likely went bad (Love due to expire too long time ago, kill me, please kill me before) with emotional piano tune and superb overall music. Must be in the top ten for sure!
My Favourite song!
A lot of love, lot of thoughts, lot of regrets.
Absolutely amazing guitar, amazon piano and amazing vocal!


29False News Travels Fast

Definitely the best SA song, the story is magical, so is the music.

31Blank File

32No Dream Can Heal a Broken Heart

33The Gun

34The Boy Who Wanted to Be a Real Puppet

I'm genuinely surprised that I had to add this song to the list myself, it's absolutely astonishing, I love everything about this song, it is just beautiful
This song is so interesting and has memorable sections. It's clearly up there with White Pearl, Black Oceans as one of Tony's greatest lyrical works!
Simply breathtaking. Makes me speechless every time I hear it.


GUYS, how can this not be on the list at all? Before I came here I expected it to be top 5 at LEAST! Awesome ballad in my eyes! :D
This list is full of crap this should be in top 5
I've registered only to vote in THIS SONG... ITS AMAZING!


38Destruction Preventer

39The Last Amazing Grays
How come this song is in 43?!

Great, emotional vocals and breathtakingly well composed instrumental. Definitely one of the best songs by Sonata Arctica.

41In the Dark


43Sing In Silence

44The Day

45Silver Tongue
This song is great.. This is the first song of them I heard.. I wish they will do it live. Can't find any live video of them playing this song

46The Wolves Die Young
This song is awesome! I love the rhythm, the 2nd solo is perfect, and the chorus is just magical, should be in top 15.. At least.
Pretty nice song :D, love the intro


Epicness song I've ever heard.
Basically, two epic songs. The lyrics are simply fascinating. The power of nature will show us that humanity made ​​many mistakes over-exploit our resources to one day, and Sonata Arctica show their respects.

49Draw Me
One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard, the melody isn't as complex as some of the other songs. But it's simplistic nature, when coupled with Tony's incredible voice makes it beautiful.
This song is so beautiful, the lyrics have such emotion and beauty behind them.
in I originally voted for White Pearl Black Oceans, but I then noticed an option to add an item.
Deeply emotional, beautiful and real! Not the most complex song Sonata has written but it encompasses Toni's true emotion true his music. It may not be the Top song but merits a much much higher spot on this list.

50Only the Broken Hearts

51In Black & White

52Tonight I Dance Alone
First SA song I ever heard and made me adore themm/

53Larger Than Life

54Somewhere Close to You

55The Vice

56Wrecking the Sphere

57My Dream's But a Drop of Fuel for a Nightmare
Really? I have to add this one myself?

58The Wind Beneath My Wings
Metal makes everything better. Love the song.. Listen to it every day!
The best remake I've ever heard!

59Wildfire Part II: One With the Mountain

60The Ruins of My Life
So epic. So emotional. So much soaring feeling in this song, it really creates the imagery of medieval warfare and it's toils back then.


My favorite on the latest album Pariah's Child!

63Ain't Your Fairytale
I had to add this.
This song is amazingly awesome.
It deserves to be in the top 5.

64I Have a Right

65S***load of Money


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