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41Destruction Preventer

Surprised this song is rated as low as it is. Fantastic song!

Ome of the greatest songs ever.
And just maybe my favorite sonata song.

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43In Black & White
44What Did You Do In the War, Dad

This song really spoke to me, it is emotional and you can just hear the respect in their voices, this song is easily top ten material.

45It Won't Fade

One of the bests Sonata Arctica songs. The vocals are epic! - OstrichGuitar


Great, emotional vocals and breathtakingly well composed instrumental. Definitely one of the best songs by Sonata Arctica.

47In the Dark
48Sing In Silence
49Ain't Your Fairytale

This song is in my top 3. Lots of contrast with all the sections in the song and it's all fused together seamlessly.

An amazing song. I'm honestly surprised it is this high on the list.

I had to add this.
This song is amazingly awesome.
It deserves to be in the top 5.

50The Day

Tragic story but this song is beautiful at its finest!

51Silver Tongue

This song is great.. This is the first song of them I heard.. I wish they will do it live. Can't find any live video of them playing this song

52The Wind Beneath My Wings

Metal makes´╗┐ everything better. Love the´╗┐ song.. Listen to it every day!

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53Larger Than Life
55I Have a Right

In my opinion the best song on The Days of Grays. Distinct yet catchy melody, and the end's solo is just pure win.

57Draw Me

Deeply emotional, beautiful and real! Not the most complex song Sonata has written but it encompasses Toni's true emotion true his music. It may not be the Top song but merits a much much higher spot on this list.

One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard, the melody isn't as complex as some of the other songs. But it's simplistic nature, when coupled with Tony's incredible voice makes it beautiful.

This song is so beautiful, the lyrics have such emotion and beauty behind them.
in I originally voted for White Pearl Black Oceans, but I then noticed an option to add an item.

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58Only the Broken Hearts
59Tonight I Dance Alone
60Wildfire Part II: One With the Mountain
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