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181 Over - Drake Over - Drake

This is probably Drake's best song. The sounds are stunning. Drake raps well in this song. - madoog

182 Stereo Love - Edward Maya Stereo Love - Edward Maya

Everything about this song is very nice, and it is atmospheric. It makes me think of a carnival. - madoog

183 Got Your Back - T.I. Got Your Back - T.I.

This anthem is absolutely stunning. - madoog

184 B.M.F. - Rick Ross B.M.F. - Rick Ross

Hip-hop at its strong performance, and it is catchy. Rick Ross addresses haters and talks about money. - madoog

185 Make a Movie - Twista Make a Movie - Twista

This song is really nice and romantic --- Twista's usual fast rapping and how Chris Brown sings. - madoog

186 Lil Freak - Usher Lil Freak - Usher V 1 Comment
187 Flying - Tomandandy Flying - Tomandandy

Flying is a great soundtrack song. It is atmospheric and electronic. - madoog

188 Hard In Da Paint - Waka Flocka Flame Hard In Da Paint - Waka Flocka Flame V 1 Comment
189 This Girl - Laza Morgan This Girl - Laza Morgan

This song is beautiful and has great lyrics. - madoog

190 Your Love - Nicki Minaj Your Love - Nicki Minaj

Your Love is so good, dreamy, atmospheric, catchy, and has great beats. I like the auto-tune in this song. Memorable lyrics: he was Adam, I think I was Eve, but my vision ends with the apple on the tree. - madoog

191 No Hands - Waka Flocka Flame No Hands - Waka Flocka Flame

It is a great party song. Roscoe Dash's voice is awesome. "girl, the way you moving, got me in a trance, DJ turn me up, ladies, this your jam, come on, imma sip moscato... and imma throw this money while you do it with no hands" - madoog

192 Power - Kanye West Power - Kanye West

Robust / Ye intensifies his Power anthem with his lyrics "no one man should have all that power, the clock's ticking, I just count the hours" Ye's vocals are superb. - madoog

193 All the Way Turnt Up - Roscoe Dash All the Way Turnt Up - Roscoe Dash

His vocals are nice in this great song. - madoog

194 My Chick Bad - Ludacris My Chick Bad - Ludacris

It is very catchy and really good. The deep male voice is the main ingredient. - madoog

195 A Child is Born - Rihanna A Child is Born - Rihanna V 1 Comment
196 Peacock - Katy Perry Peacock - Katy Perry V 1 Comment
197 Who You Are - Jessie J Who You Are - Jessie J

Sad but inspiring song, it is great. - madoog

198 Who Dat Girl - Flo Rida Who Dat Girl - Flo Rida

This song is great. Great collaboration - madoog

199 Blowing Me Kisses - Soulja Boy Blowing Me Kisses - Soulja Boy

This song is so nice, and Soulja Boy's vocals are fine. - madoog

200 Beautiful Monster - Ne-Yo Beautiful Monster - Ne-Yo V 1 Comment
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