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61Queen of Hearts - F****** Up
62Public Enemy No. 1 - Megadeth
63Raised by Wolves - Falling In Reverse
64S&M - Rihanna
65Come With Me Now - Kongos
66The Shrine / An Argument - Fleet Foxes
67Black Tongue - Mastodon
68Too Close - Alex Clare
69Help Is On the Way - Rise Against
70Miss You - Foster the People
71Get It Daddy - Sleeper Agent
72Price Tag - Jessie J Ft. B.o.b
73Separator - Radiohead
74Re-Wired - Kasabian

It's one of the more enjoyable songs of the year. Even when we had a load of garbage from the likes of Rhianna and Lady Gaga, Kasabian is still making quality songs. - Stewie0

When in doubt, trust Kasabian to come up with a quality record. Thank god these guys haven't sold out to the Simon Cowell audience.

With more guitar rifts than you can shake a stick at it's no wonder that Re-Wired by Kasabian is a modern classic in the making.

Used in the Video Game Sleeping Dogs on Kerrang Radio!

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75Lonely Boy - The Black Keys
76Pantomime - Imagine Dragons
77How to Love - Lil Wayne

I hate when they compare Eminem and Lil Wayne. People can remember Lil Wayne's Lyrics by just listening but eminem song they see lyrics and it takes a lot of hardwork. That's the reason I hate Lil Wayne. When I listened this song, I got inspired by him. He should sing like this type of songs.. Amazing!

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78Circuital - My Morning Jacket
79Beware - Death Grips
80Locust - Machine Head
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