Best Songs on Alice in Chains' Dirt

The best songs off the greatest grunge album of all time.

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This song is in my top ten for greatest songs of all time, that's how good it is. Period.

2Angry Chair
3Them Bones

Actually tied for first with Rain When I Die but this song always gets all the love - Paragon_Pariah37

4Down In a Hole

Why is this not number 1. One of the best songs I've ever heard. it helps me through hard times

Way to low. This song is just beautiful and also has a lighter tone than the others.

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How in the hell is this not first?

6Rain When I Die

It's just amazing. The riff, the time signatures, the lyrics, the chorus, the vocals, the bass, the drums, the guitar licks, the emotion; it's EVERYTHING Alice In Chains R.It's SO DAMN hard to choose only one song from "Dirt", it's a pure masterpiece, but I have to go with "Rain When I Die". Close tiers are "Dam That River", "Would", "Them Bones" and "Rooster".

8Dam That River

The aspects of the song are very intense and just perfect-Eddie Bryant

The riffs are undeniably awesome


A great song about a terrifying subject. It is diverse in the sense that it makes you happy yet think about things such as drugs and mental and physical pain and despair. The song starts off with an upbeat drum cymbal but suddenly slows down into an emotional grind. Alice in Chains masters the art of "making something terrifying into something beautiful" with ease.

The Contenders

11Hate to Feel
12God Smack

Awesome song, very underrated and overshadowed by the rest of the Dirt album. Hate to Feel is also good - Paragon_Pariah37

VERY cool vocals and drumming in the chorus. Although I think that Junkhead should be in the top 10 also.

13Iron Gland
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1. Down In a Hole
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2. Them Bones
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