Best Songs Off of Angels & Airwaves' Love

What is your favorite song off of Angels & Airwaves 2010 album "LOVE"?

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1The Moon-Atomic (...Fragments and Fictions)
2Epic Holiday

This is easily the best song on the disc, Hallucinations 2nd best. Get this list sorted out.


Come on, Hallucinations is so cool! It's fast, it's light, and it has some epic keyboarding and drums! Tom did a really good job with the vocals, too.


No doubt about it, I'm sorry peeps but this music rocks! The Moon Atomic is Ok I guess... Epic holiday coming in close second to shove by the way, but seriously? The Flight of Apollo up at SECOND?!

5The Flight of Apollo

This is one of the AVA songs that contains such diversity in it. It starts out with the soft soothing but far-away sounding piano chords, which just lift your feet off the ground, then you get a heavy guitar riff, followed by Tom's rap like verses, with a great heavenly and lyrically brilliant chorus. Well, what am I saying all the lyrics are brilliant of course!

6Young London

This should be a tad higher Amazing song! - OasisFeelsLove

7Soul Survivor (...2012)

Best song TDL ever wrote. It just keeps rising and rising. Heavy guitars and cool delayed synth intro, cool lyrics too. Very underappreciated song. The vignette with the skater is awesome too, look it up on YouTube

8Saturday Love

Off their brand new album, it has the most epic intro ever! This is totally the best one they've written. Hands down.

9Clever Love
10Letters to God, Part II

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11Some Origins of Fire
12Behold a Pale Horse
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