Best Songs On Bring Me the Horizon's Suicide Season

Top ten songs from Bring Me The Horizon's second studio album, Suicide Season. This album also happens to have ten songs exactly, perfect for a list.

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1Chelsea Smile

In my opinion this is their best album, such a great song.

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2Diamonds Aren't Forever

Not my fave song off this album. Chelsea Smile Is. But I can't bare to see it below The Sadness Will Never End. This song will allways remain second best on Suicide Season.

3The Sadness Will Never End

I love this song as it seems like prequel to There is a Hell in terms of music and lyrics. You got dark ambient electronics at the beginning, guest vocals and lyrics about a falling relationship which is prominent throughout There is a Hell. There is a Hell is my 2nd favourite Bring Me album because of it's themes and overall sound.

I really do love "Suicide Season" but "The Sadness Will Never End" is my favorite from this album, this song shows hope with lyrics like I won't give up on you.

The lyrics to this song are amazing. This is really the best song on the entire album and the best song from the band itself.

4Suicide Season

Honestly, this song have some sad lyrics and it's means so much and it's great. It talks about a friend that lost somebody in their life and how they slowly lost touch of each other. I read the lyrics to this song and almost cried, and it made me want to cry. With lyrics like," If only sorrow could build a staircase, our tears could show the way.

We would climb our way to heaven, and bring him back home again." and great instrumental sounds. This should be much higher than it is!

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5The Comedown
6Death Breath
7It Was Written In Blood

This song is painfully underrated

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8Football Season Is Over
9Sleep With One Eye Open

Top Three:
3: Chelsea Smile
2: Diamonds Aren't Forever
1: Sleep With One Eye Open

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10No Need for Introductions, I've Read About Girls Like You On the Backs of Toilet Doors
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