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41 Why Trust You Why Trust You
42 Apple Bush Apple Bush
43 The Song That Didn't Rhyme The Song That Didn't Rhyme

This is an underappreciated gem. It could just as easily have appeared on a Weird Al album.

44 It's Me It's Me

I have both the song and seen the video. The video was like one of the best

45 Elected Elected

WHAT THE HELL IS THIS! Why isn't there hardly any early Alice songs up there! This, Billion Dollar Babies, Ballad of Dwight Fry and so many other Alice Classics are stranded down here! It's absolutely absurd. I vote this, because it's a brilliant song. I remember when I was about 8 years old, my mum put this on on the way to school. It's the first song I ever heard of Alice, and it's the first song I ever fully appreciated, and it's the song that has set me off on my love for music 8 years later. But why is all the newer stuff higher than songs like this?! I'm not suggesting there bad in any way, but this is a classic! And it's a song that defines Alice's career! Should MUCH higher in my opinion.

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46 I Am Made of You I Am Made of You

It's rare I love a song the first time I hear it, but this one hooked me instantly. It's the kind of song the Joker would sing to Batman.

I though the song was alright. Even though the song has auto tune

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47 Department of Youth Department of Youth

This one's a classic, I'm surprised it isn't at least top twenty. This is one of his biggest hits anyway. And the fade out is hilarious.

48 Dangerous Tonight Dangerous Tonight

I also heard this from watch dogs. The only song I liked on the whole soundtrack. Such an underrated song. A top 5 for me

Should be higher just had never heard it until I played watch dogs. Worth listening if you don't know it

Why is this so low on the list?! Has to be one of the most under rated songs..

One of my favorites from Hey Stoopid.

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49 Thrill My Gorilla Thrill My Gorilla
50 Muscle of Love Muscle of Love
51 I Love America I Love America

Some of his funniest lyrics and also a very catchy song. One of my personal favorites

52 Prettiest Cop On the Block Prettiest Cop On the Block
53 Lost In America Lost In America

My father loves this song! But I can see why because it is a good one.

54 Only My Heart Talkin' Only My Heart Talkin'

He does this song with Steven Tyler and I think they go great together. Great song!

This song is unpretentionously romantic and beautiful. In my opinion.. Just the best rock ballad I' ve ever heard. I can't stop listening to it.

55 I'll Bite Your Face Off I'll Bite Your Face Off

Very catchy tune that works great in the live show.

This my favorite Cooper song!
It doesn't deserve 39th place just listen to it and raise it higher

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56 Freedom Freedom
57 Little by Little Little by Little
58 Run Down the Devil Run Down the Devil

The dirty diamonds is a great album and the songs are awesome to like this song, dirty diamonds, woman of mass distraction, perfect and your own worst enemy. But I think run down the devil is the best from the album. The guitar solo is a bit similar to vengeance is mine. Like the song or... GET ROADKILLED!

59 Man of the Year Man of the Year
60 Vengeance Is Mine Vengeance Is Mine

This is from his album Along Came a Spider. This song features Slash and it's a killer song. Slash is a great guitarist!

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