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61Wicked Young Man
62Stolen Prayer

Last temptation is the Most UNDErrated album by Alice cooper, this track one of his best ever, along with halo of flies and wicked young man, but lots of others that come close, altogether an under rated artist,

One of Alice's most epic songs, along with all the others on The Last Temptation. Way underrated album.

63Generation Landslide

This song should at least be in top 20. Great song from Billion Dollar Babies album.

64Is It My Body
65Remarkably Insincere
66Burning Our Bed
67From the Inside

This is where you get started.

It's catchy and addicting

68Time to Kill

Anything off Raise Your Fist and Yell would be satisfactory to be #1 on this list.

69A Runaway Train
70Shoe Salesman
72When Hell Comes Home
74Cold Machines

Cold machines is awesome! It's dark heavy sound made like the album brutal planet

75Nothing's Free

This moody track is off of the excellent "The Last Temptation" album. One of my favorites.

76Not That Kind of Love

Trust me everyone give this one an intent listen and you willsee.

77What Do You Want from Me

An epic song, indeed. Alice is just as great now as he's always been. He's much older but he's still got it.

78Sister Sara

One of the best tracks from dragontown. I love this song so much. I could heard it again and again and not get bored.

79Some Folks

I LOVE this song to death. It's catchy always gets stuck in my head and an amazing song form the welcome to my nightmare album (it's one of my favourite albums and welcome to my nightmare is my most favourite song that by Alice).

This is the fourth song from Welcome to My Nightmare. It's a bit catchy and addicting.

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80Black Juju
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