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Filth in the Beauty
Genuine J-rock at its best. I'm telling you guys; Gazette will make history. Who knows, they might be in the rock and roll hall of fame someday.


Awesome combination of rock and R^^B, great job Gazette. As aeromaxx777 said you might be in the rock and roll hall of fame someday.
Best j-rock song ever! GAZEROCK forever
They are so professional and oh-so-gorgeous.
love Ruki & Uruha
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This song is fair-enough to be the best song of the gazette... Never get bored when I listen to em' the guitar solo also is the best of all GazettE songs.. Vote for Cassis yo'
This song is brilliant. The acoustic guitar at the start, the amazing melody on the piano, the meaningful lyrics and the superb singing all combine to make the best song by the gazette.
This song is the best of the gazette ruki voice is amazing and so soft aoi and uruha guitar ar awesome the music and the video ar great all members look pretty and sexy
Its sad song but very very beautiful and words from the heart I never bored to listen this magique song
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it has a dramatic melody and a beautiful meaning, so much emotions on to the song>>i like the part of the song saying soko ni furu kanashimi wa.. and guren no hana ga saku.. blooming the love to a person and regreting what bad things that you did to the you adore and cherish.. its my number one favorite song of the gazettE.
It's my favorite song! I really love Guren
Really" love this song, my favorite! ^^,
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Great sad song of the end of year, great emotional performance and when I saw the PV, I felt like.. The song raid the rain in the PV [laugh out loud]. The GazettE best song of all time.
Cat is the best ever

p.s. She really does need sky store :) LOL
the sadest break up song ever! Ruki's voice is just amazing here, and emotional, best BALLAD OF ALL TIME I think! kinda extreme I know! XD
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It's just amazing! The thing I think of most when I hear The GazettE is this song. It's hard rock and that's why I love it. The two songs above just seem to soft and gentle for me to think of as The GazettE. Vote for this one!
I don't what the song mean but it really cool. I like the intro and it used on black buttler opening the video it really mixed well with the music..
Oh man! This song is what made me a GazettE fan! Ruki is so awesome in this one! I absolutely love it! It mixes absolutely perfectyly with the personality of their songs and style.

Yeah! Go, go, Ruki-Sama!
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Its awesome wow' wt a song
I love this song I don't know why but I think it's because of RUKI's voice :"), so lovely and I don't know how to describe his voice but for me it's the best of all the vocal's I have heard, I really love you RUKI
THE BEST. Wait what WHY IS MAYAKASHI NOT ON THIS LIST? Its surely a notch better than red, I feel its good enough to land a spot just below cassis. Anyway, the Gazette= GOD
Is the best music of the gazett
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7The Invisible Wall
I still remember how I fell in love with the GazettE. By listening to this song. The Invisible Wall was the first song that I ever heard of them. It was the first impression I had of them. It made me want too listen more of the awesome songs that they made. And with that I became a PROUD SIXTH GUN. Thanks to this song I love the GazettE and I will always love them.



Why it's so underrated? It's a great song... Great guitar, great battery melody, great lyrics. Just listen to it...
One of the best songs released by them. Shame it's not even on this list.
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This song is just plain badass! This song literally got me into the GazettE and most j-rock and visual-kei music. The song really gets you going and it should be in anybody's top ten!
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In my opinion this song should be in top ten! I love this song so much, Ruki voice in this song is just beyond amazing!


Ruki's voice is so amazing and wonderful!
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Simply one of the most beautiful and emotional song ever by the GazettE and quite possibly in the whole world. There are no words to express how.. deep and epic this piece of music is~
The PV is really emotional and the lyrics are really touching. It is a very forceful song. It really conveys a sense of loss when you watch the hand motions Ruki makes while singing.
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The Contenders

I really like this song. This band was one of The first Visual Kei bands I listened to and it definitely got me into more. There's something about The gazette's voice that's just so great. defiently a great song.
I really really love this song, even though I don't understand any of the lyrics it's still one of my favorites! ~ You won't REGRET listening to it.
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12Before I Decay

One of the biggest hits of the gazette I love the song great combination keep it up guys and gazette rock the world

This is the most awesome song I've ever heard, ruki's vocal is so.. So.. So...
awesome and the music is really heavy but the best part of this song is that it contains melodious part. I never get bored listening to this song and the video awesome everything is so awesome about this song gazette rock the world

13Suicide Circus
I love it
it's my favourite song of the gazette and I hear it every day
it's a perfect combination of ruki's wonderful voice, j-rock and guitars
This is the top song I love in the TOXIC album 2011
I'm a gazerock fan from Malaysia!
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14Shiroki Yuutsu
Perfect combination of musics! This song has everything, listen to it and you will know that this song is perfect! Lets go to top ten!

15Distress & Coma
This song gave me guys need to watch the video to understand its intensity.The song itself is amazing...its the story of a creature separated from the world who later realizes the existence of one of its kind outside the rejoices on seeing it but in the end it also realizes that the person who it was seeing was its own reflection produced by the window glass.
The best song ever! X3 All The GazettEĀ's song are awesome, but I like this the most (: I think thatĀ's because it was my first song from The GazettE. Anyway... The GazettE I love you... No I adore you
Distress and Coma is one of the best songs of The Gazette. Its genre is "Alternative Rock". You get to hear this kind of music very rarely. Enjoy it!
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This shoul be way higher up on the list. better than pledge or filth in the beauty.
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17Leech Listen to sample

One of my favourite songs I love guitar solos in it so emotional and always touches my soul. Wonderful vocal, guitars, bas and drums and fantastic lovely song I listen to this song forever. One of the most emotional songs of The Gazette.
This song is one of my favourites, I never bored this song, I love this song especially amazing and wonderful guitar solos.

I love this song so much!

20Taion Listen to sample

21Dripping Insanity

22Burial Applicant
The music is really good. You can recognise words in English parts of lyrics, which are really interesting and multi-dimentional. Plus the disturbing PV, I really loved it!


A song that will hunt a cold mind forever...
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23Tokyo Shinjuu


this song is a perfect combination of hard rock and alternative rock. nice job! go the gazette!

Best sonf of gazetto!
Should be at top 5 at leat. The rhythm, the bass, the voice, the guitar solo and the drum beats are awesome.

I recommended this song to everyone who loves the GazettE.. this is their best new songs..
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27Inside Beast Listen to sample

28Yoin Listen to sample

29Redo Listen to sample

30Remember the Urge
Thank you The GazettE thank you for making the best MUSIC to us! World Savior!
This song should be played live more often in their tours.
As a drummer, I think this song is one of their best together with shiver and Ibitsu, Kago No Sanagi and Miseinen.

Ruki just puts so much emotion into this song, and the koto provides an excellent transition between different parts of the song. You can really feel how appropriate the title of "Field of Crying" is.
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32Calm Envy
Wonderful song especially guitar solos are fantastic. One of The Gazette's best songs, it's live performance also amazing.
And The solo... PERFECT
Starts happy, Ends SO DAMN DARK AND SAD
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33Crucify Sorrow

34To Dazzling Darkness
I really love this songs and I got addicted with this songs. I can't stop listening this songs until now.
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35Shiikureta Haru, Kawarenu Haru

36Gabriel On the Gallows
This song is just absolutely fantastic, I know the GazettE did a great job in making this song work~ It really fits into the GazettE's works very well :D
The DIVISION album was just amazing and it even has some new modern twists in the album and it still sounds awesome <3
Really great new song with very cool lyrics. It stuck in my head for days... :D DIVISION is a cool album



39Hana Kotoba
Oh come on... Please vote this song.. Try hear this song and you will not regret.. Let put this song to the top 10! Don't you people have ear! Vote! Just click vote! Vote!

40Last Heaven
Last heaven is such an amazing song with meaningful lyrics and beautiful melody. It is a new song but for me, this is the best song from the album, BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY. This song is perfect and very addictive!
Ruki sings this Song with a very Beautiful Voice and so good
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It's an interesting and catchy song. At Olympics Opening Ceremony nobody will wait for deep and slow songs like 'Last heaven' or 'Reila'. Too much emotions won't be suitable for such event.

42Uncertain Sense
It is a great music with beautiful lyric and deep instrument



45DIM Scene
Simply one of the darkest yet uplifting songs I've ever heard...
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46Ibitsu Listen to sample

4713 Stairs
This song is pure eargasm like you've never heard before~

48Hesitating Means Death

49Bath Room Listen to sample

50Agony Listen to sample

51Ruthless Deed Listen to sample

52Defective Tragedy

53Kare Uta

54Kago No Sanagi Listen to sample

55Sugar Pain

Amazing song! LOVE! Aoi's guitar part and Ruki's voice! And everything about it! Just an awesome song!




59Gentle Lie
You must listen this song! It genre is BLUES
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60Psychedelic Heroine


62Shichigatsu Hachika

63Anti Pop

64Shadow Vi II I

65Silly God Disco

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