Best Songs by Hole

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2Miss World
"I made my bed, I'll lie in it. I made my bed, I'll die in it. " "I'm Miss World, somebody kill me. " 'enough said.
This song is catching

3Celebrity Skin


5Jennifer's Body

6I Think That I Would Die

7Doll Parts

8Garbage Man

9Asking for It

10Drown Soda

The Contenders


12Teenage Whore

13Rock Star

14Someone Else's Bed

15Skinny Little B***h


17Letter to God

18Northern Star
This song is #1 for me!

19Old Age

20Pacific Coast Highway


22Heaven Tonight

23Best Sunday Dress

24Reasons to Be Beautiful

25Retard Girl

26Nobody's Daughter

27Softer, Softest
Softer, Softest is a great song. It makes absolutely NO sense, and yet, it makes all of the sense in the world.

28Hit So Hard
The tune for Hit So Hard is extremely catchy. I love the beat. Actually, I'm listening to this song right now!

29Good Sister, Bad Sister
One of their older songs, but has got to be one of my favorites. Her voice is just orgasmic. I wish I could scream / sing like that.

30Use Once and Destroy
The tune for Use Once And Destroy is catchy. I got one of my friends that has never heard Hole in her life to be addicted to this song; it's addictive, there's not much else to say.

31Playing Your Song

32Happy Ending Story

33Pretty On the Inside

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