Best Songs On Dark Tranquility's We Are the Void


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1In My Absence

What a brilliant song. This is a brilliant song and also very underrated. The different elements of this song are stunning. So is the structure. This song is brilliant. It's on their 2010 album, and therefore isn't as well known as many of the songs made before it, but this song deserves to be just as famous as them, because it's incredible. This is a seriously BREATHTAKING song. Those melodic notes in the background are what amaze me the most about this song, the rest of it is amazing too, but particularly those notes behind the guitar and vocals. Those notes are beautiful pieces of art. Particularly at around 50 seconds in, when those powerful sounds come behind, and also in the chorus when the intro notes play over behind the bass and vocals. - EvilAngel

2Shadow In Our Blood
3Dream Oblivion
4The Fatalist

The first time I heard this song, I had chills running down my spine. The keyboard intro is beyond epic. Stanne's vocals are a perfect blend of harshness and melody. The lyrics are meaningful and the atmosphere of the song is what Dark Tranquillity represent - dark and tranquil. Perfect.

6The Grandest Accusation
7At the Point of Ignition
8Her Silent Language
10Surface the Infinite

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11I Am the Void
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