Best David Guetta Songs

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The Top Ten

Absolutely amazing!
The musics behind the song is very trendy, addicting, and reflective. Sia is an amazing singer and perfectly compliment the song.
Ah, amazing song! Instant party mood when you listen to it!
[Newest]What's in your head when you heard "David Guetta"? Titanium.

2Club Can't Handle Me
I Love this song very much... It is full of energy... of course it is my favourite
makes me dance whenever I hear it
seriously one of the best dance songs I've ever heard...
[Newest]Best song ever must be on 1st place

3Without You
The second most watched video of david guetta on youtube! Why is it so poorly ranked.. Should be up in the list..
Simply fantastic!
David is the best DJ in the world and Usher has got a super voice!
I love th
This Song is going to be the Super hit song of David Guetta...
And th Beat is just Amazing... David Guetta Rocks..
[Newest]Makes me feel alive.. !

4She Wolf
David Guetta and Sia should really get together a lot more often. She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) and Titanium are both amazing and catchy songs (and I also enjoyed both music videos). Hope to see more songs from these two.
The best I have ever heard! Music is just awesome! Sia's voice+david's music="magic"
Not all duets are great... only a few are good and very few mind blowing... Eminem and rihanna in 'love the way you lie' was mind blowing... and here David and Sia are about to become the best duet combo ever.. This song is ABSOLUTELY MIND BLOWING! Those who haven't heard it yet must listen to it once... deserved to be in top 3!
[Newest]I like this song!

5Sexy Chick
This is the only song I've heard by him so... Yeah it is my favorite..!


Just love this song... A demonically good song... One of the brightest songs of David Guetta... And Akon is just the same... It's in my all time favorites and always it'll be...
This is one of the best songs of David Guetta, the lyrics is good too. This song makes him famous. He's a talent all the time!
[Newest]You should hear its starting

6Little Bad Girl
it should be in top 5... very good song... it makes me dance when I hear this song... should be number 1...
As much as I LOVED Sexy Chick, this song just send's me into a state of trance while listening to. Sexy chick will always be in the top 5 list of my Club Playlist.
The songs cool and should be number one along with titanium keep it up david guetta
[Newest]Where is lovers on the sun

You can never get tired of this song. The Lyrics are catchy and it makes you feel like you live in the moment. But songs like Titanium, The Alphabet and Sunshine should be in this list. David Guetta doesn't necessarily always have some sort of featuring artists in his music... More of his solo hits should be included on this list
best song the beat the voice I mean everything is amazing.
One of my best songs... Amzing flow, amaing rhythm, amazing beats...
[Newest]Beset song that has ever came out

8Where Them Girls At
It should be in top3.. Very awesome song... As soon as I hear it makes me dance... Very good song of david guetta
This song just has a steady beat, and can be followed at all times. The way he mixes it up is absolutely fantastic. I hope in the future, his songs end up even better than this one.
[Newest]It's a super. Song

9Turn Me on
! Nicki Minaj and david guetta together is amazing! The song is the best song of the begininng of 2012! Woo!
Absolutely amazing... Sheer BRILLIANCE! Never heard anything better from him!
What the hell is this song doing here so down... It's the best David guetta song... Great beats, lyrics and music... This is Guetta's best work
[Newest]Amazing party song... !

10When Love Takes Over
! I absolutely Love this song! My favourite song of Kelly Rowlands and David Guettas! David Guetta is just simply amazing, he has collaborated with so many singers but I have to say this song is just catchy and just too good, Love David Guetta.. He's Amazing! X
OMG. That song is so awesome. Kelly Rowland's vocals are amazing in the song.
Simple, Kelly Rowland David Guetta= GREAT SONG! Should be in the top 4 not number nine!
[Newest]This is an enchanting song, so calming and the way the song starts just blows me off. Best from David Guetta...

The Contenders

11Just One Last Time
This should be number 1. I'm dead serious! Its on billboard top 10!
Dude this is one of the best songs of Guetta, what is it doing @30? It gives me goosebumps and by the way this is the only Guetta song that gets me emotional (that is along with Without You). I'm gonna come back next week and if it ain't above this position SCREW YOU TOP TENS!
It is the best song ever produced by any person living in the plant called earth and it must be the song for all times because for it best selling recorders and it should be in the world's top 5 songs for all times
[Newest]This song deserves to be in top 5 at least. It has Amazing video, Awesome Lyrics and Mind blowing Music.

12Love Is Gone
I love this song! Should definitely be higher! This song is just amazing and makes me want to dance!
Let's push this higher up!
Uh how is this not higher? This is the song that represents the classic, non-mainstream, house David Guetta that became famous for amazing house music
Slightly older than the others on the list, therefore it hasn't been heard by many, but it gets the basics of electronica right
[Newest]Should definitely be higher

13Gettin' Over You
Fergie lmfao and chris all have different styles and they really mesh well together thanks to guetta here.
Yay! Lmfao and the awesome david it's like his best beat ever yeah amazing song with awesomenes
This is awesome! Nicole's voice seems so good!
People listen this song and you will realise how good this song iss!
[Newest]I can't believe it's not even in the top five! It's by far my favorite David Guetta song!

14Lovers On the Sun
If this song isn't in the top 5, this list doesn't deserve to be on the internet. This is the most epic song by David Guetta. Simple beat but infinite feel.
I think you guys don't know how to judge music! Don't like alphabeat nor Lovers on the sun? What do you judge in the music? Videos? This song is not for No 24... Must be within top 5.
This is an awesome song this must be in top 10 its shocking to see this song here
[Newest]The best song ever. Must be at top 5

15I Can Only Imagine
Every time it would bring me to life
I can only imagine, only imagine what it'll be like
Oh, every time, it will bring me to life
I can only imagine, only imagine
What it'd be like
What it'd be like
What it'd be like, like, like
What it'd be like, like, like.
Come on guys! You gotta be kidding me. How could anyone not fall in love with this song? Just listen to it once and I'm sure you would join me in singing along with Chris. Just an awesome song... L
The best song ever by this great dj it must surely the top one. I think no one can imagine its rank because its the best
[Newest]I will never win this game without you..

16Who's That Chick?
This song is the best David Guetta song EVER! It should be Number one on this list.
This is such an awesome song.. It should be on number 1... David guetta rocks!
This is a rocking' song. Should definitely be in the top 10.
[Newest]RiHANNA's voice really goes awesome in this song

17Sexy B***h
Oh Yeah! This Is The Best Song Ever of DAVID GUETTA (featuring Akon)
The B.E.S.T.
I Love It. It makes you wanna dance. I House, I", I"


What a song! It should be at number 1 wow David guetta
Amazing song for every guy..

18Play Hard
How the hell is this song be no:29? Akon and guetta can do wonders but this song is way too underrated. A similar one is Crank it up. These two songs should definitely be on the top 5
MY top 5:
1. Club Can't Handle Me.
2. Without You
3. Crank It Up
4. Play Hard
5. Little Bad Girl
Are you kiding me this song should at least be in the top 10 or top 5 you people are crazy seriously such an awesome song featuring ne-yo and akon let me put this one sentence this song really made me forget the tough times and think for myself I love you DAVID GUETTA!
How can this song be no.29, this song should be at least top 10
[Newest]Great song to roll on the club. The best for me

19Rest of My Life
What! 30? Dis should be high high & high...
Awesome song, it should be on no 3.
Great song,1 of my favourite song & I'm a fan of Ludacris, Usher and David Guetta
[Newest]20 is too low for this one

20The Alphabeat
To good... A must hear song... This totally must be in the top 10 list... No comments for this song
25?! This deserves to be on top!
Something worth the #1 spot... Jeez guys have some knowledge about music at least good music!
[Newest]Pumps up your body mind and soul...

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