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41The Whisperer

It is such a good song!
The beat makes you want to jump up and down and go completely crazy!
Its one of those songs which you will never stop dancing to.

Such a chilled out. A total party song. Snoop dogg + David guetta = Killer!


Come on people, Raise this awesome drop to the top


Best Guetta song ever! How come this song isn´┐Ż't further up? Amazing beat! Love it

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44I Gotta Feeling

Oh 33? One of the best song by David Guetta I think this should be on top 15.

That song is so awesome it should be on the top of the list
Don't know why its here

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45Give Me Something

This is the best song I had ever heard this song should be in the list of top ten songs. Please vote for this song as it is the best.

47Lift Me Up

Along with lovers on the sun, this is my favorite. What the hell is it doing down here?

I can't believe this! This type of new modern music from DG it should be un top 10, come on guys vote for this song

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48I Gotta Feeling (Goodnight Song)

I gotta feeling... that tonight gonna be a good night.. that tonight gonna be a goodnight.. that tonight gonna be a good good night.

49In Love with Myself
50This One's for YouV2 Comments
51Nothing Really Matters

Liked the song after watching the movie Last Vegas

40... You kidding me right

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52I'm In Miami Bitch
53Baby When the Light

Why isn't this in the top ten? This is so much better than his commercial stuff

One of the best I have ever heard

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54This Is What It Feels Like

David Guetta remixed the song Of Van buuren's 'This is what..' with full gusto and the result is a terrific remix..He is awesome

55Right Now

It is a great song it seemed like David wanted to make a dubstep but 4 some reason he couldn't. Dubstep doesn't match rihanna anyway so it is a great song and I am a little shocked actually a lot because in mu opinion it should be David guetta'S number 1 OR 2 OR 3 OR LATER ON BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT IS THAT IT WILL BE IN THE TOP 10 4 SURE

Another song of David guetta with rihanna. Fresh tune and catchy beats.

A massive song by Guetta with vocals by Rihanna. Fast & great tune.

56PandemoniunV1 Comment
57Every Chance We Get We Run

Just superb! Listen it ASAP! Great tune!

Alesso a grea8 job wit Gueta what A Tune it seems like the beats are comming from the far Distance... Haha love it


This music is just too good... Vote please..

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